Fur: Everyone’s Wearing It

Fur fashion blog furinsider.com recently posted an article about anti-fur groups (failed) attempt to convince people not to wear fur.

Though some of the advertisements put out by these groups may seem convincing this informative and interesting article tells us otherwise.

By utilizing “famous faces” in their campaigns, animal rights groups have tried tirelessly to garner support from Hollywood elite, but we’d say they’ve  failed miserably.untitled

Even though anti-fur groups such as PETA make it seem like fur is irrelevant the fur industry is booming and sales are at an all time high.

With nearly 500 top international designers using fur in their collections, US sales nearing $1.3 billion, and global sales nearing $15 billion, it is clear that fur is still relevant in our culture. And though anti-fur groups may seem to find some…er…”stars” for their campaigns, the most well-known celebrities of our time are actively wearing fur fashion.


This article sheds a light on anti-fur campaigns and proves that organizations such as PETA are not all they’re cracked up to be. To read the full article click here!