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Sample Sale

The products in this category were used as samples. They are brand new. They are limited quantity with generally only 1 of each available. There is nothing wrong with any of these products. They simply were not selected to be part of our regular product line. Once a sample product sells out it will no longer be available.

Sample Hats

Sample Scarves / Collars

Faux Fur Ruffle Scarf BlackSpecialMade in the USA
Faux Fur Ruffle Scarf Black
Sale Price: $119.95 
Knit Fox Fur Short Scarf/CollarSpecial
Knit Fox Fur Short Scarf/Collar
Sale Price: $69.95 

Sample Vests

Silver Fox Fur Vest with TasselsSold Out
Silver Fox Fur Vest with Tassels

Sale Price: $249.95 
Sporty Red Fox VestSpecial
Sporty Red Fox Vest

Sale Price: $849.95 

Sample Coats / Jackets

Sample Shawls / Stoles

Knit Mink Shawl with PocketsSpecial
Knit Mink Shawl with Pockets

Sale Price: $299.95 
Faux Fur Poncho - MahoganySpecialMade in the USA
Faux Fur Poncho - Mahogany
Sale Price: $139.95 

Assorted Samples

Faux Fur Handbag with PomPomsSpecial
Faux Fur Handbag with PomPoms
Sale Price: $39.95 
Coyote Fur Boot ToppersSpecial
Coyote Fur Boot Toppers
Sale Price: $199.95