silver fox fur stole

How to wear a Shawl/Stole

When people think of Fur Shawls they often think of vintage Hollywood glamour, beautiful women in gorgeous evening gowns, draped in jewels, wearing fur around their shoulders.  Fur shawls are most definitely elegant, classic, and truly timeless but recently designers have re-worked the idea of a fur shawl so that it can be worn with more than just an evening gown.  Take a look at a couple suggestions on how you can wear a fur shawl.

Eternal Elegance

  • A shawl is absolutely perfect for formal occasions, stay warm but look truly glamorous when wrapped in a fur shawl
  • A Fox Fur Stole is perfect for formal events, it’s long and luscious fur it elegant and eye-catching
  • Fur Stoles are extraordinarily beautiful but they will never take away from the outfit you pair it with, rather it will subtly compliment
  • Try a Stole with  Swarovski Crystals to enhance your glamour
  • Pair a fur stole with an elegant evening gown and you will look like you stepped off the red carpet in Hollywood

Wonderful for a Winter Wedding

  • A white Fur Stole is ideal for a winter wedding
  • When you don’t want to hide your beautiful dress under a jacket consider the benefits of a Fur Stole
  • The Fur will keep you warm no matter what the weather
  • Beautiful white Fox Fur, the most common for weddings, will nicely compliment your dress
  • The perfect fur stole will add a look of timelessness to you on your special day
  • Consider different color fur stoles for bridesmaids, keep them warm as they look exceptionally glamorous

Cool and Casual

  • If you are looking for a fur shawl that can be worn for more than just a formal occasion consider a knit design
  • Pair your shawl with a pair of jeans and some flats and you’re ready for a lovely day out and about
  • A fur shawl is ideal for those in between days where it is not cold but not hot, it will keep  you warm but you won’t overheat
  • Consider a pullover style, the ultimate casual look

Simply Sophisticated Scarf

  • Shawls are versatile so not only can they be worn around your shoulders but they can also double as a scarf
  • With the ability to wear a piece as either a shawl or a scarf you have far more options of where you can wear it
  • Perfect for sitting outside on a patio in the morning drinking a cup of coffee

Chic Cape for the Fall

  • A fur trim cashmere cape is extremely chic and glamorous
  • Perfect for wearing during the day while you’re out and about, pair it with a pair of trousers or jeans and some cute shoes and you’re good to go
  • Try a cashmere cape for a soft feel, complimented with luscious fur and you will feel truly luxurious
  • Fur trim capes come in different colors and styles, so many choices

Large Silver Fox Fur Wrap



Invest in a beautiful fur stole. A mink or fox stole can add glamor to an outfit, or it can really make a suit stunning. You can use the stole in many different ways on many occasions. A stole around your shoulders or neck can instantly add class to any outfit. You can find vintage stoles at many boutiques and resale shops, or you can purchase new stoles from reputable furriers.