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Stay Warm with Premium Fur Hats

Russian full fur hats are definitely one of the premiere men’s winter hats that are very popular for being Russian style hats. Full fur winter hats will not only give you the warm feeling in time for the winter season but as well as the trendy look that any man would want to try. There are a lot of men’s winter hats available in the market but only few can give you the perfect sense of a winter hat and one of these highly acknowledged men’s winter hats is the Russian style hats, the Russian full fur hats which are best described as Russian style hats.

From a lucrative amount of $449.95 down to $299.95, you can get one of the most gorgeous Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat and save up to 33% from the original price. Isn’t wonderful? You wont be able to find these Russian style hats at a lower price. Make sure to get yours as the stock is limited. The fur of this winter hat is long, lighter and certainly warm, which are excellent qualities of any Russian full fur hats.

These Russian style hats are made up of a genuine Coyote Full Fur which includes fur ear that flaps. You have the option to put down the ear flaps to get a warmer feeling or simply folding the ear flaps to the top. This full fur hats have unique look, which gives a distinct color and texture pattern. The thick and golden fur of this Russian style hat provides the warmest feeling you can get.

Find your personal perfect fit, you only need to get the size of your head by measuring the circumference around your head. You can use a tape measure or a string to determine the size of your Russian full fur hat. Pair your fur hat with a pair of Sheepskin Gloves.

Premium Full Fur Hats

Silver Fox Full Fur Russian HatPremium full fur hats are a type of men’s winter hats that are made from an animal fur such as a raccoon, rabbit, beaver, fox, or coyote.  The hat’s exterior  body is composed of 100% genuine fur, thus the name full fur hats.  Winter hats, especially those that are very well made, can serve dual purposes.  One, they help you contain your natural body heat therefore, keeping you warm during the coolest days.  Russian full far hats also protect you from the wind, snow and rain.  Two, they make you look good, allowing you to stand straight up and not slouching nor hunkering down, because you want to keep warm.  These Russian style hats are excellent fashion accessories for fall and winter seasons.

Full fur winter hats have been always in fashion during the cool months, and you have plenty of options with regards to style, color and size.  Styles range from aviator hats, Russian hats, trooper hats, or mountain man hats. Premium full fur hats are very warm and durable, besides being stylish.  You can use these full far hats wherever you feel like going – a stroll, a posh party, a football game, skiing or ice skating.  There are many designs of this men’s winter hat to fit any occasion.

Premium full hats are very functional, and they make great gift ideas to the people that you care about.  These Russian full fur hats feature full fur exterior and quilted interior to give you additional comfort. The fur materials are genuine fur and can come from many different animals.  The earflaps are also made of full fur, and have leather ties to tie them up to the cap crown, or down at the chin to provide protection to the jaw, lower chin and the ears. Pair your fur hat with fur accessories for that complete look.

Russian Hats Have International Appeal

Russian hats have international appeal because they are warm and stylish.  From Russia to the Arctic to the Western world, people from every background wear these fur hats.  In the United States celebrities spotted wearing a Russian fur hat include former president Gerald Ford and renowned rapper Jay-Z.

Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat

Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat

These popular winter hats are also referred to as Russian Ushanka hats, which means hats with earflaps.  Some people call them trooper hats or cossack hats.  Russian hats are often made from Sheepskin, real fur or faux fur.  They have ear flaps that are tied at the chin to protect the ears against frigid cold. The attached ear flaps can also be tied up at the crowd of the fur hat so the ears are exposed.

Besides keeping out the cold, Russian hats are made of dense fur to offer minimal protection if the wearer falls in the snow. While they do not provide the protection of a helmet, Russian fur hats are constructed for safely going outside in icy climates.

Modern Russian hats with a round crown were developed in Russia during the 20th century.  Similar fur hats were worn for centuries in Russia, Scandinavia and Germany.  Today women and men pair fashionable Russian Ushanka hats and cossack hats with all types of fur jackets.  A matching Mink or Rabbit Fur Hat finishes off the look perfectly.

This attractive winter hat is made from a variety of materials. Soft Sheepskin is one of the most common choices.  Other are made from luxurious Mink Fur.  This timeless winter hat is also made from Rabbit Fur for silkiness without the price of Mink.  Mink is the typical fur used in Russia and Arctic regions to keep the head, chin and ears safe in the deepest frost conditions.

Russian fur hats have become a media symbol for the Soviet Union. People all over the world slip into these hats with ear flaps including China, Eastern Europe and Korea.  The most fashion-forward folks all over the globe wear Russian hats in an array of colors and styles.

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