What You Need To Know About Mukluks

Mukluks were originally made by the Inuit to keep their feet warm during harsh winter conditions.  Original mukluks were usually made out of reindeer or seal and had a lining of animal fur for additional warmth. As time has past, mukluks have transformed into a popular fashion trend. Mukluks can be worn anytime of the year as they keep your feet cozy warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With a wide selection of styles and colors available choosing the right pair of mukluks can seem overwhelming at times. This guide will assist you in looking at what factors to consider when choosing a pair of mukluks.

Size & Height

  • One of the first decisions you want to make is the size of the mukluk.  Mukluk sizing is equivalent to ones shoe size, so this should be an easy step. If you wear a half shoe size, we recommend rounding down to the next whole size. This is caused because once the mukluk has been frequently worn it becomes looser. Therefore if you were to go up to the next shoe size over time the mukluk would be too big and uncomfortable.
  • After selecting a size the next think you want to look at is the height of the mukluk. Mukluks are available in either short or tall sizes.If you are looking for a pair that will provide additional coverage to your calf area a tall mukluk is ideal. Especially if you live in a cooler climate where additional coverage is needed.


  • After deciding the correct size and height of the mukluks the next thing you would like to look at is the style.
  • Mukluks are available in a variety of furs, however our section of mukluks are offered only in rabbit fur.
  • Genuine Rabbit Fur is soft, luxurious and warm which will keep your feet cozy throughout the season.
  • Available in black or brown, each pair is handmade creating a unique item for your collection.
  • Additionally, the beaded detail on each pair of mukluks is done by hand and no two designs are the same.
  • If you are looking for a pair of boots that are fashionable, unique and warm a pair of these mukluks are your answer.

Protecting Your Mukluks

  • Now that you have selected the size, height and style of the mukluk you want to look at how to protect them.
  • Mukluks are not waterproof  therefore proper care should be taken before they are worn for the first time.
  • If you plan to wear the mukluks in an environment that snows or rains frequently a protective sealant should be first applied to the boot.  This is done to protect the mukluk from being discolored by moisture. Applying an additional coat will help repel water from penetrating inside the boot. Allow twenty four hours for the sealant to be fully dried before wearing. This protective sealant should be sprayed onto the boots weekly to ensure in order to preserve the life of the mukluks.
  • Understanding the climate you live in will go a long way in deciding the right pair of mukluks