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What Is A Fur Auction?

Fur auctions are where most North American pelts will begin their journey to the consumer. This stepCoyote Fur Horn Handbag / Purse brings the raw fur product into the processing component of this journey.  These public auctions are the main method of selling the raw fur pelts to North American and International buyers. We will go over some of the key aspects of what these fur auctions are all about:

  • There are three main auction facilities in North America. They are; American Legend Cooperative, Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. and the North American Fur Auction.
  • Fur pelts are sorted by experienced graders into selected bundles according to similar type, size and quality. This is done so that the fur buyers can inspect the pelts before the selling process begins.
  • These North American auctions attract designers, manufacturers and brokers from around the world due to the incredible quality of these pelts.
  • These auctions allow for trappers and farmers to be paid a full market value for their fur pelts, which means this is a true fair trade industry. The trappers and farmers deliver their furs to the auction on a consignment basis. When the sales are finished,  the auction house will deduct a small commission to cover their costs, and give the rest to the trappers and farmers.
  • Once these pelts are purchased from the auction houses, they are sent off for processing. This processing step is necessary before fur can used to make apparel or accessories.

These auctions are a crucial and valuable step that takes place which strongly benefits the trappers and farmers. This creates a valuable fair trade industry and benefits the economy for everybody.

Types Of Winter Fur Hats

There are many different styles of winter fur hats, which are very similar. We will focus on someWomens_Red_Fox_Full_Fur_Russian_Hat_485 popular winter hat styles and how they are unique and have some distinctive features.

  • Ushanka hats are a traditional Russian winter hat that is stylish and has ear flaps. The word ushanka is a Russian word that literally means ear hat. These hats are often made with expensive sheepskin and are designed for cold weather protection.  The ushanka has inspired other hat styles such as; Trapper, Bomber and Aviator hats.
  • Trapper hats are another style that are similar to ushanka hats. They have ear flaps and are well suited to the cold.  They are considered a hybrid between the ushanka and aviator hat. These hats combine the style of the aviator hat with the beautiful fur of the ushanka hat.
  • Another popular style is the aviator hat, also called bomber hat. These hats were inspired by pilots in the era of open cockpits, as the pilots needed to keep their head and ears warm. They often have a leather dome style top, which makes for a very fashionable hat.
  • Coonskin caps or Davy Crockett style hats are very unique hats which are very warm and fashionable. These hats are made from a variety of furs and have a very distinctive fur tail.

Whether you want to look fashionable or keep warm on a cold winter’s day, these fur hats can be the answer. They are the perfect combination of practical function and fashion that will make those cold days more tolerable

Attitudes Towards Real Fur Are Relaxing

Real fur has tremendous benefits and looks amazing at the same time. Global fur sales are increasing andLarge Cashmere Cape with Fox Fur Trim - Red Fire attitudes are relaxing as people realize the solid benefits of real fur. There are a few reasons as to why people are beginning to have more positive attitudes towards the fur trade. We will list some of these reasons and how they have changed people’s perceptions about this industry.

  • The very cold winter of 2013 fueled increased sales of fur garments, as people sought the warmth that comes from real fur. When it comes to cold protection, its hard to beat the heat retention abilities of fur.
  • Fur fashion has become much more appealing in recent years. There were nearly 500 clothing designers using fur for their fall 2014 collections. Fur fashions can now be found in end department stores, designer boutiques and specialty retailers.
  • One very large triumph for animal welfare and the fur trade was the creation of the Origin Assured (OA) program. This program was launched in November 2007 at a conference in Moscow. This might be the most important initiative ever to emerge for the fur trade. This program assures that the fur in a garment originates from a country where there are regulations in place governing fur production and animal welfare.

This program is monitored by an independent monitoring firm called Cotecna that ensures the integrity of this program. Fur that bears the OA™ mark gives consumers the confidence that the garment they just bought comes from a country that has regulations in place governing this industry.

So there you have some solid reasons as to why attitudes are becoming much more positive towards this industry. Stay warm and enjoy your highly fashionable fur.

Fur Trade Is Worth As Much As The Wifi Industry

According to a recent study, the global fur trade is valued at over $40 billion which is roughlyRaccoon_Fur_Leather_Aviator_Hat_568 the size of the global WiFi industry. This shows how strong the global economic impact is from this growing industry. This industry is not only growing but also is becoming an economic powerhouse to many economies around the world.

