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Wear your Fur Hat to the Ice Bar

Fox Fur Trapper Hat with Pom PomsLooking for a place to wear Fur Hats this summer? Try the coolest bar in town the Ice Bar in Stockholm!! Check out this great article all about this Ice Bar!!

Guests break the ice at ICEBAR STOCKHOLM by ICEHOTEL. Something about the place brings out a playful curiosity in people of all ages. Strangers talk to each other; the tourist, the Stockholmer, the business traveller – people become kids again when they step into the cold and experience the laughter-inducing sensation of drinking from a glass made of ice.

If you’re visiting Stockholm and Sweden for the first time, ICEBAR STOCKHOLM offers an authentic Nordic experience. This is your chance for a sneak preview of northern Sweden, right in the heart of Stockholm.

Why ICEBAR STOCKHOLM by ICEHOTEL is well worth a visit:

  • The location: the entrance is less than 20 metres from Arlanda Express.
  • The all-Swedish menu: drinks are mixed only with Sweden’s best spirits – Absolut Vodka, Mackmyra Whisky, Nils Oscar Gin and Träkumla Rum.
  • The double cape: specially designed to keep you and your dearest warm and cosy during your visit.

Signature drink: Wolf Paw

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Stay Warm with Premium Fur Hats

Russian full fur hats are definitely one of the premiere men’s winter hats that are very popular for being Russian style hats. Full fur winter hats will not only give you the warm feeling in time for the winter season but as well as the trendy look that any man would want to try. There are a lot of men’s winter hats available in the market but only few can give you the perfect sense of a winter hat and one of these highly acknowledged men’s winter hats is the Russian style hats, the Russian full fur hats which are best described as Russian style hats.

From a lucrative amount of $449.95 down to $299.95, you can get one of the most gorgeous Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat and save up to 33% from the original price. Isn’t wonderful? You wont be able to find these Russian style hats at a lower price. Make sure to get yours as the stock is limited. The fur of this winter hat is long, lighter and certainly warm, which are excellent qualities of any Russian full fur hats.

These Russian style hats are made up of a genuine Coyote Full Fur which includes fur ear that flaps. You have the option to put down the ear flaps to get a warmer feeling or simply folding the ear flaps to the top. This full fur hats have unique look, which gives a distinct color and texture pattern. The thick and golden fur of this Russian style hat provides the warmest feeling you can get.

Find your personal perfect fit, you only need to get the size of your head by measuring the circumference around your head. You can use a tape measure or a string to determine the size of your Russian full fur hat. Pair your fur hat with a pair of Sheepskin Gloves.

Stay Trendy with Trooper Fur Hats

Mouton Trooper Fur HatsPreviously considered a fashion faux pas, trooper fur hats today are winter accessories that are commonly associated with China’s, Canada’s and Russia’s cold climates.  These hats started to become famous when these were featured in many popular TV shows and movies.

With a trooper fur hat, you can be cool and bold while keeping up with the latest style. If you are looking for the ultimate solution to beat the cold weather, this is the hat.  It will make you look good and will provide you with warmth that is unmatched.  A trooper fur hat is made from the finest available fur. These hats can be made of sheepskin, fox fur, raccoon fur, sheared beaver, muskrat, and many more!

Trooper fur hats have weather-shielding flaps:  on the back, front and two sides, which can be tied at the top for that fashionable and cool look.  Just tie the strings after flipping up the flaps, then go.  If you want to shield the back of your neck from the rain or snow, you can simply release the back flap.  The hat is designed in a way that its back flap will rest at the top of your jacket, so the wet and cold elements will be deflected and will not soak your back.  You do the same if you want your ears to get protection also.  The flaps of trooper hats are not only utilitarian; but the feel of fur on the skin is great.

Trooper hats are great when you need to be warm while doing yard work, going to watch a football game with friends, or just keeping warm during the cold winter days.  Whatever you use the trooper hats for, the style is always there. When you are in the market for a trooper fur hat, always check the design, colors and fur materials. Make sure to pair your fur hat with fur jackets or fur coats.

