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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Express your love to that special someone with luxury Fur Valentine’s Day treats.


For both men and women, Sheepskin Slippers would be a delightful gift. Surprise your love with these Sheepskin Cabin Slippers with Indoor/Outdoor Sole.


Gift this Sheared Beaver Fur & Leather Russian Ushanka Hat to your lucky man. It can be worn in multiple ways to keep him cozy while looking stylish all winter long.

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The Hooded Rabbit Fur Knitted Vest with Raccoon Fur Trim is cozy yet not bulky. With the exceptional composition of a beautiful Raccoon Fur trim and hood for added warmth and style, your lady will stay cozy and chic with you to thank.

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable, with the simple gift of Fur!

Fur Game

It doesn’t get much cozier–or glamorous–than draping yourself head-to-toe in fur.

This campaign seen in the Dec/Jan 13-14 issue of L’Officiel, of the stunning Mariana Coldebella, makes the thought of bearing the cold that much easier.



mariana-coldebella-by-laurence-laborie-for-lofficiel-maroc-december-2013-january-2014-1 (1)

Photographer Laurence Laborie does a spectacular job at capturing the textures and exquisite colors of the fur, all thanks to the style mastermind of Siobhan Bonnouvrier.

Try out this chic furry trend of layering furs and wearing pieces that will add a pop of color.


Fur Hat Inspiration

Fur hats are one of the most popular pieces in fur fashion, worn by men, women and children alike-there are so many options when it comes to a fur hat.  Style website posted an article titled Cozy and Cool Ideas for Wearing Fur Hats.  This article provides countless pictures and inspiration on how to incorporate a fur hat in to your winter wardrobe.  Whether you choose to wear your fur hat with a casual winter jacket or a full fur coat this article has tons of brilliant ideas.  Here are some of our favourites,


Pairing a fur hat with a casual winter jacket.  A Full Fur Russian Hat is casual yet totally fabulous.


Don’t be afraid to wear fur with fur, this Pillbox Hat looks perfect with her fur vest.


Coloured fur is one of this seasons top trends so naturally this look is a total hit in our books.


A Zhivago Hat with a cashmere pea coat is a perfect combination, you will surely be a fashion hit when wearing these.


If you love standing out of the crowd with your fashion choices and aren’t afraid to step out of the box then you may just fall in love with a Full Fur Russian Hat like this!  We’re warning you, this is by no means a small hat but if you have an over the top sense of style then this hat is perfect for you.


Finally, the Davy Crockett isn’t just a hat for men, above we can see that a Coonskin Cap can look absolutely fabulous on a woman.  Pair your Davy Crockett hat with feminine pieces and you will look like you just walked off the pages of a fashion magazine.

The fur hat is a diverse piece and can be worn in so many ways.  No matter what your personal style you are sure to find a fur hat to match it perfectly!

New Years Resolution

Christmas has come and gone and although it’s sad to think we have to wait another 365 days until next Christmas rest assured that there is still one more fabulous celebration that can’t be forgotten, New Years Eve!  New Years Eve is notorious for its glitz and glamour and there is no better way to ring in the New Year than to do so in style.  You may have your cocktail dress or evening gown picked out for your New Years Eve celebration but don’t forget the cherry on top of the sundae, fur.  Tie your look together with some classic fur pieces and you will be the talk of the party.

Steal Their Attention With A Fur Stole

A Fur Stole is classic, there’s no two ways about it, this is a timeless piece that will wear well for as long as you own it.  When you wear a Fur Stole you will never look back at  pictures and ask yourself “what was I thinking?” because it is an item of clothing that will never go out of style. Our White Four Tier Fox Fur Stole (pictured above) is the definition of ultimate glamour, white fur represents old Hollywood glamour and you will look and feel like a million dollars.  Pair your fur stole with that elegant evening gown or classy cocktail dress for the perfect New Years Eve look.

