Cashmere Care & Cleaning Instructions

The soft touch of elegant cashmere is luxurious. You’ll want to preserve its exquisite look and feel as long as you possibly can. Cashmere requires special handling and care to preserve this delicate wool knit.

It’s not uncommon for cashmere to snag, attract dirt and stains, and absorb odors. It is very important to maintain proper cleaning and care to keep your cashmere looking new.

Spot Wash

  • hand wash ONLY
  • avoid washing fur trim – this will damage the fur completely
  • treat stains immediately with cold water and mild soap
  • use a soft cold cloth to gently rub the stain with the soap

Keep Flat

  • keep cashmere on a flat surface during the cleaning process to avoid wrinkling or stretching
  • wringing, twisting, or hanging to dry will also damage to the delicate cashmere fibers

Air Dry

  • do not hang to dry or machine dry – this will misshape your cashmere
  • lay damp cashmere flat on a clean and protected surface for a natural dry

Steam Carefully

  • can scorch easily when coming in contact with a hot iron
  • remove wrinkles with an iron or steamer on the lowest heat setting possible

Protected Storage

  • protect from other fabrics and surfaces
  • use a piece of tissue paper to separate clothing when stacked
  • keep away from heat and direct sunlight to preserve color and fibers

Wearing Tips

  • do not wear perfume – it can create stains and attract moths
  • keep away from rough and sharp items like jewellery and purses
  • wait for your deodorant to dry before wearing – prevents deodorant build up