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Fashion Icons

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From the red carpet to the runway, major style icons have been sporting fur for centuries! The timeless and glamorous appeal of a fur coat or stole can turn any celeb’s outfit into a statement piece.
Eccentric businesswoman Iris Apfel became an instant fashion icon and a staple of high-society parties through her creative style and design career. Miss Apfel can be seen wearing vibrant shaggy fox fur coats and luscious boas with her patented over-sized glasses.

Apfel has participated in restoration projects for The White House, her work has been featured in major museums, and remains an inspiration even at the age of 94! This living legend may mix up her wardrobe with ebony mink stoles and is frequently pictured with vivid fur purses.

Get this Iris Apfel inspired look:
The late actress Marilyn Monroe captured the heart of America through her celebrated, but all too short film career in the 1950’s. Monroe was frequently photographed in ivory fur boas and sable mink jackets.

This pop culture icon tragically passed away in 1962, but her beautiful appearance and scintillating style remain relevant to this day. Iconic portraits showcase Monroe as a vision in sophisticated fur collars and capes.

Get this Marilyn Monroe inspired look:

Socialite Olivia Palermo worked as a PR agent for designer Diane von Furstenberg and was featured in the MTV show, “The City.” Palermo has worked for Elle, modeled for numerous publications, and maintains a thriving jewelry line.

Palermo can be seen on Best Dressed lists donning modern and chic fur coats. Her youthful style of fox fur stoles and scarves make her a style inspiration for younger generations.

Get this Olivia Palermo inspired look:
Media mogul Kim Kardashian is as known for her personal life as well as her illustrious career. The star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” owns a successful fragrance and cosmetics line, and has modeled for lifestyle and fashion magazines.

With her two young children in tow, Kardashian has been snapped by the paparazzi in glossy mink coats and fox fur vests. Her svelte style is both urban and professional, while maintaining an ere of luxury.

Get this Kim Kardashian inspired look:

These four fashion icons prove that fur can be worn in a variety of ways and always be glamorous. The verdict is in; fur is here to stay!

Winter Wedding


Love is in the air, and your winter wedding is right around the corner! Wedding furs make the perfect accessory to keep you warm and stylish during your special day. These fantastic additions to your bridal gown are truly romantic and luxurious in nature.


Fur Hat World offers an array of fur stoles, shawls and jackets to illuminate your wedding. With glamorous additions like shining Swarovski crystals and functional accessories such as hidden pockets and closures, you can stay cozy while celebrating the occasion of your love.

our wedding

We’d like to feature two of our favorite wedding fur products that we know you’ll enjoy wearing during your special day.

Our Four Tier Fox Fur Stole comes in a gleaming ivory shade to match your gown. Genuine ranch raised fox fur is lustrous and soft with a satin interior for your comfort. Hook and eye closures allow you to affix this accessory around your body or leave it open for a chic accessory. The four tiers of fox fur provide a voluminous and sleek look.


Our Classic Cashmere Cape with White Fox Fur Trim is truly stunning and the perfect piece for a cold winter wedding. The gleaming white fox fur is fluffy and soft to the touch! Cashmere is classic and stylish while maintaining your temperature so you stay warm during your winter wedding.


Peruse our posh collection of wedding fur, exclusively from Fur Hat World. Our capes and wraps will have you saying “I do!” We offer an array of fox and mink fur accessories in striking white to keep up with your traditional wedding theme.

Whether you’re getting married indoors or out during the winter, wedding fur will have you covered and staying amorous throughout the celebration. A winter honeymoon will also be made complete with these warm accessories that will keep your wedding memories alive.

Valentine’s Day – What to Wear on Date Night.

date night
Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and we know you have special plans for a romantic evening with your long-term partner or a new date. Your dinner reservations are made, your gifts are wrapped and ready, the playlist is set, but what do you wear?

Fur accessories and apparel can add a luxurious touch to your Valentine’s Day outfit. Let us tell you about a few of our favorite pieces from FurHatWorld to turn your special day of romance into a sophisticated celebration of love.

The Emma Large Detachable Fur Collar is crafted with premium quality black fox fur and is lightweight in design. The glossy midnight shade will reflect candlelight for a romantic accent to your evening. This accessory looks fantastic over a simple jacket and will add warmth and style.