The Boa And The Beautiful

The Fur Boa is another classic look that will add that final touch to your New Years outfit.  Make your grand entrance wearing a genuine Fur Boa this year, you will surely be the best dressed and most glamorous.  Our Fox Fur Boa is perfect if you are aiming to keep your colour pallet neutral, consider our Coyote Fur Long Boa Scarf if you’d love nothing more than to make a bold statement with your wardrobe or check out our colourful Fox Fur Strip Boa Scarves if you want to incorporate fun colours in to your look.


Blue_Fox_Fur_Jacket_with_Large_Collar_29Length_27501Coyote Fur Boa

The Fabulous Fur Coat

What is a glamorous wardrobe without a Fur Coat?  Not only will your Fur Coat look fabulous with your New Years Eve dress but it is also a classic piece that can be worn time and time again for many different occasions. Our Blue Fox Fur Stroller Coat (pictured above) is my personal favourite, it is unbelievably glamorous and rich looking and a coat like this can instantly change your attitude and outlook in to something fierce.  FurHatWorld carries a large selection of Fur Coats so whether you taste is suited to our Blue Fox Fur Stroller Coat or something completely different the options are many and no matter what you choose you will look stunning wearing one of our fur coats on New Years Eve. Say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 in a luxurious Fur Coat.

Be sure to check out our wide selection of fur pieces at FurHatWorld and find the perfect item to compliment your New Years Eve apparel.

From all of us at FurHatWorld, Happy New Year!

Color Spotlight: White Fur

The weather outside is once again changing meaning it is time to dust off our winter wardrobes and prepare for the season ahead. While dusting off last years wardrobe why not add a touch of style and flare to it with a white fur item. White goes with everything so pairing a white fur scarf or hat with your existing wardrobe will be easy.  White is known for its simpleness and elegance, therefore when you add a touch of white to your outfit your adding a touch of class.

Womens White Fox Fur & Leather Trapper Hat

One of the ways to add white into your look this season is the addition of a hat, such as our Womens White Fox Fur & Leather Trapper Hat. By adding a hat to your outfit it allows you to show off your stylish side while at the same time staying warm on those cold winter days. Hats are the ideal choice if you live in a colder climate and are looking for a way to stay warm or even if you are looking to try something a little different with your look.

White Fox Fur Headband

If hats are not your style, while not look at our White Fox Fur Headband. The perfect alternative if you are looking to keep your ears warm but are concerned about ruining your hair. Soft and lush a headband will keep you warm throughout the season while you look glamorous. The addition of a headband is perfect if you are looking for a change in your look but not wanting an extreme change.  In addition to our fox fur headbands we also have a selection of  white ear muffs available if your looking for alternatives to hats, including our White Fox Fur Ear Muffs with Leather Band.

Rex Rabbit Fur Pull Through Scarf White

An alternative to hats and headbands is our wide variety of scarfs available., including our Rex Rabbit Fur Pull Through Scarf in White.  White scarves are offered in a variety of different fur types ensuring that you will find the perfect scarf to suit your style.  If you are looking for extra warmth around your neck area a scarf is the perfect way to add a touch of white fur into your wardrobe this season. Scarves are ideal if you want to add a touch of style to your look without it looking excessive.

Rabbit Fur Princess Coat with Fox Fur Collar

If you looking to make a statement this year in your winter outfit why not look at our Rabbit Fur Princess Coat with Fox Fur Collar. The perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for something more eye catching then a hat or scarf.  Super soft and warm this coat will keep you warm on the coldest of days. A white fur coat or jacket will allow you stand out in the crowd this season and become the envy of those around you.

White fur is the perfect color to add your wardrobe this season, whether it be on the small side with a hat or scarf or on the larger scale with a white jacket. The hardest decision you will make is deciding which item you want.

Yeti Style Jackets & Vests

Also known as the Shag Pile or Furry Box Jacket, the Yeti Style Fur look has been a huge hit among celebrities like Kate Moss and the Olsen Twins. This shaggy soft look is sure to be one of this seasons hottest trends!

