Cossack Hats Are A Hit In Britain

According to The Guardian, Cossack hats are a huge hit in British fashion this season.

“With bitterly cold weather setting in across Britain, the Cossack hat is shaping up as winter 2012’s high street fashion hit. The style made glamorous by Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago, and more recently by Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina, is doing swift trade across the UK.”

The  article goes in to more detail about the Cossack hat trend, “Big films like Anna Karenina always have an effect on fashion, from the catwalk down,” said Susannah Frankel, fashion director of Grazia magazine. “I think there’s also a Russian influence across the board in fashion.”

This week at a Chanel catwalk show at Linlithgow Palace, near Edinburgh, front row guests including model Poppy Delevingne and stylist Caroline Sieber wore the style. It also seems particularly popular at London ice rinks.

Rebecca Lowthorpe, fashion features director at Elle magazine, said the Cossack hat is a winter glamor staple. “If you think of an image of a big Cossack hat, you think of Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago, which is possibly the most glamorous image of winter imaginable. Who doesn’t want to look like that?” she said.”

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