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Joyce Black Mink Fur Wrist Cuffs Joyce Black Mink Fur Wrist Cuffs
Verified Buyer

Angie from Sacramento ca
January 30, 2023

"Love it. I use the cuffs with sweaters and shopping for this was very easy."

The Angelica Rabbit Fur Slap Cuffs in White The Angelica Rabbit Fur Slap Cuffs in White
Verified Buyer

ThisNancy from Cardiff by the Sea California
January 4, 2023

"Love these! Bought them to wear to a Christmas party for fun and have worn them a couple times since! They are scrumptious. They actually keep you warm in addition to just looking fun and furry."

Rue Ostrich Feather Cuffs in Black Rue Ostrich Feather Cuffs in Black
Verified Buyer

cynthia from Niagara on the lake
December 17, 2022

"Loved the fur cuffs and Rue Ostrich Feather Cuffs. Exactly what I expected!"

The Maci Knit Fox Fur Cuffs in Silver The Maci Knit Fox Fur Cuffs in Silver
Verified Buyer

Clara Liang from Canada
December 15, 2022

"Beautiful small accessory. Will use it as a holiday gift. Good quality and very unique. Like it. Booth another two ????"

Stephie Wide Mink Slap on Cuffs in Mahogany Stephie Wide Mink Slap on Cuffs in Mahogany
Verified Buyer

Pipthewhip from Winnipeg mv
November 20, 2022

"Cuffs are great quality for the price. Look as pictured. Delivery was fast"

The Maci Knit Fox Fur Cuffs in Silver The Maci Knit Fox Fur Cuffs in Silver
Verified Buyer

Father V from Nebraska, USA
February 2, 2022

"Got this on super sale (fox for the price of rabbit!) to use as a wind stop & insulator on some airy slippers and also gloves to tolerate lower temps without having to switch to mittens. These cuffs are ideal for both. Even at 11 F/ -11 C, they stopped air from drafting in and warmed at the cuff instantly, and better than the snap-on models would which are much more expensive. This is due to elasticity. Snap-ons are 10 inch fixed, whereas these are able to stretch all the way to 12” easily and close to 14” diameter max. The cuff is designed for style more than functionality, as the other reviews & description show, and for women, so I couldn’t know without testing if it would work. Although around my ankle they’re a bit tight, it isn’t uncomfortably so. For a glove cuff, they tend to ride on the glove material and not the gap, but that’s easily solved by visual inspection and shoving them up the arm a bit more. Probably should have gotten the black color since I wear a lot of dark colors & the gray sheds noticeably in this context. Still totally worth it to test the concept at the price. I suspect these could be used as a decorative scrunchy given how much they contract as well. FurHatWorld has some remarkable sales! Bookmark & check often!!!"

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