Pictures-Mary-Kate-Olsen-Vladimir-Restoin-Roitfeld-RETNA-Art-Exhibition-NYC 17_kmoss_250x4206-11000-BLACK-146FF-JAFO07-SILVER-72FF-JAF03-BLUEFOX-105

Really, what better way to stay warm this winter than bundling up in a fluffy fur coat or vest. Not only will you be toasty warm in this ball of fur, but you’re more than likely going to attract the attention of others as well.


One of the easiest ways to achieve this style would be to wear a Black Mongolian / Tibetan Lamb Fur Vest. Mongolian and Tibetan Lamb Fur is long, wavy and silky, giving off the ultimate yeti look.


If you’re looking to take this trend all the way, the super cool and voluminous design of our Sporty Fox Fur Jacket will do the trick.


Something like our Blue Fox Fur Jacket will help you accomplish a subtle yeti look in a full jacket style.

With a rock and roll vibe, nothing that you pair with a Yeti Style coat or vest will be able to compete. Now you can feel glamorous and edgy wearing a Yeti Style Fur.

Keep Snug with a Snood

There is no better accessory to keep you looking chic and feeling warm than a Snood! The delicateness of this cowl like scarf is subtle enough to start wearing in the fall when it’s just a tad bit chilly, all the way through to the end of spring. Seen on many style blogs and high-fashion runways, snoods are definitely taking over.


Prabal Gurung // Fall 13

Our Faux Fur Snood with Drawstring is a great faux fur alternative to genuine fur. Crisp white is a current color trend commonly worn by celebrities on the red carpet. The softness of the faux fur will keep you warm and cozy, and the drawstring with adjustable stoppers will give you a perfect fit.


There’s something about natural colored fur that screams elegance.

Wendy's Lookbook

Wendy’s Lookbook

Our stunning Golden Coyote Premium Faux Fur Snood is also functional with its cozy permanent twist that makes it effortless to wear.  The soft color won’t cause a distraction from the rest of your look, it will compliment your outfit entirely. 


And who could go wrong with black? A black colored snood is extremely versatile and will look great with any outfit.

Zero + Maria Cornejo // Fall RTW13

Our Knitted Fox Fur Cowl / Snood Scarf  is soft, silky, and provides amazing warmth.  This beautiful black cowl will seal out the cold while adding texture and depth to any sweater, coat, or jacket.


Don’t be afraid to be showstopping. Which colored snood would you make your newest accessory staple?


Where Trappers Gather

The International Fur Trade Federation posted this interesting and insightful article about the fur trapping industry in Manitoba, Canada.

Every winter, Manitoba’s trappers head to the Thompson Fur Table to sell their wares at what’s become the industry’s busiest, fuzziest family reunion.

Click here to read the article for yourself!


The Hat Trick

Fur hats have been around for centuries, keeping people warm for as long as we can remember.  Today the fur hat is not just used for warmth but it has also been reinvented in to the perfect fashion statement.  The fur hat seems to grow in popularity each year and both women and men are recognizing just how perfectly a fur hat can complete a look.

NoNoo - New York February 2013

Fashionista’s all over go crazy for fur hats and it is a must have for this fall/winter season.  The Zhivago Pill Box hat is one of the most popular fur hats among women, its shape is classic and elegant, providing a high-end look.  Any woman can pull off this style hat as it looks great on any face shape.  If you are looking for a hat that will never go out of style then the Zhivago Hat is exactly what you need.


Due to its feminine look the Zhivago Pill Box hat it is perfect to wear for many occasions, from a day out shopping to lunch with a girlfriend, this hat is not limited to outdoor use.  You will constantly find places to wear the Pill Box hat and we guarantee you the compliments you receive while wearing this hat will never be sparse.


(Above) Pippa Middleton staying warm and looking chic in her Pill Box Fur hat, pairing the accessory with a mustard yellow coat for a look that is to die for. 

The Full Fur Russian Hat is another hat that is popular among designers and fashionista’s alike.  This style is slightly more casual than the Pill Box hat but equally as lavish and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Jay-Z have been seen rocking their own.


