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Product Spotlight: Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband

Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband

Take two items that are a huge style hit this season (fur and headbands), put them together and you have this gorgeous Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband.  Keeping your ears warm in the winter is a necessity, there is no way you’ll make it through with cold ears but why always settle for a hat when you can go the chic route with a headband? Headbands have returned this season with a bang and women everywhere are noticing its stylish potential.

We carry a wide variety of fur headbands at FurHatWorld, varying in color, design and fur, the options are endless.  No matter what your style, whether you prefer a bold look or something more subtle you will definitely find the perfect headband.

My personal favorite is our Silver Indigo Fox Fur headband because it is classic and bold all jumbled in to one fabulous accessory.  Silver Indigo fur is a neutral color so it can be paired perfectly with any color.  The fun thing about this headband is that it doubles as a collar so you’re essentially getting two for one.  Wear it as a headband outside and change it over to a collar draped over your shoulders once you head indoors.

The Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband is not only my favorite headband but it is also the headband of choice of many of our valued customers.  Don’t believe me? check out the magnificent reviews on this headband..


Have just received the silver indigo fox fur headband. Fantastic. So warm and looks beautiful as a collar on my black leather coat. I will be ordering more soon.

5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars

I purchased Indigo headband just before Xmas and it arrived very promptly. colour, quality and fit first class. have just ordered another.

5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars

Awesome! Just beautiful and extremely warm. Looks really sophisticated with black coat.

5Out of 5 starsOut of 5 stars

These are just a couple of the fabulous reviews that can be found on our website.  To view more product reviews for the Silver Indigo Fox Fur Headband and maybe treat yourself to your very own click here!

Fur to keep you Warm During The Cold Snap

Many of us have been experiencing extremely cold weather over the past couple weeks leaving people searching for ways to stay extra warm.

Fur has always been recognized as one of the warmest materials on the market and it will definitely give you that added warmth we’ve all been looking for during this cold snap.  Here are some of our suggestions for fur accessories that will not only keep you extra warm but will also give you a fashion-forward, stylish look.

The Fur Hat: Fur hats have seen a dramatic increase in popularity this past season, everything from the casual Rabbit Fur Trapper Hat to the more fashion forward All Fur Zhivago Pill Box Hat. Regardless of what kind of hat catches your eye you are guaranteed to look extremely stylish.  Not only will you look fabulous but you’re also sure to keep that precious head of yours nice and warm, which is the most important thing in this freezing temperature.  Fur does an exceptional job of insulating so your head and ears will be kept toasty warm.

The Fur Scarf: Now that your head is warm with a fashionable fur hat it is time to think about keeping your neck warm.  Nothing is worse than the feeling of cold air on the back of your neck.  Our fur scarves will protect your neck from the harsh winter air.  Not only are our scarves perfect for warmth but they can be worn through the spring and fall months as a fabulous accessory.


Fur Mittens: Cold hands are no fun and during this cold snap mittens are the most important accessory for staying warm.  Our leather gloves with fur trim are my personal favorite but when it is obscenely cold it is time to go a level up on the warmth scale, enter the Rabbit Fur Mittens!  These heavy duty mittens will keep your hands very warm on the coldest of days and give you that extra flair we often have to sacrifice once the cold weather rolls around.

Those are just a couple of our fabulous fur accessories that will give you that added warmth in sub-zero temperatures all while allowing you to look super stylish!

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Fur Hat World!

Wishing you the happiest of Holidays and all the best in the New Year!

We will have amazing Boxing Day sales starting on December 26th so make sure to check back on our website for some great deals!

Please note: Our customer service department will be closed on December 25th and 26th.

Last Minute Shopping With $15 UPS Express!

Do your last minute Christmas shopping all while avoiding the busy malls with crowds of people and long line-ups!  It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Simply browse through our website to find something that special someone would love.  Click on the individual product page to ensure the item is in stock.

2. Once your items are added to your shopping cart enter the “FREE211” code and proceed directly to the credit card checkout.

3. Anticipate the arrival of your order for the very next day!

Not only is shopping for last minute Christmas gifts easy on our website but it’s also FAST!


Happy Holidays From Fur Hat World!

Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Fur Hat World!