This study is the first one to look at the whole fur industry. It looks beyond  just the retail stores and includes designer boutiques, sporting goods stores and also looks at the value of fur farming and production. Here are some highlights of this study, that was commissioned by the International Fur Federation and conducted in 2012/13:

  • Global retail sales were $35.8 Billion and fur farming is valued at $7.8 Billion.
  • Total employment in this sector is over one million worldwide.
  • In countries such as; Greece, Russia, China and Denmark, fur is a huge contributor to their national economy and employs thousands of people.
  • Fur was appearing in over 70% of the fall 2014  designer collections with significant growth in the home accessory category.
  • According to the Fur Information Council of America and the Fur Council of Canada,  the 2013 North American fur sales were $1.7 Billion, which is 10 per cent higher than 2012.

This study clearly demonstrates how important this industry is to the global economy and how it is poised for continued growth for years to come.

Fur Is A Green & Sustainable Industry

Fur is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource that is more environmentally friendly than synthetic furs. Furs thatWomens White Full Fur Rabbit Russian Hat come from this industry are abundant and there are no endangered animals used for these fur products. We will explore some of the  reasons as to why real fur is green and a sustainable industry.

  • Fur is an organic material that is biodegradable, unlike most synthetic furs that are made with petrochemicals. So fake furs, like other plastics, do not break down easily and will remain in land fills for centuries.
  • Real fur is naturally resilient and long lasting. When you care for your fur garments, they will provide many years of enjoyment and functionality.
  • Fur is a renewable resource in the sense that the industry uses only part of what nature produces without depleting wildlife populations. Also, the goal is to not damage the natural habitat that supports the animals. Synthetics by contrast are made from petroleum which is non-renewable.
  • This industry has committed to international agreements on humane trapping methods that protects animal welfare. These programs protect animal welfare in practical ways, when animals are taken for fur or food.
  • The agreement on International Humane trapping standards was agreed upon between Russia, Europe and Canada. (Source:  This agreement establishes the required standards for approval and certification of animal trapping. This treaty is a dynamic one in the sense that it provides for continued improvement of animal welfare as related to trapping.

There you have some basic information on how the fur trade is a sustainable resource and has international agreements in place to govern this industry.

Some Fur Industry Myths Versus Facts

Fur is a luxurious and very practical fabric to wear in winter and keeps you looking fashionable. Also, the industry is growing inNorth_American_Red_Fox_Fur_Stroller_Jacket_3415 popularity and yearly in terms of revenue. However, despite these industry trends, there continues to be some myths about this industry. We will highlight some of the more common fur myths and some facts that counter them.

  • Myth 1: The fur trade is un-regulated.

The fur trade is tightly regulated by state, national and international governing bodies. These regulations cover everything from animal welfare to environmental impact.

  • Myth 2: Fake fur is more sustainable.

Fake furs come from non-renewable sources due to being made with petroleum based products. Natural fur comes from renewable sources and has a 20 – 30 year life span.

  • Myth 3: Fur is a vanity product bought by the wealthy.

Recent surveys say the number one reason people bought fur was for the incredible warmth. It provides exceptional heat retention and looks beautiful. While the up front cost can be higher, it will tend to last longer than synthetic fibers making it a good investment. Also, fur is available in many accessories that can keep your warm. There are fur trim parkas, scarves and headbands that can be affordable for anyone.

So there you have a few common myths about this industry that have been exposed by some facts. This trade is an ethical & responsible industry based on the sustainable use of natural resources. Enjoy your fur and feel good about your purchase so that you can tackle winter with this amazing natural fiber.

Some Fur Care Advice

Fur makes for a great investment because it is a very durable and practical clothing item. However, there are Natural_Rabbit_Fur_Car_Coat_with_Hood_Brown_3123some things to keep in mind when caring for your fur, in order to keep it in top condition. So here is a list of some general advice that can keep it looking great for a long time.

  • Store your garments in cold storage when your done wearing them for the season. The more time they spend in cold storage, the longer the garment will last.
  • Do not store your fur in cedar closets. Cedar wood absorbs moisture which will dry out your garment.
  • Never hang your fur in a garment bag, especially a plastic bag that does not breathe. The fur needs air circulation to prevent the hide from drying out and cracking.
  • Have your fur coats professionally cleaned once a year as this will add luster and shine and keep them looking great. This cleaning is needed to remove dust and other pollutants that can have an abrasive effect on the hairs of the fur.
  • Do not store your fur with moth balls as they can damage your coats.
  • Avoid using hairsprays or perfumes when wearing your clothes. Most of these items have alcohol which can dry out the hides.

When you care for your fur, it will provide you with years of warmth and comfort. So go ahead this winter and enjoy the timeless elegance that comes with real fur.