(Above) Kim Kardashian plays dress-up and posts the pictures for her millions of fans to see as she has fun in this stunning Russian Hat.


(Above) Jay-Z shows up to President Barak Obama’s Presidential Inauguration in a mink full fur Russian Hat, pairing the piece with a cashmere coat and scarf makes for a handsome look.

The Russian Hat proves that you do not have to sacrifice style for warmth, allowing you to look chic and fashionable all while keeping your precious head toasty warm.  This hat is perfect for an evening of ice skating or a winter festival.  Tie the ear flaps up for a more classic look or wear them down for added warmth.


If there is one fur accessory that every person should own it is a fur hat, regardless of your personal style there is the perfect fur hat out there for you.  From casual to high-end fashion there is no reason why you shouldn’t own your own fur hat this fall/winter season.  For more inspiration on fur hats check out this article by The Fur Insider titled Hats Off to Fur and then head over to FurHatWorld to find your very own fur hat!

Premium Fur Mukluks

When it comes to winter footwear there are endless options available. This season fur mukluks with real fur accents and beaded detailing are turning heads. With a new assortment of styles available, you will be sure to find your perfect fit!

Tall Wrap Mukluk with Vibram Sole

One of the new styles available is our Tall Wrap Mukluk with Vibram Sole.  With genuine rabbit fur accents, interior sheepskin sole and fleece lining these mukluks will keep you warm throughout the season. A suede exterior and wrap around ties provide a unique look.  Each Tall Wrap Mukluk has a hand made unique beaded detail, meaning that no two pairs of mukluks are the same.  Available in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s personal style.

Nappa Mukluk with Vibram Sole

If you are looking for a mukluk that will stand out in the crowd our Nappa Mukluk with Vibram Sole is perfect for you. Genuine rabbit fur with an interior sheepskin sole and fleece lining provide insulation and breathability ensuring your feet will stay warm and comfortable all season long. A handmade beaded design provides a unique look to the mukluk as no two designs are the same. Perfect for yourself to brave those cold winter days or as a gift for a loved one.

Be sure to check out are wide selection of premium fur mukluks. Available in a variety of heights, colors, fur types you are sure to find the perfect pair to match your winter wardrobe.

Fashionable Fur Scarves

This season luxury and warmth come together to keep you stylish and snug in our fur scarves. Our wide selection of scarves will ensure that you find the perfect piece to fit with your winter wardrobe.

The Rex Cowl

One of our most popular scarves is our Black Frost Knitted Pull Over Scarf – Rex Rabbit Fur . Authentic Rex Rabbit Fur is luxuriously soft and silky. A lightweight knitted design with fur on both sides allows will keep you warm on the coldest of days. Perfect for yourself or a loved one.

Coyote Fur Boa

Look absolutely stunning this season in our Coyote Fur Long Boa Scarf . Genuine Coyote Fur is long, dense and very warm. Coyote fur is known to produce distinctive color patterns and textures meaning that no two boa scarves are the same. Perfect if your looking to stay toasty warm during those cold winter night or if your looking to add a touch of flare to your wardrobe.

 If you looking for more options when it comes to a scarf that will suit your style perfectly why not take a look at our wide selection of  fur scarves. Available in a wide variety of colors, styles and furs you are sure to find the perfect scarf!

Selecting the Perfect Gift

The holiday season is fast approaching meaning it is once again that time of year when malls become packed with frantic people all in search of the perfect gift for their loved ones. Instead of battling the holiday crowd why not do your holiday shopping online this year and impress your loved ones with a luxurious fur jacket. Or if you’re looking for a less extravagant purchase why not select a fox fur scarf, such as our Rex Rabbit Fur Scarf in Black. Whether you are wanting that one breathtaking gift or the perfect addition to an assortment of gifts,a fur product is an excellent choice that will be sure to have them smiling well past the holiday season.


