Black Beaver Full Fur Trapper Hat for Men

Model # GB-259-260-BLACK
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  • Authentic Canadian Beaver fur dyed black
  • Beaver fur is incredibly warm with water resistant fur
  • Long, glossy guard hairs and an insulating short, dense undercoat all fur exterior
  • Ushanka inspired fur hat
  • Genuine Lambskin leather ear flap ties
  • Ties secure ear flaps under chin, on top of hat or at back of neck
  • Quilted Nylon interior repels moisture and adds warmth and comfort
  • Brand: FRR Logo About the frr brand
  • Made in Canada Made in Canada
  • Origin Assured Origin Assured
  • Eco-Fur Fur is Green

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Beaver hats are a favorite of those in the know due to their incredibly insulating and water-resistant fur. Once renowned by trappers and voyageurs alike, it is still the favorite of outdoor winter adventurers. Designed and made in Canada with cold northern Canadian winters in mind, the beaver full fur Russian hat is perfect for keeping your head warm and toasty in the cold and snow.

The glossy dyed black fur of the hat will complement both rural adventures and general city life!

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