Amazing Fur Industry Facts

Fur has become very trendy along with the practical benefit of keeping you warm. However, there are many other Knitted_Mink Fur_Cowl_Snood_Scarf_Black_2166interesting facts about this industry that are lesser known but very interesting. This post will explore some interesting facts about this industry.

  • Did you you know that more than one million people are employed full time in the fur industry worldwide and many more work on a seasonal basis.
  • The biggest exporter of fur is Europe and the biggest importer is China. Demand for buying fur is also very strong in North America, Europe and Russia.
  • There are more designers working with fur today than in the eighties. In 1985 there were only 42 designers compared to today, with over 400 renowned designers using fur in their fashion collections.
  • 85% of American fur retailers are independently run small businesses.
  • In 2013 U.S.  sales were 1.39 billion, which is 10%  higher than 2012.
  • Mink remains one of the most popular furs. It represents about 70% of all retail sales.
  • This industry contributes about $800 million to the Canadian economy, with about 70,000 people involved in this trade.
  • More and more celebrities and models are wearing fur coats than in previous years. A few famous names are: Beyonce Knowles, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.
  • Warmth was the number one reason given by consumers when asked why they owned a fur coat.

This industry is growing in sales and becoming very trendy. Now you know that real fur not only looks amazing but provides some very practical benefits of warmth,durability and it helps to support the economy.

How Fur Can Add Style To Any Wardrobe

Real fur is timeless and always in fashion. Fur comes in many different accessories that can help to spruce up your Knit_Fox_Fur_Hat_White_1804winter wardrobe. Winter can be challenging to dress warm and stay stylish at the same time. The answer is to have some fur accessories that can be added to your outfit to make it look amazing. Here are some ideas on some  fashionable fur items.

  • Wear a stole with your outfit. Stoles are wider and bigger than scarves and add lots of warmth and style.
  • Shawls make great additions to your wardrobe as they can be worn over a shirt for those cooler days, and will leave you looking stunning.
  • Add some timeless elegance to your wardrobe with a fur cape. Capes are perfect for formal events, such as weddings, as they look elegant and have the added benefit of providing warmth.
  • Spruce up any pair of boots with some fur leg warmers. They are very fashionable and provide extra warmth for your legs.
  • Keep your hair looking gorgeous with some fur earmuffs. They provide exceptional warmth and allow you to face the cold with confidence and style.
  •  Fur hats are a great clothing accessory that adds style and warmth to any outfit you are wearing.
  • Your feet will look stylish and keep very warm with a pair of fur mukluks. These boots are very fashionable and will complete your winter outfit.

So now you have some fur fashion ideas that will help you deal with the winter cold and look fashionable at the same time.

Benefits Of Real Fur

Real fur is a very durable, natural product that combines practical function with fashion. Winter is all about trying to Long Mongolian Lamb Fur Scarfstay warm, which can be difficult. Trying to stay warm and stylish at the same time can be another challenge. Fur can solve these winter challenges since fur combines style and function. Real fur has many great benefits, so we will list some of them here.

  • Real fur offers tremendous levels of warmth due to its superior heat retention ability. Natural fur will help to keep heat from leaving your body. Also, real fur is much better at insulating your body than fake fur.
  • When you get genuine fur, you benefit from its great wind blocking ability. This can drastically reduce wind chill leaving you feeling much warmer.
  • Real fur trims are used on winter coats to trap warm air coming off your body and protect your neck and face against incoming cold air. Natural furs do this much better than synthetic furs.
  • When you buy real fur items, its a great investment because of the durability of fur. They can last decades, giving you years of warmth and comfort.
  • Finally, fur is very trendy and fashionable making for a very welcome and practical addition to any wardrobe.

Winter might be cold and uncomfortable, but various fur accessories can keep you warm and toasty all winter. Never fear the polar vortex again, when you wear real fur.

Stay Warm With Trapper Hats

There are many hats to keep your head warm on a cold winter’s day, but many leave your ears exposed to the cold. A Pink Trapper Hats with White Rabbit Furgreat solution to this cold ear dilemma are trapper hats. These hats have ear flaps that can be deployed to cover your ears and keep them very warm and toasty in winter. Get to know more about these amazing hats with some of these benefits.

  • Trapper Hats keep both your head and ears warm, which eliminates the need for both a hat and earmuffs. This saves you from having to bring a hat and ear muffs everywhere you go.
  • These hats often come with a metal buckle to help keep the hat in place on those windy days.
  • They are often made with a water resistant exterior, keeping your head dry.
  • The ear flaps can be buttoned up or down, depending on how cold it is, making them a very versatile and practical hat.
  • Most trapper hats are size adjustable so you do not have to worry about finding one that fits your head properly. This will give you the perfect fit, to keep your head and ears warm.
  • These hats also have the added benefit of having you look very stylish, while keeping winter’s chill at bay.

