Fur Boots, Slippers, Boot Covers & Mukluks

Take care of your feet by wrapping them in insulating Genuine Shearling Sheepskin and the cozy, warm Authentic Fur that they deserve. There's nothing much better than going for a winter stroll in the comfort of a stylish pair of Real Fur Mukluks or Sheepskin Fur Boots. They're sure to impart a relaxed, cheerful aura as you walk.

Shearling Sheepskin also is the perfect material for indoor slippers because they are not only durable, but their natural fibers act like a natural thermostat, absorbing and wicking away moisture without making you feel wet. These Sheepskin Slippers are made to last for many years.

We also have a wonderful section of Moccasin Slippers and Fur Boot Covers/Trims, as well as a range of Kids Sheepskin Boots & Slippers so they can keep their feet warm too!

Real Fur Mukluks

Tall Classic Mukluk in Black
Tall Classic Mukluk in Black
(1 reviews)
Snowy Owl Mukluk with Vibram Sole in TanSpecial
Snowy Owl Mukluk with Vibram Sole in Tan
Sale Price: $159.95 
(11 reviews)

Fur Boots Trim / Covers

Sheepskin Fur Boots

Sheepskin Slippers

Mens Sheepskin Slippers with Velcro ClosureSpecial
Mens Sheepskin Slippers with Velcro Closure
Sale Price: $39.95 
(5 reviews)


Tipi Moccasin in BlackSpecial
Tipi Moccasin in Black
Sale Price: $49.95 
(26 reviews)
Tipi Moccasin in NavySpecial
Tipi Moccasin in Navy
Sale Price: $49.95 
Tipi Moccasin in ChocolateSpecial
Tipi Moccasin in Chocolate
Sale Price: $49.95 
Tipi Moccasin in CharcoalSpecial
Tipi Moccasin in Charcoal
Sale Price: $49.95 

Kids Sheepskin Boots & Slippers

Childrens Hard Sole Slipper (Ages 1-5 Years)Special
Childrens Hard Sole Slipper (Ages 1-5 Years)
Sale Price: $19.95 
(3 reviews)

About our Footwear

Feel the benefits of wearing 100% Shearling Sheepskin Fur Slippers and Boots. The sheepskin wool in shearling sheepskin slippers isn't woven and then brushed up, like wool pile fabric that is loose enough to be pulled out or worn off. Our slippers and boots are made using the actual sheep skin in which the wool is embedded into the leather. Our sheepskin footwear is cut from full merino sheep skins and sewn by highly trained machinists to be manufactured to the highest woolmark quality. Sheepskin is soft, breathable and warm. For added comfort the inner soles are made from genuine sheepskin. Keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Fur & Sheepskin Footwear Care and Cleaning

Suede Spot Cleaning perfect for any smaller sized stain spot clean using a moist soft cloth and cleaning solution use recommended Cloud Nine All Purpose Sheepskin Spray Cleaner & Protector or Eucalan Wool Wash mixed with water water temperature maximum 38C or 100F start by cleaning on the outside area and work into the center in a circular motion use a dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture allow to naturally air dry Please Note: Professional cleaning is recommended for removing...

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Sheepskin Slippers and Boots Buying Guide

All our sheepskin slippers and boots are made with 100% natural Australian Shearling Sheepskins, the finest in the world. The wool embeds the leather, not like the alternative lamb wool pile fabric, which tends to pull out with wear. The manufacturer of all slippers and boots is primarily Canadian and a quality producer of fine sheepskin products. Origin Sheepskin Boots are a growing fashion but have been around for centuries. They brought warmth and comfort to people from rural areas in China, Australia, and...

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What You Need To Know About Mukluks

Mukluks were originally made by the Inuit to keep their feet warm during harsh winter conditions.  Original mukluks were usually made out of reindeer or seal and had a lining of animal fur for additional warmth. As time has past, mukluks have transformed into a popular fashion trend. Mukluks can be worn anytime of the year as they keep your feet cozy warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a wide selection of styles and colors available...

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Recent Reviews About our Footwear

Sheepskin Cabin Slippers with Soft Rubber Sole
JIM from So. Il
Sheepskin Cabin Slippers with Soft Rubber Sole
September 29, 2015
"My second pair, ordered them with soles this time, even tho I tried to not wear the ones without soles outside they are so comfortable I would forget. Glad I order one size bigger they are snug as wool settles in they should be just right. Jim"
Tipi Moccasin in Black
Tipi Moccasin in Black
September 26, 2015
"Received these slippers today..very happy with Fur Hat World for the quick processing of my order. Love these slippers. .very comfy and warm! I would highly recommend."
Tall Classic Black Shearling Sheepskin Boots
Wendy from N. Ireland
Tall Classic Black Shearling Sheepskin Boots
September 5, 2015
"Nice boots, quite weighty, I have large calves and the boots a little tight but will probably stretch a little through use I hope!"
Shearling Sheepskin Bootie with Raccoon Fur Cuffs
Cheetah from League City, Tx
Shearling Sheepskin Bootie with Raccoon Fur Cuffs
September 1, 2015
"These are the most furlicious booties I have ever owned. They fit true to size and are super comfortable. You can not go wrong with these! I hope you can offer these in black with fox fur trim in the future! Love, Love, Love these booties! More comfortable than Uggs."
Shearling Sheepskin Two Tone Boots with Suede Lace
CW from Harrogate,UK
Shearling Sheepskin Two Tone Boots with Suede Lace
August 30, 2015
"I just received these boots, they are fabulous, trendy and so comfortable I can tell I will be wearing these all winter! Fabulous"
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