Nicki Minaj Performs in Fur

On Sunday, November 18th hip hop diva Nicki Minaj performed her song “Freedom” at the 40th annual American Music Awards.  Nicki, who is known for her over the top lyrics, attitude and style donned a fur coat nearly identical to our Mink Fur Bolero Jacket with Fox Fur and Swarovski Crystals during her performance.  Nicki was channeling her holiday spirit in her performance, wearing all white while surrounded by snow covered trees.  If there is one diva who knows a thing or two about holiday style it is Nicki Minaj and she got it right on with this fur jacket.

Our Mink Fur Bolero Jacket is a new arrival to our stock and is definitely one of our most glamorous pieces.  Swarovski Crystals give this jacket an extremely alluring look, you will look and feel like a million bucks, add fox fur in to the mix and you are well on your way to fabulous.  Though this jacket is quite luxurious it can be worn many different ways, it’s not what you wear it with but how you wear it.  Pair it with an elegant evening gown for those formal evenings out and catch the attention of everyone in the room or take a style tip from Nicki Minaj, wear it with some fur boots and you’ll look like a glamorous snow angel.

Our Mink Fur Bolero Jacket with Fox Fur and Swarovski Crystals is true glam, you will stand out of the crowd in this jacket and love every moment of it because you’ll know you look fabulous!