So now you know the secret to keeping your head and ears warm and cozy all winter long. Go ahead and tackle winter with these fashionable and trendy hats.

Mukluks Boots: Made For The Coldest Winter Days

Keeping your feet warm and preventing frostbite during winter is a top priority. Mukluk winter boots offer the perfect Tall Wrap Mukluk with Vibram Solesolution to keep your feet comfortable and toasty on even the coldest winter days. They are tough, versatile and trendy boots that are a necessity for the winter. These boots combine style and function to protect your feet and keep you looking very fashionable. Mukluks were originally made by the Inuit to keep their feet warm during their cold winters, but now have become very popular winter accessories. Here is a list of some of the amazing benefits of mukluks.

  • One key benefit of the Mukluk is their ability to breath, this is because they are made of natural insulating materials. This is important because it allows your feet to breath and will wick away sweat. This is a crucial factor in cold weather where excess perspiration may be an issue and could cause frostbite.
  • These boots are made with natural fibers that will provide tremendous levels of warmth and comfort.
  • Mukluks are made of light weight, flexible materials, which allows you to bend your feet with ease, increasing the circulation of warm blood to your feet. This constant flexing of your feet will increase your warmth and helps to prevent frostbite.

Now you know why mukluks are your best option for keeping your feet warm and stylish all winter. Winter may be cold, but your feet do not have to be when you wear mukluks.

Real Fur Accessories Are The Key To Winter Warmth


Winter is cold and its always a challenge to keep warm, but we have some ideas that will keep you cozy and warm this winter. The first thing people will think of is to get a good winter coat, but there are other needed accessories to keep you warm. We have put together a list of other important fur accessories that will help to keep you warm and cozy.

  • The real fur hat is the best option to keep your head warm, because of its incredible heat retention ability. An uncovered head will allow a lot of heat to escape, so its important to keep your head covered with a good hat.
  • Scarves are a needed accessory to help protect against the wind coming down your neck and to protect your face from the cold.
  • Real fur gloves offer incredible warmth and comfort, that will protect your hands from the bitter cold.
  • You need to keep your feet warm and cozy with real fur boots, which offer incredible cold weather resistance.
  • Leg warmers will help to keep your lower legs warmer, with the added benefit of being a very stylish addition to your outfit.

There you have it, now you have some tips on how to enjoy winter and stay warm. So get out and tackle winter head on with these fur accessories and be prepared in case the polar vortex makes another visit.

Top Benefits Of Real Fur Coats For Winter

Fur Coat

Red Fox Fur Bolero

Winter is coming, along with the dreaded polar vortex, so the question is, how to stay warm and still look stylish. Cold weather always poses a unique challenge in that, you want to stay warm and look great at the same time. Fur coats offer an elegant solution to this dilemma, as they offer incredible warmth and style at the same time. So as you prepare for winter, here is a list of some top benefits for having a real fur coat.

  • The most obvious benefit is the incredible warmth that real fur offers.  It provides you with unmatched heat retention when compared to synthetic materials and is ideal for extreme cold
  • Real fur is extremely durable and long lasting, making it a good investment for winter cold protection
  • Unlike some other trendy pieces of clothing, real fur coats are always in style which makes them a great timeless addition to your wardrobe
  • Fur coats enhance your wardrobe with their comfortable and stylish designs
  • Quality fur is soft and feels great against your skin, making a fur coat a very comfortable choice for your wardrobe.
  • Lastly, a real fur coat will give you the confidence to get out and deal with winter in style and comfort

So there you have the top benefits of real fur, which can make winter much more tolerable. Winter can be cold and very uncomfortable, but that does not mean you have to be afraid of winter or the polar vortex.

Top 5 Reasons To Love Your Fur Hat

Stylish and Warm

Warm & Cozy Winter Fur Hat

Winter is fast approaching and its time again to get out those hats to keep you warm and toasty this winter. Fur hats can give you the warmth and style that can keep you warm and looking good all winter. Winter always presents a challenge in trying to stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Real fur hats can solve this challenge with their perfect blend of style, warmth and comfort.


There are some good reasons why real fur hats can keep you warm and dry this winter. So, without further delay, here are the top 5 reasons to love & use your fur hat.

  1. Fur hats provide you with incredible warmth for those cold winter days
  2. Fur is designed to shed water, so its water resilient
  3. Fur hats are very durable, making them a good investment
  4. These hats keep you looking very stylish and comfortable on the coldest winter day
  5. Fur hats are the perfect fashion accessory for both men and women


So there you have it, your fur hat will keep you warm & toasty allowing you to enjoy your favorite winter events. Winter may be cold but you do not have to be cold, when you have a real fur hat.

