Leather Aviator Trapper Hats

Our leather aviator trapper hats are a beautiful line of headgear that barrows from a fantastic mix of heritage. With roots in the bomber hats worn in the second world war, and of course the classic aviator hats which preceded them, these hats have also borrowed from our back country heritage with their fur elements and lines reminiscent of some of the finest vintage fur hats.

About our Leather Aviator Trapper Hats

They have been constructed using only the finest materials. You can rest assured that only real rabbit fur has been used in the assembly of these hats. Real suede or leather shells will serve to provide you with that rugged look which is sure to be a real head-turner. High quality hardware will ensure that your hat is in perfect working order for many years to come. These hats are quilted on the inside for maximum comfort, and are also static resistant, which helps to avoid the dreaded hat-head.

With all this attention to construction and materials it's no wonder that these hats are perfect winter accessories as well as being popular fashion statements throughout the seasons. The genuine rabbit fur will keep you warm even on bitterly cold winter nights, and if you flip the ear flaps up you'll find that the hat is perfectly comfortable even when it's not really cold. Sure, you won't want to wear it in the noon sun during high summer, but at night when things start to cool off a bit it'll keep you looking good.

The color selection available in this line runs the gamut of leather looks. You have a gorgeous light leather shade in the vintage cork hat, and the line runs through a few shades of brown through gray and on to black. The suede hats are available in black or brown to ensure a classic compliment to your wardrobe.

Recent Reviews About our Leather Aviator Trapper Hats

Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Simon hammond from England
January 14, 2017
"Bloody Marvellous. ????"
Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Leilani from Henderson,NV
January 13, 2017
"Perfect great fit great quality and quick delivery"
Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Eve from Tenterden .Kent .U.K
January 12, 2017
"I am delighted with the product which I gave to my son in Law for Xmas. It arrived in good condition and quite in time for the festive celebration. It is as nice as shown on the photo . The fur is superb and warm . I definitely will use this site again . Thank You and Happy New Year . Eve"
Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Susan from Mississippi, USA
January 11, 2017
"This hat is amazing. It's a well made, quality hat. I ordered the Medium for myself. My dad saw it and tried it on and loved it and told me to buy one for him a size up. Also, for some reason Customs held my hat for a few weeks, but just an FYI, the people at this company were very helpful and responsive. So, in case that ever happens to you, well, they're great."
Brown Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Brown Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Spooky from Pa
January 11, 2017
"I bought this hat for my 22 year old son and he loves it! However, it shedded soooo bad it was ridiculous. It looked like the hariest cat and dog laid all over him. And we have no pets. He loved it so much that I shook it outside really hard and many times thinking it would get all the hair out. But no it did not. But the hat I I bought for my husband did not shed at all so I sent my sons hat back that shedded and bought a new one, the same one. And it does not shed!!!!! Yes! My husband and son consider this the best hat ever! And they are not easy to please. Ha. So everyone, please, give these hats a chance. And if one sheds don't give up. They are worth it. Oh the shipping is fast and returning the hat that shedded was easy and the new hat came quick. Real quick. I will buy more for sure."
Black Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Black Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Dave from Orefield Pa.
January 11, 2017
"A fun and warm hat. Very warm! I usually wear with side flaps up and the sides stick up like rabbit ears. I had to sew the flaps better to the straps and that fixed that problem. I wish they would have done that in factory. But other then that, a great winter hat down here in Pennsylvania."

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