The Debate On Fur



Mail Online posted a very interesting article regarding fur, they discuss the use of fur in designer garments and its growing popularity.  The article features comments from the International Fur Trade Federation, British Fur Trade Association and Kopenhagen Fur.

Check out an excerpt from the article,

Not so long ago, it was more acceptable to smoke next to a baby than it was to sport a coat made from fox, mink or chinchilla. Such was public disgust, those who did venture out in a pelt were likely to find themselves deluged with red paint.

But how times have changed. Once taboo, fur is now a regular sight on the catwalk, with labels such as Armani, Temperley and Vionnet using it in their collections.

At the Cheltenham Festival last week, race-goers turned up swathed in expensive mink and raccoon coats, while on the red carpet, A-listers such as Kate Moss and Rihanna are as happy to strike a pose in a fur as they are in lace. So what does that mean for the rest of us? Is fur now OK to wear?

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