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say thank- you to all our valued customers and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

You may be done your holiday shopping but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a little “Congratulations You Made It Through Another Year” gift for yourself!  Look festive at your family gatherings, Christmas potlucks and work parties in our beautiful 100% Cashmere Cape with Fox Fur Trim and even though Christmas isn’t here yet it is never to early to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on New Years Eve.

This cashmere cape is super glam and the eye-popping red is the perfect color for this party filled season.  Exchange your bulky winter parka that your stuck wearing over your elegant party dress for this cashmere cape and you’ll stay warm and look fabulous!

Not only does this cape come in fire engine red but it is also available in leopard print, grey, black and camel so you will not have a problem finding the perfect cape to match your holiday wardrobe!

Browse through our exquisite 100% Cashmere Capes here!



Cossack Hats Are A Hit In Britain

According to The Guardian, Cossack hats are a huge hit in British fashion this season.

“With bitterly cold weather setting in across Britain, the Cossack hat is shaping up as winter 2012’s high street fashion hit. The style made glamorous by Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago, and more recently by Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina, is doing swift trade across the UK.”

The  article goes in to more detail about the Cossack hat trend, “Big films like Anna Karenina always have an effect on fashion, from the catwalk down,” said Susannah Frankel, fashion director of Grazia magazine. “I think there’s also a Russian influence across the board in fashion.”

This week at a Chanel catwalk show at Linlithgow Palace, near Edinburgh, front row guests including model Poppy Delevingne and stylist Caroline Sieber wore the style. It also seems particularly popular at London ice rinks.

Rebecca Lowthorpe, fashion features director at Elle magazine, said the Cossack hat is a winter glamor staple. “If you think of an image of a big Cossack hat, you think of Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago, which is possibly the most glamorous image of winter imaginable. Who doesn’t want to look like that?” she said.”

To read more from this article featured in The Guardian click here and then browse through our wide selection of Cossack hats to order your own.

One Size Fits All Great Gift Ideas!

Finding the perfect holiday gift can sometimes be stressful, especially when you have to fret over picking the right size.

Why not eliminate that unwanted stress by looking through our exciting luxury gift ideas?  We are offering products at all different price points so whether you are looking for something to bring to a gift exchange or a present for that special someone, we’ve got you covered!

Simply select the item you like and proceed directly to check out, it’s as easy as that!

Product Spotlight: Rex Rabbit Fur Coat

If you haven’t noticed yet, we just added some brand new Rex Rabbit Fur coats to our website and they are truly remarkable.

Rex Rabbit Fur is quite a unique fur, it was discovered in France in 1919, caused by a genetic mutation often seen in wild rabbits living in France during the late 19th century. The mutation caused for plush, dense, velvety fur.  Rex Rabbit fur has grown in popularity over the last decade due to its many positive features and has become one of the most sought after furs on the market.  Rex Rabbit fur will not shed so you never need to worry about finding fur on your clothes after you take the jacket off.  Rex Rabbit is also high in durability so if taken care of properly a coat could last you for many years.  The most popular feature of Rex Rabbit fur is its extremely soft feel, it is one of the softest furs around and truly luxurious.

Our brand new Rex Rabbit Fur coats are extremely glamorous and not only do they look fabulous but they are also extremely warm.  All our new Rex Rabbit coats feature either a mink or fox trim which make for an eye-catching contrast.  These coats have a warm interior lining which will keep you toasty on those cold winter days.  We have a wide selection of Rex Rabbit coats, whether you are looking for a light chic coat or a dark sleek one you are sure to find something you love!  Browse through our new arrivals of Rex Rabbit Fur Coats today!

5 Star Reviews for the Fox Fur Cuffs

Our Black Wide Fox Fur Snap on Cuffs are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe this season!  Fur cuffs are the kind of accessory that will transform your outfit and they can be worn with just about anything.  These cuffs can be worn with a casual outfit, paired with something formal or worn with a leather jacket, one customer who submitted a product review even wears her cuffs around her ankles at the top of her boots, the options are endless!  Our Snap on Cuffs also make a wonderful gift, as one customer suggests, because you do not need to worry about choosing the perfect size as they are one size fits all.