‘Hats on Parade’ event was a milliner’s delight

Fox Cuff Hat Wool Knit CrownLooking for new ideas check out the “Hats on Parade” event showcasing many different hat styles through history. Make sure you keep warm this season with fashion fur hats.

Hats and gloves were the order of the day as the Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum held its “Hats On Parade” Tea and Hat Fashion Show on Saturday, June 16.

The Tea ran in conjunction with the Museum’s new hat exhibit in the Jeanette Lyons Room, presented by the Costume Council.

Kaye Spilker, curator of costumes and textiles at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gave an informative lecture on hats through history.

“A hat is the most noticeable fashion item you can wear, as the onlooker’s attention is drawn to the face. The old saying goes, ‘If you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat,’” Spilker said at the opening of her lecture.

Spilker covered the etiquette and formality of hats, different styles of hats throughout the ages, how the times, both political and economic, changed the style, shape and size of hats, and how feathers became fashionable almost to the point of wiping out certain species.

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Keep Warm with a Russian Cossack Hat

Russian HatWhen the temperature falls, there is no better way to be protected from the chills and still look fashionable than wearing a Russian Cossack hat.  Snow and freezing weather should not be a problem, instead use harsh weather to make a fashion statement.  Cossack hats are made from the softest furs such as rabbit, mink, silver fox, mouton, sheared beaver, and are sure to keep your face framed in luxury.

Russian Cossack hats are also sometimes called a “Ushanka” hat, which means ear flaps.  There are 2 ear flaps which you can tie up at the top or bottom.  When you let the ear flaps down, you get protection from the winter-y cold wind for your ears, back of the neck and chin.  Cossack hats have a thick fur exterior and polyester lining, and are available in several colors like black, brown, mahogany, gray, and many more.  You can buy them with the Soviet badge, (which is detachable), for an authentic look.  There are many different sizes to choose from to ensure a great fit.

The Russian Cossack hats has been used by the Russians for centuries, and have been proven to protect them from the very harsh winters of Russia and Ukraine.  In 1040, Cossack or Ushanka hats became part of the Russian army and police uniforms. They became popular outside of Russia because of the warmth the hats provide, then in the UK and the USA, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

So, this fall/winter season, get your Russian Cossack hats and let it snow! It will go with your every outfit – from your jeans and jacket to a nice winter coat.  Wear matching scarves and boots.  These hats will keep your head warm, making you look luxurious and bundled up even on the coldest days.

Sheepskin Style Winter Hats

Frosted Brown Shearling Sheepskin Russian HatDuring winter time, many people use sheepskin style winter hats not only to stay warm but also to make them look their best.  Among the most popular of men’s winter hats are the Russian style hats, which you normally see being worn by many men during the coldest weather.

The sheepskin material prevents the escape of heat, because it is non-conducting.  These men’s winter hats can be made of mouton or shearling sheepskin.  You can wear them in various ways all winter long to keep you looking stylish and cozy. A sheepskin winter hat is also available in different styles such as ambassador style Cossack hat, or the Russian hat.

The Russian hat has long earflaps, along with a wide body, wide front brim and flat top.  You can wear the earflaps hanging down to cover and offer warmth to your ears, or tied up at the crown.  Either way gives you comfort and style.  The exterior of this men’s winter hat is made of full 100 per cent genuine sheepskin.  Sheepskin is a wonderful material for a winter hat, not only for warmth and comfort but also breathability, giving you a pleasantly warm body temperature. Another good thing about the sheepskin winter hats is their ability to help you stay dry because they can wick upto 30% of weight moisture.

There are many different color choices that include black, natural, dark brown, in many different styles. Russian style hats are as protective as they are stylish. They make a perfect addition to any man’s winter wardrobe.  Wear it and you are sure to be an eye catcher wherever you go.  Be among the fashionable men who wear stylish winter hats and make sure to pair your hat with some winter gloves.

Winter Chills, Fur Hats

Rex Rabbit Fur Bucket Hat - Black Frost


Does thinking about winter give you the chills? Keep warm by adding a Fur Hat to your Wardrobe. This is sure to keep you warm all winter long.

