International Shipping

International Shipping Considerations

- Postal Service shipments normally arrive within 3-10 business days.
- These shipments do not include tracking but they do include insurance.
- Postal Service shipping time estimates do not include possible customs delays.
- These shipments are sometimes delayed by customs by up to 10 business days in some countries.
- Customs delays are random and uncontrollable. From our experience customs delays occur in 1 of 50 shipments.
- We cannot guarantee delivery time of postal service shipments due to possible customs delays.
- Lost or late postal shipments missing for more than 20 business days can be claimed with our insurance coverage. Your late/missing order will be reshipped at no charge.

UPS shipments.
- UPS shipments are very fast and reliable and arrive in less than 5 business days to any destination worldwide.
- UPS shipments include full detailed tracking and full insurance.
- Customs clearance with UPS shipments is very fast and shipments are normally not delayed.

VAT - Value Added Tax
- If you are concerned about paying VAT upon delivery you should choose a postal service shipping method.
- Some destination countries may be assessed VAT by their customs agency upon package import.
- In most cases, but not all, postal service shipments will pass through the destination customs duty and tax free.
- However we cannot guarantee any shipment will be delivered tax and duty free.
- Our product prices do not include VAT and we do not charge VAT at checkout
- It is the customers responsibility to pay any charges assessed by their countries customs agency.
- We will not compensate customers for VAT charges or VAT handling charges by UPS or the Postal Service.
- Refused packages that are returned to us will be charged return shipping.

- We find that postal service shipments normally pass through customs Tax Free. However this is not guaranteed.
- If customs assesses VAT on a shipment, it will be collected by the postal service upon delivery or pick up.

VAT with UPS Shipments
- UPS shipments valued over $50 may be subject to VAT charges by customs in some destination countries.
- The VAT is charged by customs of the destination country and collected by UPS upon delivery.
- For example in the UK the VAT charge is 17.5% of the declared value of the shipment, but only if the value of the shipment is greater than $50.
- If VAT does get assessed by customs in the destination country, UPS will ask for payment of the VAT upon delivery of the shipment.
- UPS may also charge a small service fee for handling charges. For example in the UK, the UPS service fee for VAT collection is 11GBP.

- We suggest you contact your local customs authorities to find out the specific details about VAT and duty applicable for import shipments to your country.