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Alaska Shearling Sheepskin Trapper Hat in Tan Alaska Shearling Sheepskin Trapper Hat in Tan
Verified Buyer

Jesse from Guelph, ON
January 25, 2019

"I'm super happy with my new Shearling Trapper. The advice on sizing via chat was accurate and helpful. My 61cm/24" head fits in the XXL to a tee; I was concerned because I was right between sizes on the chart. Size up for sure. They'll definitely need to be making bigger sizes soon, because my head is not monstrous! The free shipping got it to my door in two days. The hat seems very well made, nicely stitched, nice leather. Chin strings could be longer, I had to untie the knot at the end of them to tie a bow under my chin. The colour is slightly darker than in the photos, which is good, not so lemony yellow. My wife doesn't think I look like the model at all, but then I bought this hat to walk the dog in the minus 20C, not to loll around the house looking good. Anyone else out there will doubtless admire me greatly!"

Black Shearling Sheepskin Polo Hat for Men Black Shearling Sheepskin Polo Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Big Ed from Terre Haute, Indiana, USA
January 17, 2019

"A unique hat! Sizing was perfect, although putting down the ear flaps does make the cap appreciably smaller. On the other hand, maybe that is to make the fold-down fit tightly against your ears and the back of your neck. Regardless, I think this is the first "Ivy League" cap I ever encountered that was deep enough to fit right. Usually they feel they are going to slide off the top of my head unless I get a much larger size, but not this cap. The cap is VERY warm, so much so I need to remove it in a heated car. But outside it is perfect."

Shearling Sheepskin Buffalo Check Fudd Hat - Red/Black for Men Shearling Sheepskin Buffalo Check Fudd Hat - Red/Bla...
Verified Buyer

Mark from Aurora Minnesota USA
November 15, 2018

"this is one of the finest hats i have ever bought workmanship is superb and sizing right on. norther minnesota gets really cold -40 and this hat will fit the bill when it comes warmth."

Black Shearling Sheepskin Polo Hat for Men Black Shearling Sheepskin Polo Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

JC from England
November 9, 2018

"This arrived early and well packed. The cap fitted perfectly and the warm snug fit was everything that I wanted. The pull-down ear flaps stay close to the ears for warmth and wind protection without changing the fit of the cap. I am most impressed and will be using FutHatWorld again."

Brown Shearling Sheepskin Fudd Hat for Men Brown Shearling Sheepskin Fudd Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

ECT from Chicago
October 17, 2018

"I recently purchased this hat in preparation for the cold Chicago weather to come. The hat is exactly what I was wanting. The quality of the workmanship and materials is very good. The fit is good without being bulky like some bomber hats and is more versatile. With the flaps down the back of my neck will be well protected. Happy that I bought the L though often I wear an M that would have been too tight."

Black Shearling Sheepskin Fudd Hat for Men Black Shearling Sheepskin Fudd Hat for Men
Verified Buyer

Shaz from Australia
June 29, 2018

"Excellent fast delivery to the UK. The hat is a perfect fit for my husband. With the sheepskin flap up covers the top of his ears and with it down keeps the back of his neck extra warm, which is where he feels the cold the most. The outer leather is soft with the inner fur short, warm and cozy on the skin. Very happy with this purchase."

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