Check out this great article about Trendy, Cool And Warm Hats For You by clicking here.  Warm stylish hats are a great way to stay warm all winter long!

Duluth Women Designing Hats

Fox Fur Cuff Hat with Felt CrownCheck out this great article about a Duluth women who enjoys designing fur hats and sharing her knowledge with others.  Want to find fur hats at great prices? Click here!

DULUTH, Minn. – Emily Moe watches episodes of “Downton Abbey” twice: first for the storyline, then to pay closer attention to the PBS period drama’s fashions – specifically the hats.

A maroon cloche worn by the character Lady Mary at the train station in Season 2 stands as one of her favorite hats to appear on screen. Moe is using it as inspiration for her own homemade version.

“I’ve pretty much always been obsessed with hats,” Moe said.

Moe has been honing her hat-making craft for the past decade and selling her pieces online on Etsy and at regional fairs. Her hats were part of the costumes for the College of St. Scholastica’s production of “Iph” and will be featured in an upcoming production of “Side Show.” Moe also teaches classes in hat-making for DIYers.

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Premium Full Fur Hats

Silver Fox Full Fur Russian HatPremium full fur hats are a type of men’s winter hats that are made from an animal fur such as a raccoon, rabbit, beaver, fox, or coyote.  The hat’s exterior  body is composed of 100% genuine fur, thus the name full fur hats.  Winter hats, especially those that are very well made, can serve dual purposes.  One, they help you contain your natural body heat therefore, keeping you warm during the coolest days.  Russian full far hats also protect you from the wind, snow and rain.  Two, they make you look good, allowing you to stand straight up and not slouching nor hunkering down, because you want to keep warm.  These Russian style hats are excellent fashion accessories for fall and winter seasons.

Full fur winter hats have been always in fashion during the cool months, and you have plenty of options with regards to style, color and size.  Styles range from aviator hats, Russian hats, trooper hats, or mountain man hats. Premium full fur hats are very warm and durable, besides being stylish.  You can use these full far hats wherever you feel like going – a stroll, a posh party, a football game, skiing or ice skating.  There are many designs of this men’s winter hat to fit any occasion.

Premium full hats are very functional, and they make great gift ideas to the people that you care about.  These Russian full fur hats feature full fur exterior and quilted interior to give you additional comfort. The fur materials are genuine fur and can come from many different animals.  The earflaps are also made of full fur, and have leather ties to tie them up to the cap crown, or down at the chin to provide protection to the jaw, lower chin and the ears. Pair your fur hat with fur accessories for that complete look.

Russia Day June 12, 2012 in Auckland!

Rabbit Full Fur Russian Ushanka Hat - BrownThis 20th anniversary of Russia Day on Tuesday June 12, 2012, will be celebrated by many. Russian Standard Vodka will be bringing a slice of Moscow to No.1 Queen St with some free Fur Hats!

Russia Day is a national public holiday, similar to Independence Day in the United States, and marks the beginning of the democratic reforms in Russia that took place in the 1990s.

Festivities will be held on the day at No.1 Queen Street from 7am – 9am where there will be fur, snow and music to help Kiwis mark and take a moment to understand this special day for Russia.

On offer will be free Russian Shapkas (fur hats) and coffee to warm up Queen Street commuters on their way to work. A talented ice sculptor will be carving a replica of Moscow’s famous St Basil’s Cathedral in the foyer of No 1. Queen Street.

Dave Campbell from Russian Standard Vodka is looking forward to giving Kiwis the opportunity to experience a snapshot of Russia.

“Russia Day is a huge day for Russians and the Russian Standard brand and we commemorate the event every year. With winter looming we thought it would be great to bring the celebrations to Auckland.

“It’s not everyday you have the chance to watch someone create an ice sculpture and the reconstruction of Red Square’s St Basil’s promises to be impressive,” he adds.

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Fur Hats Trend in Philippine Fashion Week

Womens Coyote Fur & Suede Russian HatCheck out this great article about fur hats the Mr. Diaz chose to adorn his models in the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012.

