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The Seasons Must Have Fall 2015 Staples: Collars & Stoles


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Fall is a time when we start to embark on a quest through out closets in search of this season’s staples. On the runway, varied designers incorporate themes that counteract with one another. The idea of being composed and understated as well as glamorous and indulgent is what your outfit should help you embody. Carrying something simple however demands attention with the great detail it exudes. We present to you, our guide on  fur accessories that are trending for this season. These hot accessories are sure to keep you warm and stylish all season long.

The Addison Silver Fox Fur Stole

The Addison Silver Fox Fur Stole

Designers have inquired the help of fur accessories. These notable accessories allow the outfits to express warmth and give it depth. Contrast to the crisp season that awaits us all in the very near future. Hues such as neutrals, greys, and camels present us with variations of rich warm colors such as oranges, blues, and reds. As previously mentioned, these accessories give your outfit the understated look with the luxurious statement that comes with the accessory itself. Specifically speaking,  fur stoles and fur collars have become a regular on the runway; stoles have become very intriguing to the public, reason being, it was not to be predicted as a trend this fall. This piece traditionally is worn nonchalantly over the shoulder; however, designers have refreshed our ideas of how to accessorise with a stole. We offer a variety of fox fur stoles that would without a doubt, work great with any fall outfit.

Emma Large Detachable Crystal Fox Fur Collar

Emma Large Detachable Crystal Fox Fur Collar

Fur collars are a reoccurring item that is both functional and stylish; the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing it with outfits. This accessory can be worn indoors and is a huge assistance during those frigid walks outdoors. Fur collars are an automatic statement piece that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. These collars will give your outfit that timeless sophistication that will leave you grateful for investing in one. We offer a large array of fur, from Silver Fox to Long Haired Goat.

Stephanie Whiskey Wide Fox Fur Collar with Gold Chain

Stephanie Whiskey Wide Fox Fur Collar with Gold Chain

Although a fur collar may seem like such a small addition to an outfit, its effects are the total opposite. We have always embraced the classic touch of a fur collar, we just wanted to make sure that it was not overlooked; it’s a reliable piece that you can always come back to. Even though scarves have had their 15 minutes of fame last fall, we have decided this year to shine the spotlight on to its sibling rival, the stole. Let’s just say it’s our way of making up for lost time.

The Addison Natural Red Fox Fur Stole

The Addison Natural Red Fox Fur Stole

Fur Accessory Care & Cleaning

Fur Accessory Care

  • avoid using chemicals on or around  your fur, including perfume, hairspray and makeup – perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your pelts. Once a perfume gets into your fur- it will be there to stay
  • shake out the fur accessory regularly
  • attend to spills and stains as quickly as possible
  • simply wiping the fur or leather with a damp cloth will remove most dirt or grime
  • use a wire brush to maintain and restore the natural soft and fluffy appearance of fur
  • when wet place your fur accessory in a well ventilated area away from heat sources and direct sunlight. It is extremely important to allow your fur garment to air dry naturally.

Please Note: If your fur accessory does require cleaning please take it to a professional fur specialist. Never attempt to submerge your fur in water or wash the item yourself


  • fur accessories should be stored in cold, dark, well ventilated areas
  • do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period of time as condensation may occur
  •  avoid storing your fur near heat sources or direct sunlight, this will fade and damage your fur accessory
  • do not store your fur accessory in a cedar closet or cedar chest
  • the oils in the cedar will damage the fur and cedar will absorb the necessary moisture in the hide, leaving the fur dry
  • do not expose your fur garment  to mothballs, they will react with the natural oils in your fur and damage your fur

Please Note: In the off season it doesn’t hurt to send your fur to your local furrier for professional cold storage.

Fur Headband Buying Guide


There are eight types of fur headbands. They come in fox fur, mink, and chinchilla, beaver, rabbit, and sheepskin, knit linen and faux. Fox is distinct for its unique texture and compositional quality, making it the most popular fur band, offering the greatest variety. Each animal fur is unique in shape and form due to hair composition, length, and thickness.

Colors and Textures

Headbands come in assorted colors, from light to dark, from bright colors and pastels to various shades of black, blue, grey, white, and brown. The fox animal furs come frosted in white and stand out as the most chic and stylish of the bands. Raccoon and coyote fur headbands on the other hand provide various blended light colors in shades and streaks as an accent to their wispy animal hair. For the playful and fun hearted there are linen bands with fur trim accented with speckled beads. The chinchilla and the rabbit furs stand in the fray with their rugged and sporty yet delicate short grey hair.

Sizes and Comfort

Generally, one size fits all. A headband may come with a string tie or Velcro attachment to adjust the size to fit. Pull a headband over the head it doubles as a fur collar; or as a scarf if it comes with a tie or Velcro. Size also includes look because fit must consider the size and the shape of the fur. Beaver fur and linen bands are the least bulky, slimmer and far more tapered in look than the other varieties. There are narrower bands to consider as well. The best choice is the one that fits shape and contour of the face and head, not to mention the skin, eye, and hair type.

Look and Style

Accessories such as fur wristbands can complement a fur headband for extra appeal. But a fur hat is outstanding with a full ensemble, fur trim boots, gloves and a fur coat. Headbands do double as a fur collar or scarf, a great choice for variety in look and style, if not just for that extra warmth needed at the neck or neckline.

