Product Spotlight: Rex Rabbit Fur Coat

If you haven’t noticed yet, we just added some brand new Rex Rabbit Fur coats to our website and they are truly remarkable.

Rex Rabbit Fur is quite a unique fur, it was discovered in France in 1919, caused by a genetic mutation often seen in wild rabbits living in France during the late 19th century. The mutation caused for plush, dense, velvety fur.  Rex Rabbit fur has grown in popularity over the last decade due to its many positive features and has become one of the most sought after furs on the market.  Rex Rabbit fur will not shed so you never need to worry about finding fur on your clothes after you take the jacket off.  Rex Rabbit is also high in durability so if taken care of properly a coat could last you for many years.  The most popular feature of Rex Rabbit fur is its extremely soft feel, it is one of the softest furs around and truly luxurious.

Our brand new Rex Rabbit Fur coats are extremely glamorous and not only do they look fabulous but they are also extremely warm.  All our new Rex Rabbit coats feature either a mink or fox trim which make for an eye-catching contrast.  These coats have a warm interior lining which will keep you toasty on those cold winter days.  We have a wide selection of Rex Rabbit coats, whether you are looking for a light chic coat or a dark sleek one you are sure to find something you love!  Browse through our new arrivals of Rex Rabbit Fur Coats today!