Our Black Wide Fox Fur Snap on Cuffs are one of our best selling items, just take a look at some of the positive reviews we have received for these cuffs,

These cuffs are very cleverly made and excellent quality. They easily fit over coat, jacket and sweater sleeves and are a really lovely and well made accessory.

5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars

Lovely cuffs which I actually purchased to use on the top of my ankle boots. Looks fab with skinny jeans and the cashmere/fox fur cape which was a gift last year. Would certainly recommend both the product and the site.

5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars

Love these! I’ve been getting compliments every time I wear them, and their versatility is superb.

5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars

These are absolutely gorgeous. The perfect gift for someone who loves beautiful things at a very reasonable price. Plus you don’t need to know her size! I will definitely buy from this site again.

5Out of 5 stars Out of 5 stars

Buy your Black Fox Fur Snap on Cuffs today, you will be so happy you did!

Many Styles in Russian Winter Hats

Beaver Fur & Suede Russian Ushanka HatRussian winter hats are noted for there extreme warmth and style. They are designed in different ways that compliments anyone who wears them. The Russian style winter hats aren’t only to give protection to the coldness of the winter season but as well as to give a stylish look for the winter season. There are many different options including faux fur Russian hats, sheepskin Russian hats and many others. Russian winter hats are perfect for the cold weather. They are styled in such a way that would suit the kind of style you have. Everyone can find  their own perfect Russian style winter hat..

These Russian winter hats come in different materials, size, style, shape and color. So, whatever style or color that you would like to have for Russian winter hats there’s always something set for you. Faux fur Russian hats and sheepskin Russian hat are two of the most in demand types of Russian winter hats. These Russian style winter hats come in a whole body style, flat top design, longer ear flaps and a wider front brim. These Russian winter hats are well-known as other names such as Russian Ear Flap Hats.

You can wear the ear flaps down to provide you a warmer, or you can simply style your Russian winter hats tied up at the top of the Russian winter hats crown when you don’t need it. Russian style winter hats come in various colors, styles and looks. Who says men can never be trendy? These men’s winter hats absolutely prove them wrong because these Russian winter hats provide the stylish look for men. They only don’t provide the warmth they need but as well as the real comfort that anyone looks for in winter hats. Pair your hat with fur accessories for that completed look.

Fur Handbags Are A Must

Handbags have been a staple in a woman’s wardrobe since just about the beginning of time, not only do we use them to tote our belongings around but they also allow us to  portray a little bit of who we are to others.  Different colors and styles of handbags represent the image you want to portray on a certain day.  The fur handbag is slightly new to handbag family this season, it’s a style that is not as popular as the traditional leather handbag but it is perfect for the fashion lover who enjoys stepping out of the box.  Stand out from the crowd of generic handbags with a stunning and unique fur tote, you will be on top of one of this seasons hottest trends.

Designers are selling fur handbags for thousands of dollars but you can get virtually the same look for a fraction of the cost.  Check out our amazing selection of handbags, from fox fur to mongolian lamb fur in many different sizes you are guaranteed to find something you love!

Put down your generic and traditional leather handbag and swap it for a fun, stylish fur handbag, you will not regret it!

View our amazing handbag collection here!

The Fashionable Fur Vest

The fur vest is extremely popular this season and it can be seen all over magazines, trend reports and on famous celebs.  One of the reasons why the fur vest is so popular is because of its versatility; it can be worn in so many amazing ways!  The vest is perfect for the fall, pair it with jeans, leather boots and a long sleeve top and you’ll look fabulous during the daytime.  The fur vest has the power to make any outfit pop so it’s wonderful for a night out on the town with friends!  You will definitely be turning heads wherever you go if you wear the vest over a little black dress, you’ll look like something out of a magazine.  It’s always a plus to own pieces of clothing that can be worn for different occasions, it means more bang for your buck, and the fur vest will do just that.

The Silver Fox Fur vest found on is the perfect addition to your fall/winter wardrobe, its shorter length gives the vest a trendier/fashion-forward look.  You will find yourself wearing this vest at every opportunity possible and you’ll get compliments every time!

