Fur Hats For Everyone

Whether you’re a man, woman or even a kid, there’s a hat style for you.

Given our long, cold winters, a fur hat is the perfect topping to keep one’s head warm and fashionable.  Even top fashion houses like Oscar de La Renta and Dolce & Gabbana are showing fur hats in their collections.

One can find a style of fur hat to suit one’s taste.  One popular style is the Russian style fur hat.  Variations of this style are Casual, Exotic Trapper style, or Premium Full Fur.  The choice of fur is quite diverse.  One can choose the Russian style hats in a gray, white, black or brown Rabbit fur.  Particularly attractive are the more exotic furs such as red, silver, crystal, black, white or blue Fox fur. Raccoon, Coyote and Beaver fur combined with suede or leather are gracing the heads of even the younger college and university crowds.

The Pill Box and Roller Hat have been in style for many years for women (think Doctor Zhivago).  Imagine yourself wearing a luxurious fur hat made from Silver Indigo Fox or sophisticated Raccoon if you prefer longer, silkier fur or there’s always Mink as a choice for a shorter, elegant fur.

Men have an equal choice in hat styles and fur.  They can opt for Rabbit fur Russian Trooper styles or the ever popular Aviator hat in Shearling Sheepskin. Shearling Sheepskin hats can be found at www.sheepskintown.com.

Some men may prefer to wear the classic Cossack hat in sheared Beaver or Sheepskin.  Their color choices are as varied as women’s.  They are no longer limited to just black or brown!

A fur hat is a purchase of value that will last many years.  Many choose to have more than one fur hat in their wardrobe; a different style for a different occasion.

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