Fur to keep you Warm During The Cold Snap

Many of us have been experiencing extremely cold weather over the past couple weeks leaving people searching for ways to stay extra warm.

Fur has always been recognized as one of the warmest materials on the market and it will definitely give you that added warmth we’ve all been looking for during this cold snap.  Here are some of our suggestions for fur accessories that will not only keep you extra warm but will also give you a fashion-forward, stylish look.

The Fur Hat: Fur hats have seen a dramatic increase in popularity this past season, everything from the casual Rabbit Fur Trapper Hat to the more fashion forward All Fur Zhivago Pill Box Hat. Regardless of what kind of hat catches your eye you are guaranteed to look extremely stylish.  Not only will you look fabulous but you’re also sure to keep that precious head of yours nice and warm, which is the most important thing in this freezing temperature.  Fur does an exceptional job of insulating so your head and ears will be kept toasty warm.

The Fur Scarf: Now that your head is warm with a fashionable fur hat it is time to think about keeping your neck warm.  Nothing is worse than the feeling of cold air on the back of your neck.  Our fur scarves will protect your neck from the harsh winter air.  Not only are our scarves perfect for warmth but they can be worn through the spring and fall months as a fabulous accessory.

Fur Mittens: Cold hands are no fun and during this cold snap mittens are the most important accessory for staying warm.  Our leather gloves with fur trim are my personal favorite but when it is obscenely cold it is time to go a level up on the warmth scale, enter the Rabbit Fur Mittens!  These heavy duty mittens will keep your hands very warm on the coldest of days and give you that extra flair we often have to sacrifice once the cold weather rolls around.

Those are just a couple of our fabulous fur accessories that will give you that added warmth in sub-zero temperatures all while allowing you to look super stylish!