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Wear your Fur Hat to the Ice Bar

Fox Fur Trapper Hat with Pom PomsLooking for a place to wear Fur Hats this summer? Try the coolest bar in town the Ice Bar in Stockholm!! Check out this great article all about this Ice Bar!!

Guests break the ice at ICEBAR STOCKHOLM by ICEHOTEL. Something about the place brings out a playful curiosity in people of all ages. Strangers talk to each other; the tourist, the Stockholmer, the business traveller – people become kids again when they step into the cold and experience the laughter-inducing sensation of drinking from a glass made of ice.

If you’re visiting Stockholm and Sweden for the first time, ICEBAR STOCKHOLM offers an authentic Nordic experience. This is your chance for a sneak preview of northern Sweden, right in the heart of Stockholm.

Why ICEBAR STOCKHOLM by ICEHOTEL is well worth a visit:

  • The location: the entrance is less than 20 metres from Arlanda Express.
  • The all-Swedish menu: drinks are mixed only with Sweden’s best spirits – Absolut Vodka, Mackmyra Whisky, Nils Oscar Gin and Träkumla Rum.
  • The double cape: specially designed to keep you and your dearest warm and cosy during your visit.

Signature drink: Wolf Paw

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Up for a Swim?

Womens Raccoon Fur & Leather Trapper Hat

Raccoon Fur & Leather Trapper Hat

Enjoy cold weather with a refreshing swim, wear these neat looking swim suits designed by students from the Central School of Textile Arts in the Czech Republic.  Make sure to pair it with a stylish fur hat to ensure true warmth.

They might look like something from a Flintstones catwalk show but these fur-trimmed swimming costumes are rocking the fashion world in the Czech Republic – where winter temperatures get down to minus 20 Celsius.

Students from the Central School of Textile Arts in Usti nad Orlici, the Czech Republic, say they were inspired by Inuit clothing when they came up with the designs for a fashion contest.

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