If you are looking for the one gift that will have them swept off their feet then why not look at our selection of fur jackets and coats. Available in both mens and womens styles and with a wide range of prices there is sure to be a jacket or coat you can imagine giving to your loved one while staying within your budget. Whether your loved one is some who loves getting dressed for every occasion or is just looking to add a touch of style to their otherwise blah winter wardrobe fur is the way to go this season.


If your loved one already has a fur jacket while not get them a pair of Cashmere Lined Fur Trim Leather Gloves to match their jacket. Or if your looking for that one last item to add to a collection of gifts, why not look at our selection of aviator hats  available for children, men and women. Scarves, ear muffs and headbands also make great additions to a group of gifts or by themselves and any one will be happy to receive one of these fantastic products.


Finally, if your loved ones style doesn’t suit a luxurious fur coat or a warm pair of leather lined gloves than why not get them a pair of sheepskin slippers. Sheepskin slippers are extremely warm and comfortable so you never want to take them off. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes you are sure to find the perfect pair for your loved one.

This holiday season stay home and curl up on your coach with your laptop to do your holiday shopping. It beats having to wait in long lines and you can be guaranteed your loved one will enjoy their gift that will leave not only warm and comfortable for the rest of the season but stylish as well.

Flowers + Berries sure to make you Blush

I have to admit, this Allure October 2013 feature I found on the We Are Fur blog, made my cheeks blush a light shade of pink.

Photographer Sebastian Kim captures the beautifully tranquil looking model, Julia Frauche, in a sphere of pinks, peaches and lilac.

allure-us-2013-10-oct (dragged) 2     allure-us-2013-10-oct (dragged) 6

This fall and winter you don’t have to stay focused on the typical neutral colors that we all feel so safe wearing. A pop of pink or rose can stay subtle, and a bold raspberry or purple accent can be balanced.

Both our Soft Rabbit Fur Jacket with 3/4 Sleeves and Finn Raccoon Trim and Rabbit Fur Vest with Mongolian Sheep Lamb Trim offer simple looks with an antique rose color. These wardrobe staples are elegant, and in a color that is becoming more and more popular.

rose3quartercoat     rosevest

This Pink Fox Fur Headband is an easy way to add a glimpse of pale pink into your outfit. The cool thing about this headband is that it may also be worn as a collar or scarf. The accessorizing possibilities are never ending.

pinkheadband2     pinkcollar

Maybe you’re not afraid of a little color, but are looking to incorporate it into your look in a different way? Our Raspberry Wide Fox Fur Slap on Cuffs are sure to grab some attention while adding flair to your ensemble.


This stylish and unique Purple Fox Fur Strip Boa Scarf will add texture and depth to any sweater, coat or jacket. Each strip of silky fox fur has soft leather on the opposite side to keep you looking warm and edgy. 

purple scarf

It really is easier than you think to take a simple color risk. Why not start playing around with these gorgeous colors that will remind you of flowers and berries.

Fur Scarves-This Seasons Must Have Accessory

One of the easiest ways to stand out of any crowd is by accessorizing your outfit with a fur scarf.  This classic piece effortlessly adds that little pop to any ensemble and it does so without breaking the bank.

One of our favourite fur fashion blogs, Fur Insider, recently did a story on fur scarves, explaining the many benefits of this chic accessory, “Want a quick way to turn jeans and a t-shirt into an acceptable evening look? Throw on a scarf. Turn a plain black evening dress into an unforgettable red carpet worthy look by adding a chic fur scarf. The Fall 2013 season has taken this classic accessory and given consumers something to look forward to.”


Just like a flowing mane of hair, the elongated scarf is sexy, flirty and adds a dash of mystique.

Long scarves are rich looking and elegant, you will experience an instant attitude change in one and go from feeling drab to fab in a heartbeat.  Pair one with a cashmere coat for the ultimate winter chic look or try adding it on top of jeans and a t-shirt for a completely different look.


