Fur Hats Trend in Philippine Fashion Week

Womens Coyote Fur & Suede Russian HatCheck out this great article about fur hats the Mr. Diaz chose to adorn his models in the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012.

“There was an old Russian feel to Mr. Diaz’s collection, most likely stemming from the fur hats he opted to adorn his models. Aside from black and dark purple, holiday hues dominated — dark forest green and deep reds — and even holiday-ish fabrics like velvet and faux fur.

Mr. Delos Santos’ models came out fierce and ready to take over the runway in his bright red pieces. Female curves were flaunted without going overboard. Leather and hair — yes, hair — were seen throughout the collection.

A 1970s vibe permeated throughout the collection but the outfits were styled in a way that did not give them a dated look.

The dated look was intentional in Mr. Ramirez’s collection which referenced the fashion of the early 1900s. The pieces boasted of silks and laces, styled with pearl necklaces and less skin showing.”

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