Emma Large Detachable Black Fox Fur Collar
The Black Fox Fur Headband brings European elegance to a casual hairstyle. The designer accessory is sure to add a finishing touch to any outfit. This silky addition can also be worn as a collar or scarf to keep you comfortable during an outdoor celebration.


Black Fox Fur Headband
Carry your important date night necessities in The Aria Black Fox Fur Handbag. Soft leather straps and a lush ebony exterior create a comfortable accessory to play up any ensemble. Keep your breath mints, cellphone, and wallet in this black fox fur handbag to stay prepared for wherever the night takes you.

The Aria Black Fox Fur Hand Bag
Take a romantic walk in the park in our Holly Black Sheared Mink Coat with Fox Fur Trim Hood. This luxurious jacket features hidden snap closures and pockets for a functional design and reverses to a taffeta side for versatility. This mink coat would look stunning paired with edgy leather leggings and an all black ensemble.

fox Jacket


Wow your partner in these authentic and glamorous pieces from Fur Hat World. These durable and stylish accessories can keep the romance alive all year long. Bring out your fashion sense and amorous appeal with the perfect outfit. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

10 Year Anniversary


We at FurHatWorld wish to express our sincere appreciation to our loyal customers as we celebrate our tenth year in business. When our company was founded in 2006 with just our 2 owners, we could hardly foresee our growth to the international company we are today.

Today we are celebrating 10 years of:

Evolving Product Selection:

We started with just 12 hat designs which included variations of our B-52 Aviator as well as our Rabbit Ushanka. As interest began to grow, so did our selection. We now offer 217 styles of men’s and women’s hats, each style offered in a variety of luxury furs. We didn’t just stop there; we began to expand our wares to include not only hats but scarves, gloves, and earmuffs as well. After the success of our fur hats and accessories it was decided we would expand again and include luxury items such as our capes and stoles. Our newest venture is our line of fur coats, beginning with just a couple of styles. Today, we have almost 200 styles of coats available. We have always valued customer feedback, and our products reflect that.

Design and Innovation:

As a fashion industry, our goal is to provide the hottest trends. As such, our inventory is constantly changing, and new styles and products are added regularly. Demand for real fur products continues to grow and FHW is at the forefront of new and exciting designs.

Value Pricing:

How do we keep our prices so low? We offer products at factory direct prices in an attempt to maximize the value for the customer. Buying products directly from us means there is no middle man, no expensive advertising and no overhead like a typical brick-and-mortar store would have. This way we can offer our customers what they want at a price they will love.

Fast Worldwide Shipping:

In the beginning, our company offered shipping only to the United States and Canada, with the majority of our sales being in the States. In an effort to give our customers the absolute best, we have negotiated deeply discounted shipping rates with our carriers, and we also offer express shipping. Because of this, we can now ship our products Worldwide in as little as 1-2 days!

Exceptional Customer Service:

FHW values the satisfaction of our customers above anything else; it is for this reason that we handle all customer service inquiries personally. When our company started, customers were assisted by the owners themselves. To maintain the friendly and positive relationship established with their customers, the owners have diligently chosen a devoted staff they consider to be family. We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with customers, and strive to provide the best customer service available.


We like to think that it’s been more than just luck that transformed FHW from just a vision to a lasting brand. We owe our success in the past 10 years to our hardworking team and faithful customers. Let’s hope the next decade will be as remarkable as the first.

1970’s Fall Trend

70 fashion banner 2

Some of the trends this fall are leaning more towards exaggerated silhouettes, bold prints, and unique detailing of the 1970’s. We love this style so much because of the wide array of fur one can incorporate into their wardrobe. The music that played from your 8 tracks or vinyl record players were a form of inspiration for most people when pondering their outfit choices. You would see large collars and skin tight pants. Free flowing robes and extremely loud prints in maxi skirts and dresses. As well as, minimalist concepts such as mono toned skirts and dresses with exaggerated shapes.