Short scarves offer something different than a long scarf yet are equally as stylish. A short scarf is perfect for an elegant look and designers often pair this piece with dresses.  Fur Insider puts it perfectly when they write, “scarves have become far more light weight and versatile, especially when it comes to fur scarves. The advancements in knitting have made fur scarves lighter, more breathable and far easier to wear year round.”


Treat yourself the must have accessory this fall/winter, you will instantly fall in love with this chic piece…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Fall/Winter New Arrivals!

It’s finally time for us to bring out our furs that we carefully stored away over the summer!  The crisp fall weather allows us to accessorize our outfits with chic fur collars and classic capes and as winter slowly creeps up it’s time to start thinking about investing in a coat that will keep you warm on those cold days.

This time of year has to be one of our favourites at FurHatWorld because it’s time for us to introduce all our new arrivals!  We have have a wide array of new products that will meet all of your fashion needs.  Here is a little sample of some of our newest products!

 This Faux Fur Zhivago Hat is one of our most popular style of hat.  It sells out fast every year so don’t waste any time when it comes to getting your own.

Our Silver Fox Fur Boa Scarf is one of my personal favourites, extremely luxurious and rich looking you really can’t go wrong.

The infinity scarf was another top seller last season and sold out fast!  This season we have a wider variety including this eye-catching Multi-Colored Knit Fox Fur Infinity Scarf.  The colours in this scarf are like nothing else and it will make any outfit pop, a must-have accessory.

Once you’ve accessorized it’s time to think about a coat for the upcoming winter, our new fur coats are absolutely delightful and you are guaranteed to fall in love with these gorgeous pieces.  This Sheared Mink Coat with Natural Chinchilla Trim is a perfect example of the luxurious coats we carry.

  After listening to customer feedback we’ve added a number of mens jackets and scarves to our selection, perfect pieces for the fall/winter season.

 Be sure to browse through our newest arrivals and enjoy all the hottest fur coats and accessories FurHatWorld has to offer!

Fur Trends For Autumn/Winter

The autumn and winter seasons are fast approaching and soon we will be storing away our summer clothes and pulling out our warmer pieces.  As we say goodbye to warm weather we can say hello to some new and exciting fashion trends for this upcoming season.  If you enjoy looking like you stepped out of a fashion magazine and are looking for some new wardrobe ideas for the cooler months here are our recommendations;

Fur Handbags

  • Fur handbags began to make their way on to the fashion scene last season
  • This season they are expected to make a major impact in the fashion world
  • Fur handbags come in a wide variety of styles such as a standard handbag or a small clutch
  • If you want to try something new when it comes to your accessories switch your leather handbag for a fur one, you’re guaranteed to turn heads

Coloured Fur

  • Last season natural furs where popular but this season we will see a lot more colours
  • Designers are experimenting with bright colours and patterns allowing consumers to show their true personality when it comes to wearing fur
  • Coloured coats and jackets are popular and look fantastic, an instant way to catch the attention of everyone around you
  • If you are shopping within a budget try incorporating coloured fur in your accessories such as headbands, scarves or cuffs

Fur Tail

  • The fur tail is an inexpensive way to incorporate fur in to your daily look
  • Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have been seen with fur tail keychains
  • This is a fashionable and eye-catching everyday look
  • Choose a fur tail and use it as a keychain, you will have the most talked about and high fashion keychain of them all


New Fur Trends for Fall/Winter

Fur made a major comeback last year and it is nowhere near finished for this next season.  The only major difference for the upcoming fall/winter is that designers are taking more risks with fur.  We are noticing crazier colours and patterns and also seeing fur on less traditional pieces such as shoes and handbags.

Below is a Versace mink coat in a vibrant zebra print with a bright red collar.  We will definitely be seeing more of this look for the upcoming seasons.  Designers and consumers are taking the next step when it comes to fur coats and itching to try something new and exciting, the best way to do that? Prints of coarse!

Versace - Milan February 2013

Fur handbags made a quiet entrance on the fashion scene last year and were already worn by trendsetters such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen but this year they are expected to be seen a lot more.  High-end designers such as Chanel and Celine are embracing this beautiful and exciting trend, experimenting with colour and patterns on the fur.


