Fur Hat Care and Cleaning

Fur Hat Care

  • avoid using chemicals on or around  your fur hat, including perfume, hairspray and makeup – perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your pelts. Once a perfume gets into your fur- it will be there to stay
  • shake out the fur hat regularly
  • attend to spills and stains as quickly as possible
  • simply wiping the fur or leather with a damp cloth will remove most dirt or grime
  • use a wire brush to maintain and restore the natural soft and fluffy appearance of fur
  • when wet place your fur hat in a well ventilated area away from heat sources and direct sunlight. It is extremely important to allow your fur hat to air dry naturally.

Please Note: If your fur hat does require cleaning please take it to a professional fur specialist. Never attempt to submerge your hat in water or wash the hat yourself


  • fur hats should be stored in cold, dark, well ventilated areas
  • do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period of time as condensation may occur
  •  avoid storing your fur near heat sources or direct sunlight, this will fade and damage your fur hat
  • do not store your fur hat in a cedar closet or cedar chest
  • the oils in the cedar will damage the fur and cedar will absorb the necessary moisture in the hide, leaving the hat dry
  • do not expose your fur hat to mothballs, they will react with the natural oils in your fur and damage your hat
  • in the off season it doesn’t hurt to send your fur to your local furrier for professional cold storage

Note: Never store your fur hat in direct sunlight or dry them over a heated vent. This can cause fading, and can wreck the suede. Always allow your product to air dry naturally. Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period of time as condensation may occur.