“There was an old Russian feel to Mr. Diaz’s collection, most likely stemming from the fur hats he opted to adorn his models. Aside from black and dark purple, holiday hues dominated — dark forest green and deep reds — and even holiday-ish fabrics like velvet and faux fur.

Mr. Delos Santos’ models came out fierce and ready to take over the runway in his bright red pieces. Female curves were flaunted without going overboard. Leather and hair — yes, hair — were seen throughout the collection.

A 1970s vibe permeated throughout the collection but the outfits were styled in a way that did not give them a dated look.

The dated look was intentional in Mr. Ramirez’s collection which referenced the fashion of the early 1900s. The pieces boasted of silks and laces, styled with pearl necklaces and less skin showing.”

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Mongolian Lamb Fur Scarves

Tibetan Lamb Fur ScarfDuring the winter months, when you need that extra warmth grab for one of many Mongolian lamb fur scarves.  These scarves are one of the fur accessories that creates a perfect fashion look since you can wear it any type and style of clothing. Mongolian lamb scarves are also known as the Tibetan lamb fur scarves.

These scarves are made of fur from the skin of Mongolian or Tibetan lamb, and can be available in natural colors.  The materials can also be dyed and come in many colors to match any outfit.  These can also be purchased in different widths and lengths.  However, even if you purchase a very long fur scarves, you will find that they are very light weight. Make sure that you have a variety of scarves in your closet, so you will be ready to go to any occasion. Incorporate these light scarves for summer use or various fur colored scarves for winter events.

There are many ways to wear the Mongolian lamb fur scarves.  Depending on the look that you want to project, you can have them sporty or classy.  And they should be worn not only to function, but also to provide a fashionable and colorful accessory to your dress or coat.  You can wear it with your favorite little black dress or over your t-shirt.  With fur accessories such as Tibetan lamb fur scarves, even the simplest outfit can turn into high fashion.

Fur winter scarves are one of the trendiest accessories during the winter season.  Learning how to wear one can add style and sophistication to your look.  While these accessories are normally worn over the neck, there are other places to sport them.  And there are also different ways of tying them.  You can let it hanging down on your sides and you can tie them at your front.

Library Hosting Event on Fur Trade History

Rabbit Full Fur Russian Ushanka HatEver wanted to learn how Fur Trading came to be.  Check out this wonderful article about fur hats and fur products.

“The Austin Public Library will travel back in time to the fur trading era this Thursday.

Ever been curious to know what it was like to be a fur trader? George Nelson, (played by a costumed interpreter from the Minnesota Historical Society), a fur trade clerk for the XY, North West, and Hudson Bay Companies, will show the route. He will explain the roles of traders, clerks, voyageurs, and Indian suppliers from the Great Lakes fur trade during his noon presentation. Nelson will delve into the economics of fur trading and the value of items like beaver pelts. This program is free and appropriate for all ages.

Later that night, the library, Minnesota Historical Society and Legacy Amendment will present Bob and Julie Walser’s Red River Dances. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Paramount Theatre and showcases live music and dance of the people of the Upper-Midwest. Tickets to that event are $5 each or $10 per family.”

To read the rest of this article click here.

Winter Warmth – Mink Fur Earmuffs

Mink Fur EarmuffsThere is no doubt that fur accessories are making a comeback, and are becoming the must haves for the winter season. Earmuffs, particularly the mink fur earmuffs are always at the top of any girls wish list. The material used, as the name suggests, comes from ranch raised mink. The fur that you get from these animals is soft and has great ability to keep your ears warm and protected from the cold.

Mink earmuffs can come from different colored minks – black mink, brown mink and white mink.  Mink fur earmuffs can be seen in many ready to wear shows in London and other fashion cities.  Celebrities are often seen with these accessories in many places, keeping their ears warm during the coldest season.  These mink fur earmuffs are also ideal for outdoor sports like skiing or skating.

When the mercury starts to drop, you can use the earmuffs many ways. Wear fur winter style earmuffs and you are sure to become part of the talk on the ski slopes. Also available is fur earmuffs with a velvet covered band.  These earmuffs are compact, light, and complements your winter outfit stylishly. The band can be adjusted to fit the heads of children as well as adults and the velvet that lines the earmuffs will fit your ears just right.

