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The Many Ways To Wear White Fur

White fur is the most glamorous and elegant of all fur colors. Often worn by 1950’s Hollywood elite white fur is given a fabulous and chic reputation.  There are many ways to wear white fur and no matter how you decide to pull it off you will look stunning doing so.  Here are a couple suggestions on how to incorporate white fur in to your wardrobe;

You Fancy Huh?

  • As previously mentioned, white fur was (and still is) popular among the Hollywood elite
  • Try pairing a White Fox Fur Stole (like this) with an elegant evening gown to exude a rich look
  • Many brides who get married in the winter choose white fur stoles to wear with their wedding dress
  • A fur stole is the most glamorous way to wear white fur

White On White

  • According to, “There is something ethereal, sublimely elegant, about combining whites and off-whites together.”
  • By pairing white fur with other white or off white pieces in your wardrobe you can create a high fashion and chic look with one simple color
  • Try pairing a scarf like our Rex Rabbit Fur Scarf with an off white coat for an ellegant look
  • For something more casual think about pairing our Knitted Rex Rabbit Fur Cowl Scarf with an off white wool knit sweater
  • White on white equals classic and you can simply and subtly incorporate white fur in to this look

Accessory Angel

  • Look like a snow angel in white fur accessories
  • A White Fox Fur Headband will instantly make you look like a stylish ski bunny
  • Pair the headband with our Fox Fur Slap on Cuffs to complete your look
  • White ear muffs are another simple way to add this look to your daily style

Fur Coat Glamour

  • A white fur coat is the ultimate form of glamour
  • Generally saved for special occasions
  • The easiest way to turn heads wherever you go
  • White fur coats similar to our Blue Fox Fur Stroller Coat have been seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez
  • A white fur coat is timeless and will never go out of style. It was popular decades ago and still is today.