Coyote Fur Collar

New York Fashion Week showcased this fall/winter’s hottest fashion trends and one thing that is undeniable, fur was hot on the runway this season.  Designers from Michael Kors to Carolina Herrera, just to name a few, incorporated fur in to their collections and fashion lovers and fashion magazines around the world were going crazy over it.

One fur item that was prominent was the fur collar much like the Coyote Fur Collar with Pom Poms featured on No need to spend thousands of dollars on the haute couture Fur Collars found on the runway when you can get the same thing for a lesser price of $199.95.

The Coyote Fur Collar with Pom Poms can be worn so many ways which makes it the perfect addition to your fall/winter wardrobe.  Pair the collar with a blazer and leather boots this fall to make it look like you yourself have just stepped of the runway.  You can wear the collar in the evening when you go out for dinner and drinks with friends, pair it with that little black dress and you’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go.  If you want to dress it up even more you can simply wear it draped over your shoulders with an elegant evening gown for those extra special occasions.  The fur collar is not only stylish but it is also functional and will keep you cozy on those chilly winter days.  The Coyote Fur Collar with Pom Poms is so diverse and can be worn for absolutely any occasion.

Though fur collars may be big this season that does not mean that they are going out of style any time soon, this piece is guaranteed to be worn season after season and is truly timeless.  Fur collars were worn and considered glamorous decades ago so it says a lot to find a piece that is still just as fashionable and glamorous years later.

The Fur Collar with Pom Poms also comes in different color Fox furs offering you different choices when you make your order.  Whether you chose the long luxurious Coyote fur or the ultra-soft Fox you are guaranteed to be happy you purchased this gorgeous collar.