With mink earmuffs, you will never have cold ears and flat hair.  This is both functional and fashionable.  Choose among different looks that are available – for city streets or country roads.  So whatever may your style and personality be, fur earmuffs are made for you.  When you start to feel the cold, you can get ready to cuddle up in trendy, cozy and classic fur accessories such as the mink fur earmuffs.

Womens Fur Hats All Winter

Black Fox All Fur Zhivago Pill Box Fur HatAlways been a fur lover check out what they’re saying about the Montreal NAFFEM’s Annual Fur Fashion Show. Find great fur prices online and find fur hats to go with your fur coat.

“You don’t see extravagant furs every day, even on the streets of frigid Montreal, which is why NAFFEM’s annual fur fashion show is such a revelation.

Of course, many are merely vanity coats, meant to be pretty and just a little warm like Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur’s trim collarless mink. Hilary Radley, though, showed her signature cocoon shape in cosy mink for the North Pole label. Stylish, warm and just the ticket for a January day, in Montreal, Moscow and Chicago. And Zuki, among others now, continues to shear, dye and decorate beaver in the most extraordinary patterns. This time, we spotted a watermelon among the florals.

One of the most pleasing items on the catwalk was a black seal tunic, dotted with large raspberry coloured spots by NAFA’s Northern Lights. What fun!

The 30th annual fur trade show, held this week at Place Bonaventure, featured more than 200 luxury labels from 87 exhibitors – from the U.S., Norway, Italy, Turkey and Denmark – who create fur, shearling, leather and all manner of hybrid outerwear.”

To read the rest of the article click here.

Fox Fur Headbands

Silver Indigo Fox Fur HeadbandWomen usually have so many kinds of accessories to adorn their head.  When it comes to the winter season,  they use fur accessories like fur hats and headbands. These products can be made of different kinds of fur from animals that are either farm raised or hunted in the wild. An item that has become popular for use in chilly weather is the fox fur headband, which can also be called a fur head wrap. It is an extra wide band made of fox fur with soft interior to provide extra comfort.  The ends are fastened together by Velcro

Once you secure the headband made of fox fur around your head, covering the ears, you are ready to go around town.  Even when the weather is cold, you need not lose your winter style.  No matter what your style you will always look in and trendy with this kind of accessory.  The fur of the fox is very warm and is a common material in making a fur headbands. Besides headbands, fox fur is also used in a variety of other winter apparel.  Fox fur coats and vests offer tremendous warmth.  Fox fur also is also used in winter gloves, as a decorative outside feature.

Fox fur headbands come in many different types, styles and colors.  Fox fur was previously associated with expensive and lavish coats and they have become very popular to men and women since the 19th and 20th centuries.  Today, fox fur is used for collars to enhance a jacket, trims, wraps and headbands.

Fox fur headbands can be purchased in stores where fur accessories are sold, or online. You can get real fur headband and include it among your precious accessories. For use during the coldest of weather and to safely keep in a dry place during summers.

2012 Year of the Hat?

Check out this amazing article talking about 2012 being the year of the hat.  Find great prices on fur hats by checking out

Raccoon Fur & Suede Russian Ushanka Hat“Hat-wearing may be a minority sport, but Jones, 55, is one British millinery’s two undisputed heavyweights (the other being Philip Treacy). Liverpool-born and boarding-schooled, but Berkshire-bred and crisply accented, he left home and a temporary postman’s job (during which he inadvertently mis-delivered an IRA letter bomb to a Telegraph reader, who coolly removed it to the garden) for a particularly louche-sounding London squat in 1976. As a sideline to his fashion studies, he whipped up extravagant tricornes, veils and bonnets for his muse, Kim Bowen (now a Hollywood costume designer) and the regular Blitz nightclub revellers, who included New Romantic trend-setters Boy George and Princess Julia.

Soon Diana, Princess of Wales – via her original wardrobe mistress Anna Harvey of Vogue – was on the phone. Recalling Diana, Jones says: “The first hats I made for her were when she was just married. During fittings she was listening to Wham Rap! on her Walkman. A lot of the hats I made for her were for her non-official events – Balmoral, for instance. Berets and softer hats, as opposed to big Ascot-y jobs.””

