Sheepskin Style Winter Hats

Frosted Brown Shearling Sheepskin Russian HatDuring winter time, many people use sheepskin style winter hats not only to stay warm but also to make them look their best.  Among the most popular of men’s winter hats are the Russian style hats, which you normally see being worn by many men during the coldest weather.

The sheepskin material prevents the escape of heat, because it is non-conducting.  These men’s winter hats can be made of mouton or shearling sheepskin.  You can wear them in various ways all winter long to keep you looking stylish and cozy. A sheepskin winter hat is also available in different styles such as ambassador style Cossack hat, or the Russian hat.

The Russian hat has long earflaps, along with a wide body, wide front brim and flat top.  You can wear the earflaps hanging down to cover and offer warmth to your ears, or tied up at the crown.  Either way gives you comfort and style.  The exterior of this men’s winter hat is made of full 100 per cent genuine sheepskin.  Sheepskin is a wonderful material for a winter hat, not only for warmth and comfort but also breathability, giving you a pleasantly warm body temperature. Another good thing about the sheepskin winter hats is their ability to help you stay dry because they can wick upto 30% of weight moisture.

There are many different color choices that include black, natural, dark brown, in many different styles. Russian style hats are as protective as they are stylish. They make a perfect addition to any man’s winter wardrobe.  Wear it and you are sure to be an eye catcher wherever you go.  Be among the fashionable men who wear stylish winter hats and make sure to pair your hat with some winter gloves.

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