Fur in the Sun

If you’re been contemplating carrying your fur pieces over from winter to spring, then look no further, because Vogue Japan give us no reasons to put that fur away. Their May 2013 issue features an editorial that promotes spicing up your spring wardrobe by mixing fur into everyday looks.

Stylist Heathermary Jackson dresses model Catherine McNeil in diverse selection of beautiful fur garments, photographed by Hans Feurer.

“The editorial shows off effortless glamour in a range of street style looks, including a 1950s-style dress with fur stole and oversized clutch and a masculine, military style ensemble complete with goggles and a sheared fur vest.”

Fur in the sun _1

Green fur coatFur dress summerFur scarf_0Dress flowers fur scarf


Pink Tartan Furs at Toronto Fashion Week



This year’s Toronto Fashion Week wildly impressed when it came to up and coming fur fashions. Among favorites was Pink Tartan with their collection filled with buffalo check patterns and classic yet bold fur accessories. GP2_7135

These Fur Collars are great because they are detachable and can be added to any look.


This elegant and edgy red Fur Stole is the perfect fur accessory to wear year round. It’s great for bundling up over a coat in the winter, or wearing solely over a summer dress for a chic look.


Full Fur Mittens and Fur Boot  Toppers are the easiest fur accessory to wear with anything. Not only will they add a fashionable flare to your outfit, but they are also easily removed and added to your next days look.


Try out one of these fun and furry accessories next season!

Full Fur Hats from the Runway

With the chaos of Fashion Month finally coming to an end, you better bet that we still had time to pick out some of our favorite fur hats seen strutting down the runways. And the verdict is: full fur hats are best!

This Full Crystal Fox Fur Zhivago Pill Box Hat by Badgley Mischka Fall 2014-Winter 2015 is elegant and timeless. Styled with chandelier earrings and a beautiful luxury gown, this hat is the perfect accessory for a special occasion.  But don’t let its luxe look fool you. This hat would look great with a simple pea coat, jeans and riding boots for a night out on the town with your family and friends.DN-6157-CRYSTAL-128


You can get the look with our Crystal Fox All Fur Zhivago Pill Box Fur Hat–designer quality at a fraction of the price. This warm hat has a long, lush all genuine fur exterior with an impeccably soft satin lined interior.

This Full Fur Russian Hat by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Fall 2014-Winter 2015 is edgy and bold. Styled with a long sleek full fur vest and trousers, this hat is the perfect accessory for livening up a stylish yet basic outfit.

Badgley Mischka Fall 2014-Winter 2015GB-268-BLACK-081 Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Fall 2014-Winter 2015

Get this look with our exquisitely warm Black Fox Full Fur Russian Hat. The long, lush fox fur exterior extends to the interior of the ear flaps, and has a quilted nylon interior for extra warmth and comfort. With genuine lambskin leather ties, the ear flaps can be secured under the chin or on the top of the hat.

But there is many more where that came from. Check out our full fur hats to jump ahead to next seasons hottest look!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Express your love to that special someone with luxury Fur Valentine’s Day treats.


For both men and women, Sheepskin Slippers would be a delightful gift. Surprise your love with these Sheepskin Cabin Slippers with Indoor/Outdoor Sole.


Gift this Sheared Beaver Fur & Leather Russian Ushanka Hat to your lucky man. It can be worn in multiple ways to keep him cozy while looking stylish all winter long.

/Users/Shared/2180_FurHatWorls_Male/Output/.DN-6054SB-BROWN-262.jpgunnamed (1)

The Hooded Rabbit Fur Knitted Vest with Raccoon Fur Trim is cozy yet not bulky. With the exceptional composition of a beautiful Raccoon Fur trim and hood for added warmth and style, your lady will stay cozy and chic with you to thank.

Make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable, with the simple gift of Fur!

Fur Game

It doesn’t get much cozier–or glamorous–than draping yourself head-to-toe in fur.

This campaign seen in the Dec/Jan 13-14 issue of L’Officiel, of the stunning Mariana Coldebella, makes the thought of bearing the cold that much easier.



mariana-coldebella-by-laurence-laborie-for-lofficiel-maroc-december-2013-january-2014-1 (1)

Photographer Laurence Laborie does a spectacular job at capturing the textures and exquisite colors of the fur, all thanks to the style mastermind of Siobhan Bonnouvrier.

Try out this chic furry trend of layering furs and wearing pieces that will add a pop of color.


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