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Brown Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat Brown Sheared Beaver Russian Cossack Hat

Russ from Northumberland, Pa
August 22, 2017
"Took me a year to make up my mind to spend the price of the beaver Cossack hat but now that I have I wish I'd gotten the hat when I first wanted it. It is beyond everything I expected. I look forward to colder weather and the opportunity to wear this hat which fits perfectly and looks so great. Only complaint was having to go to the internet for instructions on care of fur which should have been received with the hat."
Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat

Ajax from Seattle, WA
March 7, 2017
"The hat I received I would discribe as brown. Being mink still a great look. I'm keeping it. I read that there are a couple of cassock styles. This hat style is suitable for milder than arctic temperatures, so it is great for Seattle winters where we only get a few week of sub-freezing weather in the lowlands. I've found it comfortable up to about 50 degrees F when walking and up to 70 degrees F when sitting. Definitely superior in performance to a knitted cap. In real cold conditions - say 10 degrees F - I don't think the light wool inner flap will do that much for you compared to the Trooper style . But better than no flap."
Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat

Smiler from English Welsh border
February 26, 2017
"Excellent quality product unobtainable elsewhere. Fitting was perfect as I sized it up by one eighth of an inch base on previous products bought. Delivery was prompt and parcel arrived undamaged."
Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat

discodave from scotland uk
February 19, 2017
"Beautiful hat"
Black Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat Black Mouton Sheepskin Russian Cossack Hat

Alex from Chicago
February 17, 2017
"Great hat and outstanding customer service."
Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat Mahogany Mink Russian Cossack Hat

Matt from Omaha, NE
February 9, 2017
"I wear my Russian Cossack Hat everywhere I go in Omaha. I am frequently asked where I got it .... and most people ask to feel the fur and inquire if it is real. I am very proud to wear this fine hat. I am told that I have a lot of class when wearing this hat."