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Fur Accessory Care & Cleaning

Fur Accessory Care

  • avoid using chemicals on or around  your fur, including perfume, hairspray and makeup – perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your pelts. Once a perfume gets into your fur- it will be there to stay
  • shake out the fur accessory regularly
  • attend to spills and stains as quickly as possible
  • simply wiping the fur or leather with a damp cloth will remove most dirt or grime
  • use a wire brush to maintain and restore the natural soft and fluffy appearance of fur
  • when wet place your fur accessory in a well ventilated area away from heat sources and direct sunlight. It is extremely important to allow your fur garment to air dry naturally.

Please Note: If your fur accessory does require cleaning please take it to a professional fur specialist. Never attempt to submerge your fur in water or wash the item yourself


  • fur accessories should be stored in cold, dark, well ventilated areas
  • do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period of time as condensation may occur
  •  avoid storing your fur near heat sources or direct sunlight, this will fade and damage your fur accessory
  • do not store your fur accessory in a cedar closet or cedar chest
  • the oils in the cedar will damage the fur and cedar will absorb the necessary moisture in the hide, leaving the fur dry
  • do not expose your fur garment  to mothballs, they will react with the natural oils in your fur and damage your fur

Please Note: In the off season it doesn’t hurt to send your fur to your local furrier for professional cold storage.

Winter Glove Buying Guide

With the winter season quickly approaching one of the must have items for any cold climate is a good pair of winter gloves. Choosing the right pair to suit your needs is essential and will ensure that your hands are warm all season long. The first thing you should consider when selecting a pair of gloves is the type of situations will you be using the gloves in. As the gloves you wear while you’re out running errands should be different from the ones you plan to work outside in.  With that in mind here are a couple things to understand to ensure that you are choosing the right pair.

Types of Gloves

  • Mens and womens winter gloves are available in a wide variety of styles and colors

  • Womens cashmere lined gloves are available with trims in fox fur, finn raccoon, mink, sheared beaver and coyote giving you plenty of choices to stay warm and fashionable this winter.

  • Fingerless gloves are designed to keep your hands and arms warm. When wearing them simply slip your hand through the thumb hole to hold the glove in place. Wearing these gloves will have you looking stylish while still being functional allowing your fingers to be free for other activities

  • Shearling sheepskin gloves will keep your hands breathable and warm while being the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. Shearling sheepskin gloves come in a wide range of exterior finishes allowing for the perfect match to be had.

  • Leather gloves are also a great choice when looking at purchasing winter gloves as they provide warmth and flexibility. Deerskin leather gloves are the perfect working pair of leather gloves as they are durable and can withstand wear and tear well.

Benefits of Gloves

  • On cold days gloves offer the best form of warmth protection while allowing you to continue using your hands with minimal interference

  • Certain styles of gloves such as fingerless or leather allow for fingers to be minimally restricted allowing for flexibility to be had

  • Gloves can be both fashionable and warm meaning that you will not have to sacrifice style for practicality

  • While you might be looking for gloves for yourself remember that they also make the perfect holiday gift for that special someone

Tips for Buying Leather Gloves

  • When purchasing leather gloves the glove should be tried on your dominant to determine correct sizing

  • Leather gloves should have a snug fit to them while still allowing for comfortable movement to be had for fingers and hand

  • Know your winter weather climate. If you live in a climate that is typically windy and rainy then a pair of leather cashmere lined gloves would be more appropriate. Where as if you live in a harsh cold and snow environment than a pair of deerskin leather gloves would be a better option as they are the more durable option


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