Faux Fur Trapper Hats (Imitation fur)

Sometimes you're not looking for real fur. We recognize that plenty of people would rather use a substitute than wear a hat make of the real thing. No matter what your personal reasons for looking into our faux fur offerings, we have made certain you won't be disappointed with the selections.


About our Faux Fur Trapper Hats

This extensive range of hats covers the Russian Ushankas, classic backwoods trapper hats, coonskin style caps, pilot hats, aviator hats, and an envoy hat. With such a diverse selection we have attempted to ensure that even though you may not want a genuine fur hat, you don't have to shun the look.

Our faux fur is soft and warm, so you can get similar benefits to those imparted by real fur. It looks good as well, and many people won't be able to tell the difference between this synthetic replacement and the genuine article. You can take a look for yourself. Just compare some of the pictures of these styles of hats with real fur and you will find that these hats match up very well indeed.

Even though these hats are not made from real fur, that does not mean they don't have quality materials and construction. On the contrary, they use the same kinds of durable construction you can expect from all the products we carry. Any hat you choose from this collection is sure to last you for many years to come.

The diverse styles and colors we offer have been selected to provide fashionable and very affordable options to our customers. No matter what you are looking to match a hat to in your wardrobe, you will find something appropriate here. Some of our hats, such as the brightly colored red puffer hat, go well with vibrant outfits. Others, like the envoy ambassador hat, are perfect for the projection of a most refined look indeed.

Have a look through the line and see if there isn't something that meshes well with your sensibilities.

Recent Reviews About our Faux Fur Trapper Hats

Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur

pringles from nsw australia
July 1, 2016
"my dream hat, so warm and practically wear it anywhere i go"
Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur

ottawa from Ottawa
March 22, 2016
"Its quality in general is decent given the price"
Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur

karmen from NJ
March 5, 2016
"great hat!!! super fast delivery and transaction!"
Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur Black B-52 Aviator Hat with Faux Fur

James from U.K
February 24, 2016
"Like one reviewer said. "A bit big in the dome area of hat". That's true, just a bit. Apart from that, for the great price and what it is; it's all good. Lovely and warm - will be fantastic when east wind is blowing - My neck finally protected. I've ordered two hats, one arrived in 7 days second in 3 days. Really friendly and helpful people. Now I've seen another one I want... :) Truth is, great price, good people and one of the best hats I've ever owned."
Red Buffalo Check Faux Fur Trapper Hat Red Buffalo Check Faux Fur Trapper Hat

jim from Chaska, mn
February 16, 2016
"Awsome hat. Very warm and very well made. I think the sizes run large. I bought both a lg/xlg and a 2x/3x hat because I have a large head. the lg/ xl would have fit me and it is big for my wife. still an awsome hat. wouldnt trade it for nothing"
Black Faux Fur Puffer Hat Black Faux Fur Puffer Hat

david from Southampton UK
February 16, 2016
"Quick delivery by airmail. Hat is as discribed and fits well. Nice and warm. Only problem is I find it itchey at times, maybe because of the man made fur."
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