70 fur and prints

Today, fearless fashionistas all over have been presenting their bell bottoms and butterfly collars with a refined take of their own. We have assimilated the style of the 70’s into the 21st century; however, these street stylists can’t take all of the credit. We also give thanks to the inventive fashion designers that represent their refreshing takes on a classic 70’s ensemble.The look of a jacket such as our Bianca red fox fur jacket can be intimidating to wear. Mainly, because of the different ways one can wear such an item. Incorporating this piece with a pair of wide leg denim or trousers can be a great combination. If executed correctly, this outfit is complementary towards all body types. However, one should always consider this style dilemma as a balancing act, the weight on the top half should be evenly distributed onto the bottom half as well.

This does not necessarily take away from the coat, all we have done is evenly distributed the weight on the top and the bottom half. This gives the illusion that the fullness of the coat is not so overwhelming to the eye, it also evens out the shape of the outfit. Bold patterns are also a very daunting fashion option that can easily be translated into a fashion faux pas. Fur is another great piece to incorporate into an outfit that showcases a bold print. This offers the viewer a little bit of a break when taking in the unique pattern.

Fur Accessories

Fur Accessories

Including our Melodie blue fox fur bomber, is a unique way to bring out a neutral as well as add shape and texture into the outfit. If you are looking to incorporate more detail into your outfit, then our Jada rabbit fur vest would be a great alternative if the Mongolian sheepskin is not your taste.

70's accessories

70’s accessories

Glove Guide

glove banner

It’s cold outside and you need some gloves to keep those fingers toasty warm. Deciding on a pair of gloves can be a bit overwhelming, especially with all of the options that are offered. No matter what the style, it all comes down to personal preference. But, the question is, “what are my personal preferences?” Well, determining the type of options that are best suited for you does not have to be hard. We have dipped into our collection of beautifully crafted gloves to help you determine what is best suited for functionality and style.

Mink trim wool lined leather gloves

Mink trim wool lined leather gloves

Before diving into the endless sea of glove options, you need to take into account the fit of a glove. The way your hand feels in the glove will be  how you will determine if it is the right fit for your lifestyle. Once you determine the size of  glove you need you are ready to go shopping! Determining the dexterity of a glove and one that is fashionable is part of the complexity of choosing the perfect gloves for you. There is such a wide array of gloves created in different materials. Some specially crafted just for the purpose of dexterity. However, when you opt for more movement in the design of gloves, you sacrifice insulation and vice versa.

gloves 3

Insulation works in two ways trapping air and reflecting back any body heat that is generated. Large pile insulation is important if you are looking for a warm glove.  Our Black Shearling Sheepskin Suede Leather Gloves would be a great option if you are leaning towards warmth. This glove is also great option if you find yourself working outside. Providing that these gloves will be worn in a cooler environment, you need to determine which gloves will be best suited for the weather you encounter. Layering within a glove can be a crucial element to keeping those fingers warm.

Mens Gloves

Mens Gloves

If you live in a rainy climate then looking for a sleek leather glove with a wool lining is a great option. Our Mink trim with a wool liner is a perfect option for those wetter climates. If you are looking for additional texture, style and sophistication, try layering on a pair of fingerless gloves such as our Knitted Gloves with Rabbit Fur Trim. Layering gloves is a really great way to showcase your stylish fall and winter accessories.

Styling your fur hat


Fur Hats

Fur Hats


Winter fur accessories have always been a timeless and classic piece to don during any occasion. The trick is to know how to wear them, pairing a hat with a certain outfit can alter your whole look. We’ve dipped into our collection of fur hats to offer our assistance on how some of our classic hats can be integrated into your everyday attire.


The Ushanka Hat

The Ushanka Hat


A Russian style hat that can be tied up to the crown of the cap or fastened at the chin, for additional coverage for the ears. These hats are famously known for its place of origin, Russia. Russians experience very frigid winters, we are aware that the Ushanka is not the only hat that people in Russia wear. However, we think that it should always have a special space in your closets and occasionally on your heads. These hats offer a wide variety in versatility and function. Our collection of hats presents an agreeable array of different furs such as rabbit, fox, and sheep. Whichever fur you choose to display this timeless style in; you will always walk away knowing that a hat like the Ushanka will always be a reliable source of refinement and luxury.


Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett:

The coonskin hat otherwise known as the Davy Crockett hat is a great alternative to a headgear that one could style with almost anything. We offer this hat in a wide variety of styles such as red fox, raccoon, and rabbit fur, which bring a traditional and modern take on the eccentrically famous outerwear. We look to offering a contemporary take on a hat that some people would normally shy away from.  We admit, finding a place to wear this hat can be a bit difficult. But we think that styling this unique hat with a tailored low key looking outfit pair’s best with this cap. Our hats feature a full fur exterior with a long tail, retractable wool ear flaps and a quilted interior. Owning a Davy Crockett hat is something that one can invest in for many years to come.


Fudd Hat

Fudd Hat

Fudd Hunting hat:

These hats resemble the shape of a baseball cap and include ear flaps that tie at the top, bottom, and back for maximum versatility. Although the main objective for this hat is to be for hunting, we have decided that it should be worn more then just on a leisurely walk deep in the great outdoors. One should be able to incorporate the classic style into your usual day and occasional evening wear. Another preference this hat brings to the table is the character that these hats showcase; the amount of outfit choices one can wear with this style are endless. Instead of wearing the hat with the preconceived notion of resembling Elmer Fudd, wear this hat because it deserves to inherit a new image that says timeless and stylish.

Fur Fashion For Men

mens fashion blog banner
Genuine fur coats for men have always been in style, but have not been fashioned as much as we would have like to see. Although, wearing a fur coat may not be an ode to understatement, one should realize that wearing a uniquely crafted fur piece is still a classic representation of power and masculinity. It also presents a great opportunity for you to add your own take on fur fashion.

The Aiden V-Cut Sculptured Mink Peacoat in Black

The Aiden V-Cut Sculptured Mink Peacoat in Black

For those who want to ease into fur fashion, we suggest introducing fur accents such as stoles and collars these are becoming a fall staple you can put towards enjoying for many years to come. Our crystal, silver, and black fox fur collars are a perfect addition to your casual and formal outerwear. These collars are a strong pairing alongside any topcoats that are a great extension to a very polished workwear outfit. This style is also successfully executed paired with flat front dress pants and a wool crewneck sweater.

Fendi Fall/Winter

Fendi Fall/Winter

If sporting furs full on is to your liking, then maybe our Hudson natural fur jacket would be right up your alley. This coat pairs well with your work attire or you can choose to go casual with it by layering a simple v neck t-shirt, a medium wash denim jacket, and some dark chinos. This would tie the whole look together.

Kanye West

Kanye West

In the case of incorporating fur into your wardrobe, simplicity is key; adding pieces with a frantic print is not something that is suggested. This will take away from the main attraction which is your the fur coat itself. Mixing pieces that are key staples in almost everyone’s wardrobe is highly recommended. Having the opportunity to let your coat speak for itself is the allure and advantage of owning a fur piece.

The Joshua Black Fox Fur Jacket with Large Standup Collar

The Joshua Black Fox Fur Jacket with Large Standup Collar

The Seasons Must Have Fall 2015 Staples: Collars & Stoles


stoles and collars banner 1

Fall is a time when we start to embark on a quest through out closets in search of this season’s staples. On the runway, varied designers incorporate themes that counteract with one another. The idea of being composed and understated as well as glamorous and indulgent is what your outfit should help you embody. Carrying something simple however demands attention with the great detail it exudes. We present to you, our guide on  fur accessories that are trending for this season. These hot accessories are sure to keep you warm and stylish all season long.

The Addison Silver Fox Fur Stole

The Addison Silver Fox Fur Stole

Designers have inquired the help of fur accessories. These notable accessories allow the outfits to express warmth and give it depth. Contrast to the crisp season that awaits us all in the very near future. Hues such as neutrals, greys, and camels present us with variations of rich warm colors such as oranges, blues, and reds. As previously mentioned, these accessories give your outfit the understated look with the luxurious statement that comes with the accessory itself. Specifically speaking,  fur stoles and fur collars have become a regular on the runway; stoles have become very intriguing to the public, reason being, it was not to be predicted as a trend this fall. This piece traditionally is worn nonchalantly over the shoulder; however, designers have refreshed our ideas of how to accessorise with a stole. We offer a variety of fox fur stoles that would without a doubt, work great with any fall outfit.

