The Ushanka is a classic Russian military hat which evolved from the type of hats which have been historically used by trappers and outdoorsmen in Germany, Russia, and Scandanavia for centuries. These types of hats have long been tested in the most inclement of weather conditions, and protected millions of people, soldiers and civilians alike, from frostbite and worse.

About our Ushanka

Ushankas feature a perfectly round hat crown which has three flaps. The two ear flaps have been designed to unfold in order to provide protection to the ears of the wearer. It is possible to wear the hat in a few different ways as a result, with varying degrees of protection for your skin. When fully unfolded and strapped around your chin, the hat protects your ears, cheeks and chin quite well. It can be quite effective in keeping you comfortable in extremely low temperatures as a result.

Since the Ushanka was heavily used in the mid to late 19th century by the Russian military as part of the Telogreika and Afghanka uniforms, it is often seen as stereotypically Russian. In fact it's so ingrained in the western image of Russia that is has been used in media such as film, television, and cartoons to depict the common "Ivan" as always wearing this hat. But in modern times this beautiful, iconic hat has also risen in prominence as a very fashionable and utilitarian piece of headgear.

You can easily make a classic splash with our fine selection of Ushankas. We have very affordable Ushankas made of real rabbit fur, as well as faux fur options. Since these are warm materials you'll be kept toasty warm in the winter months and looking good the whole time. With our good selection of colors to choose from you can find something that matches your particular style and wardrobe perfectly.

Recent Reviews About our Ushanka

Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat with Badge Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat with Badge

John D from Templestowe lwr Vic. Australia
June 22, 2017
"The hat is beautiful"
Grey Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat Grey Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat

Dave from Missoula, MT USA
June 21, 2017
"The hat fits great, but due to the time of year (June) I will not be wearing until Nov/Dec., so I can not give a valid response as to the hats use."
Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat

Dre from Ontario
June 21, 2017
"Wow. I was amazed by the quality. This product is definitely worth the money. Beware of the sizes. Dont go by exact measurem... Go a size up or two a siz..."
Brown Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat Brown Rabbit Fur Russian Ushanka Hat

Central Virginian from Virginia, USA
June 19, 2017
"Love it! Good fit. Good quality, which is difficult to find these days."
Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat

wij from Sydney, Australia
May 4, 2017
"Honestly, very comfortable, and it warms up very fast. If you have a largeish head you definitely will need a large."
Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat Brown Mouton Sheepskin Russian Ushanka Hat

Pete from Goldendale Washington.
April 28, 2017
"Winter conditions, anytime it is cold and windy.,SAR .They are very nice in the woods when on SAR missions.Everything is great about it.Have been wearing those style hats for years .Plan on ordering 2 more while they are on sale.First time with your company and will continue ordering from you."

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