To read the rest of this article click here.

Coonskin Caps

Red Fox Fur Davy Crockett HatIn chilly weather, nothing beats the warmth of coonskin hats. Not only do they provide protection from the elements, but they also look stylish as well. Numerous retailers carry such pieces, but online sources will have larger selections at better prices of men’s winter hats. To cite a relevant example, the Coonskin Hats at are all made from genuine raccoon tails taken from chilly northern states where the critters must grow fluffy fur to make it through harsh winters. Fur and sheepskin are the materials of choice here as these produce the best look and best results when it comes to quality, appearance, and durability. Renowned brands such as Norko, FRR, and Mad Bomber are available at the best prices possible. The cost will typically be half what would have to be paid at a retail outlet. Buying online is simple and safe. The full range of products on offer is extensive with an assortment of over 200 different styles and materials to choose from in just what is available to men. Ladies have an even larger selection to choose from. The popular Zhivago Pillbox style can be had along with all sorts of mink and rabbit fur.

Coonskin Hats can go by other names such as Mountain Man Hats. Sites such as WinterStyle feature quality specimens of these which will have luxurious tails in the back along with a quilted interior. A variety of traditional caps and hats are featured in designs that never go out of style. They have deals on shipping that only add to the value.

Coonskin Hats also are commonly called Davy Crocket Hats. The famed pioneer helped popularize the style although he likely was just looking for a way to keep warm while out in the woods. This can be essential when the temperature drops as a significant portion of heat loss comes through the head where the scalp courses with blood vessels that release body warmth. Protection can be vital to survival, and Coonskin Hats are one of the best ways to accomplish this task. Pair your Coonskin Cap with Fur Jacket, Fur Coat, or other fur accessories!!

Fur Stole Accessories

Large Silver Fox Fur WrapCheck out this great article for great idea about fur accessories, and find great fur accessories by clicking here.

“Fur can be a fashionable addition to anyone’s wardrobe. There are dozens of different ways to wear fur, and there are many ways you can update your look with the addition of some beautiful fur pieces. Not only is fur beautiful, but it can be a wonderful investment. There are many ways you can incorporate fur into your wardrobe.

One example is to invest in a beautiful fur stole. A mink or fox stole can add glamor to an outfit, or it can really make a suit stunning. You can use the stole in many different ways on many occasions. A stole around your shoulders or neck can instantly add class to any outfit. You can find vintage stoles at many boutiques and resale shops, or you can purchase new stoles from reputable furriers.”

Check out the rest of this article by clicking here.

Classic Men’s Mink Fur Hats

It won’t be long before the cold season and holidays will here, and men are already looking for their winter accessories like men’s winter hats.  For any occasion, among the most popular hats that men choose to buy are the classic men’s mink fur hats. These hats can be purchased in different styles that can transform your look, from the formal to the casual, to fit any event that you are going to.

No harsh weather conditions will stop you if you want to participate in outdoor activities like ice fishing or watching a football game.  You can ski all you want, bike downhill or go ice skating.  Whatever you like to do on a cold winter day, you can keep your head warm and remain in style if you wear a classic men’s fur hat.

Mink Fur Russian Cossack HatMink hats can be made of from a variety of mink fur types but are generally ranch raised.  Mink fur is very classy and can match any wardrobe. You can choose from different fur hat styles like the classic trapper hats, the Cossack style and the jockey style.  There is also a fedora cap with ear flaps.

Classic men’s fur hats are made from different kinds of fur such as mink, muskrat, coyote, rabbit, and more. These hats remain stylish even when the wheels of fashion are always turning and never stop.  These classic mens fur hats are perfect for formal evenings or rugged outdoor activity and yet are very practical.

If you need something to keep your head warm during harsh weather conditions, the men’s mink fur hat is the perfect choice. Mink fur is lighter than beaver or seal or the traditional wool. Besides the light weight, mink fur is a genuine product, has natural water repelling property, and is soft to the touch.  Mink fur is also a very strong material that will last for years.

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