Warmth and Protection

Genuine fur is the best insulator to beat the cold weather. A headband accessory is crucial in the winter months. Wind chills and slight but sudden drops in temperature require extra protection that only quickly accessible headbands can meet. For this purpose, linen or rabbit fur bands are the most compact and durable choice, and likely the easiest to carry in a bag. We recommend a headband be available in the vehicle or in a bag for protection when needed. Winter can be unpredictable.

How To Wear A Fur Scarf

A Fur Scarf is the perfect winter accessory.  It will keep you warm, with the soft fur wrapped around your neck the cold winter air is no match for you and your scarf.  Not only will you stay warm in a fur scarf but you will also make a style statement.  There are many different styles of fur scarves, all give off a different look that will help enhance your personal style.

Boa Style

  • A Boa Scarf is the most glamorous of scarves
  • This style scarf is less about keeping you warm and more about accessorizing your outfit
  • Pair a boa scarf with a little black dress and some cute pumps for a fun and glamorous look
  • Boa scarves come in natural fur colors such as coyote fur.  They also come in different colors, paying homage to a feather boa except far more fabulous

Hood Scarf

  • If you are looking for a versatile scarf that can be worn in more than one way then the Hood Scarf might be just what you’re looking for
  • Wear the scarf around your neck, like you would any other scarf.  When the wind is blowing or the snow is falling pull the scarf up into a hood to protect your ears and hair.
  • Pair this scarf with a classic neutral colored pea coat for a sophisticated look

Cowl/Infinity Scarf

  • A Cowl Scarf is a scarf that has its ends attached, some people refer to it as an “eternity scarf” because there is no beginning and no end
  • This style scarf is extremely warm, it will keep your neck bundled
  • Cowl Scarves have become extremely popular over the past couple seasons, they provide a very fashionable look
  • A Cowl Scarf can be paired with many different outfits, wear it with a cute coat and boots for outdoors, pair it with a wool sweater and leggings for a casual look or even a blazer and trousers for completely different vibe

Pull Through Scarf

  • A Pull Through Scarf eliminates the bulkiness often brought on by a regular scarf
  • Simply pull one end of the scarf through the hole on the other side
  • No worrying about all the ways to tie a scarf, pull it through and you’re done, ready to go
  • This style of scarf is practical and warm but also helps create a perfect sleek and smooth look underneath your coat


  • A traditional scarf is suitable for just about anything, it can be worn to stay warm or worn to accessorize
  • A traditional fur scarf is perfect for cold days, simply wrap around your neck a couple times and the fur will keep you toasty warm
  • Pair this style scarf with a blazer and trousers to perfectly compliment your outfit
  • The traditional fur scarf will last you for many years and will not go out of style

How To Wear Fur In The Summer

When summer arrives it generally means that it’s time to put your heavy fur coats and hats in to storage.  For some of us this is an emotional time, having to say goodbye to our beautiful furs for several months is not easy.  Don’t stress too much over this because there is a way for you to still wear fur even when it’s not sub zero temperatures outside.    

  • Fur handbags are the ultimate accessory, absolutely glamorous and chic
  • You’re not actually wearing this fur so your body will not be affected whatsoever by the extra warmth fur provides
  • There are many styles of fur handbags available, from small clutches to large totes
  • Fur handbags are easily accessible for purchase, no need to search high and low to get one, they are fairly easy to find
  • Heels with fur trim or detail has become a rising trend over the past year
  • Many top designers featured fur heels in their runway shows
  • This is a perfect way to still enjoy fur in the summer without overheating or looking like a crazy person wearing a fur coat in the middle of summer
  • There is a right way to do a fur vest in the summer and a wrong way
  • Don’t wear a heavy fur vest with lining and thick fur, this will only cause you to overheat
  • Do wear a light fur vest, a knit design is perfect because it allows for airflow
  • Consider a shorter fur vest over a long bulky one
  • Lighter colored fur looks more appealing in the summer over a heavy, dark fur that is better suited for colder weather

How To Wear A Fur Collar

Fur Collars made a huge debut in the fashion world this season.  They were seen everywhere from couture runways to fashionistas on the street.  The fur collar will immediately add class and elegance to any outfit you pair it with, and there are many outfits you can pair it with

  • A beautiful blazer can be worn so many ways, with jeans, with black trousers or over a pretty dress.  No matter what you wear your blazer with, drape a fur collar over your shoulders to tie the whole look together.
  • A fur collar over a blazer will add a unique look and perfectly complement your outfit
  • Fur Collars add glamour and class to any outfit
  • A fur collar looks elegant and classy paired with a cashmere pea coat.
  • Lovely for shopping at boutiques or a leisurely stroll through the park
  • Cashmere coats are classy on their own but once you add a fur collar it will bring the classiness and elegance up to a whole new level
  • For a bold and edgy look wear your fur collar with a sleek leather bomber
  • A leather bomber is very rock and roll so when you add a fur collar into the mix you will look like the ultimate fashionista
  • Perfect for casual daytime use, lunch with friends or running errands but it also provides a sexy night time look, wear a bomber and fur collar to a concert or when you’re out for drinks with the girls

The Difference In Length

  • Fur collars come in different lengths but are most often seen in either long or short
  • A long collar is generally about 40 inches.  This length is extremely popular and is very versatile.
  • The shorter collar is usually approx. 28 inches and provides a perfect classic vintage look.  A short collar looks perfect with a peacoat, it provides added warmth and adds to the elegant look of the coat.
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