Aviator Hat Happy Customers

Our Rabbit Fur Aviator Trapper Hat is one of the most popular items that we carry.  The trapper hat can be traced back hundreds of years to European countries such as Scandinavia and Germany used by hunters and fishermen to protect them from the extreme cold. The functional design of the trapper hat is still used today to keep people warm.  This hat is offered in many colors from black to checker to metallic, there are so many options, perfect for both men and women.  You are sure to be pleased if you purchase this hat, just check out some of the customer reviews we have received,

Fits perfectly, very warm, fantastic product, excellent quality and fair price. 5Out of 5 stars5 Out of 5 stars

Excellent ! Just what I needed and completly matched the description, arrived in a short time

5Out of 5 stars5 Out of 5 stars

I bought this hat because I do alot of tramping/hiking and other outdoor pursuits, it has exceeded my expectations. It is exceedingly warm and as most heat is lost through the extremeties this fits its purpose perfectly. This website is easy to navigate and communication is good. Parcel was sent promptly. (Within 5 days by AIR to New Zealand). So thank you for a great product.

 5Out of 5 stars5 Out of 5 stars

This hat is very soft and warm. I particularly like the adjustment strap, we’ve had some very strong winds, so very useful being able to tighten it up a little. The hat was delivered within a few days…despite it coming all the way from Canada! Great service, would certainly use again and would not hesitate to recommend.

 5Out of 5 stars5 Out of 5 stars


Order your Rabbit Fur Aviator Trapper Hat today!

Fashion Week Is Over But Fur Is Here To Stay

New York Fashion week ended a couple weeks ago and one thing that everyone is still buzzing about is the comeback of fur. Fashion bloggers and magazines can’t stop talking about the incorporation of fur on to this seasons runways.  Celebrities are going crazy for this look, the always outspoken Joan Rivers was quoted saying that she loves fur because “It’s so glamorous and luxe!” Stars and fashionistas alike are embracing the fur trends this season and they just can’t get enough.

Fur Insider is one of the many blogs that did a recap of some of their favorite fur pieces from fashion week and they highlighted a few of the many designers who incorporated fur in to their Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collections.

To purchase fur coats/jackets  similar to the ones featured in the video click here

Chek our Newest Fall Newsletter


Coyote Fur Collar

Fur CollarNew York Fashion Week showcased this fall/winter’s hottest fashion trends and one thing that is undeniable, fur was hot on the runway this season.  Designers from Michael Kors to Carolina Herrera, just to name a few, incorporated fur in to their collections and fashion lovers and fashion magazines around the world were going crazy over it.

One fur item that was prominent was the fur collar much like the Coyote Fur Collar with Pom Poms featured on No need to spend thousands of dollars on the haute couture Fur Collars found on the runway when you can get the same thing for a lesser price of $199.95.

The Coyote Fur Collar with Pom Poms can be worn so many ways which makes it the perfect addition to your fall/winter wardrobe.  Pair the collar with a blazer and leather boots this fall to make it look like you yourself have just stepped of the runway.  You can wear the collar in the evening when you go out for dinner and drinks with friends, pair it with that little black dress and you’re sure to turn heads everywhere you go.  If you want to dress it up even more you can simply wear it draped over your shoulders with an elegant evening gown for those extra special occasions.  The fur collar is not only stylish but it is also functional and will keep you cozy on those chilly winter days.  The Coyote Fur Collar with Pom Poms is so diverse and can be worn for absolutely any occasion.

Though fur collars may be big this season that does not mean that they are going out of style any time soon, this piece is guaranteed to be worn season after season and is truly timeless.  Fur collars were worn and considered glamorous decades ago so it says a lot to find a piece that is still just as fashionable and glamorous years later.

The Fur Collar with Pom Poms also comes in different color Fox furs offering you different choices when you make your order.  Whether you chose the long luxurious Coyote fur or the ultra-soft Fox you are guaranteed to be happy you purchased this gorgeous collar.

New Products from

Find all the newest products by visiting our New Arrivals Section. The seasons are changing and has brought in some great new items for this Fall/Winter season. Pumpkin Fox Fur Headband

Our new 2012 collection is sure to keep you warm this season and have you looking great while doing it. Check out the newest colors in our Fox Fur Headbands.

Fox Fur Headbands have been keeping our customers warm for years and with these new amazing colors for years to come!!



