Trooper Hats

Stemming from the historical use of fur hats across Scandinavia, Russia, and Germany, the Russian Ushanka design was evolved for military use. The armies of the 20th century in Russia and the Warsaw Pact used the amazingly warm Ushanka design that these Trooper fur hats draw from in order to protect themselves from the bitter cold of the northern climes they were frequently forced to work in.

About our Trooper Hats

With a clever design which features flaps designed to warm the ears, cheeks and chin of the wearer, the Trooper fur hat is second to none when it comes to protection from the elements. The flaps are designed to be worn in a number of ways to handle varying degrees of inclement weather. From fully up for that rakish look on a spring day, the folded all the way down and strapped across the chin in the middle of a blizzard.

With its strong ties to the Russian military, or even just the ordinary Russian, you'll be buying a piece of iconic headgear that will be sure to draw attention when you buy one of these Trooper fut hats. This stylish addition to your wardrobe is available in a good variety of colors, meaning you can pick the perfect model to match your closet.

We offer a beautiful range of Trooper fur hats which mix soft suede or leather with beautiful fur. You can choose from very affordable hats which have been made from beaver, raccoon, coyote, and muskrat. If you want to look for a bit more luxury there are sheared beaver fur and mink hats, or you can really go all out and avail yourself of one of our fine blue or silver fox fur Trooper hats. But no matter which of these fine Trooper fur hats you choose, you can certainly rest assured that you'll be quite striking when you put it on.

Recent Reviews About our Trooper Hats

The Silver Fox Fur Russian Trooper Hat The Silver Fox Fur Russian Trooper Hat

December 5, 2016
"HAT IS EXCELLANT, Wore it to the Candle Light Stroll in Niagara On The Lake and my head was very warm.The quality is excellent and I would recommend this hat to everyone who wants to stay warm. JB STABLES"
The Black Muskrat Russian Trooper Hat The Black Muskrat Russian Trooper Hat

David Mann from NH, USA
November 30, 2016
"Excellent hat that has held up to six winters of use. Very warm and not nearly as bulky as my rabbit fur hat."
The Black Beaver Russian Trooper Hat The Black Beaver Russian Trooper Hat

chris from Fairbanks, AK
November 29, 2016
"The best winter hat I have ever ( EVER ) owned. my order arrived super fast just in time for our fantastic minus -31 degree weather,, my head is nice and warm AND in style ( looks great !! ). I did buy a different hat for my girlfriend from FHW and it too looks very nice and adds to her beauty and style. as I write this review I am now shopping for more items to purchase for the Christmas holiday gift giving. I highly recommend this company...."
The Sheared Beaver Russian Trooper Hat The Sheared Beaver Russian Trooper Hat

Chris from Chicago, IL
November 4, 2016
"Good quality product. I got the brown sheared beaver, which also has brown leather. The sizing is accurate. The large fits me perfectly. It's more snug with the flaps down. This is a very warm, stylish, and high quality hat. Highly recommended."
The Muskrat Russian Trooper Hat The Muskrat Russian Trooper Hat

Tony from Millet Ab Canada
October 18, 2016
"Very good hat, well made and warm. Always wanted such a hat"
The Beaver Russian Trooper Hat The Beaver Russian Trooper Hat

Vanessa from Texas
July 15, 2016
"My Dad had always wanted a genuine beaver fur hat. Being from Texas, there isn't a great NEED for a super warm fuzzy hat in the winter. But, that's what he wanted. That being said, when I found this website and saw this hat I knew I had to get it for him as his Father's Day gift this year. It really is a beautiful hat and definitely looks like it will keep his head and ears warm during our week of winter in Texas haha :) He tried it on indoors and said that his head did not feel sweaty or overheated, just cozy. Happy to have found my Dad the hat he always wanted."
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