Proper Storage of Fur Hats

Taking care of a fur hat is actually a two part process; caring for the fur is important but taking care of the hide is what makes your fur last.

Of course a cold storage facility is always the best place for any fur garment but you can keep your fur accessories beautiful for many years by taking care of them properly yourselves.



  • store your hat in a cool, dry place, away from the heat and sun and let it breathe
  • storing the fur hat on a shelf in a large closet with air circulation is the best place in your house
  • fur hats can be stored within loose tissue and open hat boxes

NOTE: If you are concerned about pest problems try tucking a dryer sheet near the hat, just make sure it does not come into direct contact with your fur. It is always a good idea to check your hat periodically during the summer months.



  • never put your fur hat into a washing machine, dryer, or dry with a hairdryer
  • fur cannot handle excess heat, it will dry and crack, letting go of the fur to create bald spots
  • do not store your fur hat in a cedar closet or cedar chest
  • the oils in the cedar will damage the fur and cedar will absorb the necessary moisture in the hide, leaving the hat dry
  • do not expose your fur hat to mothballs, they will react with the natural oils in your fur and damage your hat
  • never crush or flatten your fur hat
  • do not store it in a plastic bag or packed tightly with other things, friction will damage your fur

NOTE: Avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture is as important as not letting it dry out. Never wash or dry clean your fur hat, if needed take it to a professional fur cleaner before you store it for the off season.