Keep Warm with Ushanka Winter Hats

Blue Fox Fur Ushanka HatMost of us would love to look stylish regardless of the season. Despite the coldness of the winter season, it should not stop us to look fashionable and classy. Women are normally the trendy and fashion conscious, yet men can also be the same. There are men’s winter hats that men would surely love to have. Sheepskin winter hats are considerably the finest winter hat in the industry. Russian hats are known for its exquisite and sophisticated style that would make your winter season comfortable, warm and most of all fashionably stylish. The Russian style hats are designed in an elegant manner that you can go around in different places yet still look gorgeous.  Sheepskin winter hats come in various styles and one of them is Yukon Sheepskin & Suede Russian Ushanka Hat.

You  can get this winter hat in a lesser price as it is given in a special offer price. From $129.96 list price, it is now on sale for $89.95, which allows you to save up to 31%. This is one of the many men’s winter hats in the market that you can buy in a very affordable price. This is true given with the fact that this winter hat comes in  good quality and meticulously styled that would surely protect you from the coldness of the season. This winter hat is made with thick and very warm Yukon sheepskin with soft suede but durable. Sheepkin winter hats are one of the best kinds of Russian hats that would undeniably provide you the warmness that you look for any winter hat.

The sheepskin winter hats aren’t only Russian style hats, but the wool of the sheepskin are innate insulators that would give you protection during the winter season. So, if you’re looking for men’s winter hats or any winter hat, then I would guarantee you the Russian style hats which are the sheepskin winter hats. Be sure to pair your Sheepskin Hats with Sheepskin Gloves.

Wear your Fur Hat to the Ice Bar

Fox Fur Trapper Hat with Pom PomsLooking for a place to wear Fur Hats this summer? Try the coolest bar in town the Ice Bar in Stockholm!! Check out this great article all about this Ice Bar!!

Guests break the ice at ICEBAR STOCKHOLM by ICEHOTEL. Something about the place brings out a playful curiosity in people of all ages. Strangers talk to each other; the tourist, the Stockholmer, the business traveller – people become kids again when they step into the cold and experience the laughter-inducing sensation of drinking from a glass made of ice.

If you’re visiting Stockholm and Sweden for the first time, ICEBAR STOCKHOLM offers an authentic Nordic experience. This is your chance for a sneak preview of northern Sweden, right in the heart of Stockholm.

Why ICEBAR STOCKHOLM by ICEHOTEL is well worth a visit:

  • The location: the entrance is less than 20 metres from Arlanda Express.
  • The all-Swedish menu: drinks are mixed only with Sweden’s best spirits – Absolut Vodka, Mackmyra Whisky, Nils Oscar Gin and Träkumla Rum.
  • The double cape: specially designed to keep you and your dearest warm and cosy during your visit.

Signature drink: Wolf Paw

To read the rest of this article click here.

Stay Warm with Premium Fur Hats

Russian full fur hats are definitely one of the premiere men’s winter hats that are very popular for being Russian style hats. Full fur winter hats will not only give you the warm feeling in time for the winter season but as well as the trendy look that any man would want to try. There are a lot of men’s winter hats available in the market but only few can give you the perfect sense of a winter hat and one of these highly acknowledged men’s winter hats is the Russian style hats, the Russian full fur hats which are best described as Russian style hats.

From a lucrative amount of $449.95 down to $299.95, you can get one of the most gorgeous Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat and save up to 33% from the original price. Isn’t wonderful? You wont be able to find these Russian style hats at a lower price. Make sure to get yours as the stock is limited. The fur of this winter hat is long, lighter and certainly warm, which are excellent qualities of any Russian full fur hats.

These Russian style hats are made up of a genuine Coyote Full Fur which includes fur ear that flaps. You have the option to put down the ear flaps to get a warmer feeling or simply folding the ear flaps to the top. This full fur hats have unique look, which gives a distinct color and texture pattern. The thick and golden fur of this Russian style hat provides the warmest feeling you can get.

Find your personal perfect fit, you only need to get the size of your head by measuring the circumference around your head. You can use a tape measure or a string to determine the size of your Russian full fur hat. Pair your fur hat with a pair of Sheepskin Gloves.

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