Fur At The Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival

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The Cheltenham horse racing festival took place this week and thanks to the cold snap in the U.K many women who attended the races turned to fur to stay warm and look fashionable.  One of my favorite fur fashion websites wearefur.com posted several photos of the women who decided to sport fur coats and accessories at the festival and needless to say they looked absolutely fabulous!

One picture that caught my eye was of two women wearing colored fur hats (top left).  Colored fur is a fun trend that immediately adds flair to any outfit you pair it with.  We offer a large selection of colored fur and it is without a doubt one of my favorite trends!  Our purple fox fur headband is almost identical in color to the lady on the right hand side of the picture.  As you can see it looks absolutely stunning paired with a black coat.  If purple isn’t quite your color not to worry, you can view our many other options of colored fur right here!

In other fur news;

Last week we featured Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in our blog for wearing a classic fur collar, this week her sister Pippa followed suit with an elegant yet trendy brown fur hat.  Pippa’s hat looked perfect with her yellow pea coat, it proved to be the perfect accessory!

We could not let the Cheltenham horse racing festival pass without paying homage to the beautiful ladies in their gorgeous fur, well done ladies, well done!

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