We wear fur coats, hats, vests and handbags so what is stopping us from wearing fur on our feet? This season…nothing! We are starting to see fur used on heels and boots as well as fur add-on’s like the Fendi one’s seen below. This trend is definitely not an everyday type look and shouldn’t be worn in the rain or snow but it is perfect for making a fashion statement.

As you can see there are area many new and exciting fur trends for this fall/winter season so whether you prefer your fur traditional or full of patterns and colour you have many options. View our selection of coloured fur coats, fur handbags  and other fur pieces at

FurHatWorld In Coors Light Beer Commercial

If you pay close attention to the latest Coors Light Beer commercial you will notice our very own Black Trapper Hats with Faux Fur modeled by some pretty Coors Light girls.

We always find it exciting to see our products in the media and this beer commercial is definitely no exception!

Our Trapper Hats are one of the most popular styles we carry and the faux fur hat is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a less expensive option.

View the Coors Light Beer commercial featuring our Black Trapper Hats with Faux Fur and next time you’re shopping for a new fur hat consider this hat as a solid contender.




You Need To Know About Colored Fur

Colored fur was the trend of the season this year, we saw it on everything from handbags, to coats, to hats.  Fur is known as a very traditional garment, it lasts for decades and never goes out of style so this new colorful twist has left some consumers slightly apprehensive. How can you enjoy this new colorful trend while still investing in a timeless piece?


Colorful Coat

  • The colorful fur coat was a hit this year
  • Fur coats were seen in just about every color and pattern imaginable
  • If you are interested in buying a fur coat and have no specific budget then I recommend going all out.  Look for a coat with interesting patterns and eye-popping colors, this is super trendy but won’t be as timeless as something less “loud”
  • If you want a colored fur coat that will still look great season after season go for one solid color and choose something neutral that will match with many different colors.  Look for fur in colors such as emerald green or royal blue, colors like that are eye catching yet versatile
  • Short coats are ideal when purchasing colored fur, it is more casual and something you can wear for just about any occasion, from going shopping to a night on the town

Bright Accessories

  • If you love following the latest trends but you’re shopping on a budget try incorporating colored fur in your accessories
  • Bright headbands look stunning and fashion forward
  • Try pairing colorful fur cuffs with a neutral coat or sweater
  • A pink or purple fur boa scarf will have the attention of everyone around you
  • These are simple ways to enjoy and look great in colored fur when shopping on a budget

Fur & Leather Cleaning Instructions

Spot Cleaning


  • cleaning with soap and warm water works for small stains and smells
  • spot clean using a moist soft cloth and cleaning solution
  • start by cleaning on the outside area and work into the center in a circular motion
  • use a dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture
  • use wire brush to bring fur back to its original state

NOTE: If fur is too dirty to spot clean, have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner.  Any local furrier who deals with fur products or a local dry cleaner who is familiar with fur cleaning will work. Refresh your fur every so often with a glazing treatment from a local furrier. Glazing cleans the fur and also replenishes oils to maintain a furs longevity.


  • cleaning with a clean dry towel works for small stains and soil
  • remove stains or marks by gently rubbing them with a pencil eraser
  • brush your suede with a suede brush with soft bristles with wire inserts

NOTE: Only rub suede in one direction. If suede or leather is too dirty to spot clean, have it cleaned by a professional leather cleaner.



  • shake out wet or damp fur
  • hang it to dry in a well ventilated room
  • once dry shake it again and comb or brush fur gently if the hairs seem a little bristly

NOTE: Don’t panic if your fur gets a little wet, most furs can handle snow and light rain. If your fur has been soaked through you should immediately take it to a furrier for proper treatment. Excessive heat will cause the leather/fur pelt to harden and shrink. DO NOT tumble or force dry. Air movement while drying is recommended.


  • pat dry with dry clean cloth
  • hang it to dry in a well ventilated room
  • use protective spray to re-coat the suede or leather product
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