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Mad Bomber® Hats

The crazy days of trapping in the back country be long behind us, but there are still pieces of the past floating around ready to pull us back into our storied history. Some of those stories aren't from all that long ago, either. As you check out these hats just recall what one of Canada's greats, John Candy, said as he played the titular role of the film Uncle Buck:

About our Mad Bomber® Hats

"A lot of people hate this hat. It angers a lot of people, just the sight of it."

Yes, he was talking about this hat. The garish, in-your-face, take-no-prisoners hat that we're offering you today. It's bold, it's beautiful, and it's made from fantastic materials. Real rabbit fur, brightly-colored outer shells made of canvas or waxed cotton, and sturdy fasteners and straps all combine to give you a seriously quality piece of headgear that will evoke a reaction from those around you.

The Mad BomberĀ® company has a tradition of being responsible for what they produce. So you know that you're getting a product that, while it's made in China, hasn't been created by legions of underpaid workers dealing with terrible conditions. In fact, the company's facilities are staffed by self-employed Chinese entrepreneurs, something really rare in the manufacturing industry in China. You can feel good about buying a product that is globally responsible when you buy a Mad BomberĀ®.

You can wear it with the ear flaps strapped up during those delightfully cooler periods of the spring and fall, or cinch the strap tight across your chin in the deep cold months of winter. However you need to wear it on any given day, this is definitely a hat that really adapts to your needs.

We offer this hat in seven playful colors, which makes it surprisingly easy to find one that suits your own crazy sense of style. From real tree patterned hats to vibrant plaid to some beautiful solid colors, you can be sure you'll find something to really match your sensibilities.

Recent Reviews About our Mad Bomber® Hats

Leather Mad Bomber ® Hat - Saddle Tan
ripper from south wales u.k
Leather Mad Bomber ® Hat - Saddle Tan
April 18, 2015
"Got this as a replacement for an old hat that has seen beter days good workmanship unable to find rabbit sikn in the uk.good web site easy for an old duffer to use and the delivery time surprised me as it had to come across the pond.I will be back next year to find another and will reconmend Mad Bomber to anyone."
Waxed Cotton Mad Bomber® Hat - Green
gilly from plymouth
Waxed Cotton Mad Bomber® Hat - Green
February 25, 2015
"bought as a present. It looks really cosy. After many purchases I find this a great site!!!"
Duck Brown Canvas Mad Bomber® Hat
Kelly from NJ, USA
Duck Brown Canvas Mad Bomber® Hat
February 23, 2015
"I love my new hat!! It's very well made"
Leather Mad Bomber ® Hat - Saddle Tan
Kevin from South Haven, MI
Leather Mad Bomber ® Hat - Saddle Tan
January 20, 2015
"Great hat fits perfect very warm."
Mad Bomber® Hat - Blue Plaid
dougie from Central Bridge,N.Y.
Mad Bomber® Hat - Blue Plaid
January 15, 2015
"Best hat I have ever owned!!! I feel like Uncle Buck when I wear it out!!!!"
Leather Mad Bomber ® Hat - Saddle Tan
Harold from Newark Ar.
Leather Mad Bomber ® Hat - Saddle Tan
December 23, 2014
"The product was very nice just as I had hoped for, however it was made in China and I thought it was made in Canada....."
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