Emma Large Detachable Crystal Fox Fur Collar

Emma Large Detachable Crystal Fox Fur Collar

Fur collars are a reoccurring item that is both functional and stylish; the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing it with outfits. This accessory can be worn indoors and is a huge assistance during those frigid walks outdoors. Fur collars are an automatic statement piece that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. These collars will give your outfit that timeless sophistication that will leave you grateful for investing in one. We offer a large array of fur, from Silver Fox to Long Haired Goat.

Stephanie Whiskey Wide Fox Fur Collar with Gold Chain

Stephanie Whiskey Wide Fox Fur Collar with Gold Chain

Although a fur collar may seem like such a small addition to an outfit, its effects are the total opposite. We have always embraced the classic touch of a fur collar, we just wanted to make sure that it was not overlooked; it’s a reliable piece that you can always come back to. Even though scarves have had their 15 minutes of fame last fall, we have decided this year to shine the spotlight on to its sibling rival, the stole. Let’s just say it’s our way of making up for lost time.

The Addison Natural Red Fox Fur Stole

The Addison Natural Red Fox Fur Stole

How To Determine If Its Real Fur

There are quite a few differences between real and faux fur. Its important to know some of theIndigo Fox Fur Sections Horn Handbag differences so that you can make a good buying decision. Fortunately there are a few good ways to determine the difference between real and faux fur.

  • The first place to start is to look at the label to see if its real or faux. The label can help but you need to do some research about the designer name on the label. Some labels like Mincara and Intrique always mean faux furbut other big designer names like Dennis Basso and Anne Klein produce both faux and real fur.
  • Be sure to look for the Fur Label Authority Tag that was created in 1952 by the United States congress for furs that are manufactured, imported and sold in the USA.
  • Checking the backing of the fur itself is a good way to see if its genuine fur.  Real fur animal pelts will resemble smooth suede leather.
  • The burn test is an excellent way to see if its genuine fur. You need to clip off some fur from a non-visible area until you have a generous clump of fibers. Then you hold a match to the fibers to see how they burn and smell. Synthetic fibers will burn easily and rapidly, also they will often melt into a clump or ball. If there is an odor it will smell artificial like plastics. Real fur when burned gives off the distinctive burnt hair odor.

Hopefully these tips will help to provide you with some good buying advice when you are looking into purchasing fur and want to ensure you are getting genuine fur.

Vintage Fur Buying Advice

Buying vintage fur can be a great investment. However, like any major purchase, you need to do yourClassic Full Length Mink Coat - 52" Length homework and be a smart shopper when purchasing vintage fur. We will present some general advice to help you make a good buying decision.

  • Buying from a reputable source is one of the most important points, as some dealers can erroneously mislabel the fur types.

There are actually a few good ways to tell what kind of condition the fur is in so that you can know if you should buy or not, when you are out shopping.

  • Take the fur in your hands and crumple it. There should be a suppleness to it, a weight to it, plus it should not be dry.
  • Be sure the fur has no odor, because of it being improperly stored. When fur is stored in a place with too much humidity it will cause a mildew smell, which is a sign the fur is rotting. This is a lasting odor which will not go away, so you for sure would not want to purchase this fur.
  • Dry rot, which causes stiff and cracked fur, is another issue to look for in poorly stored furs. You would be able to feel the stiffness in the fur indicating dry rot is present. For example, if the fur was stored in a cedar closet, the cedar would absorb the moisture from the air, which drys out the fur, causing dry rot. Take a look at the shoulders for stiffness or cracking as that is wear it often starts first.

Buying vintage fur gives you that worn in cool look, and usually is lower cost than buying new. So now that you have some vintage fur buying tips, you can go ahead and buy that luxurious dream coat.

Beautiful Fur In Hollywood Movies

Real fur has appeared in many famous Hollywood movies with equally famous leading ladies wearing theBlue Fox Fur Jacket breathtaking garments.  Some of the most famous names in Hollywood over the years have worn fur in their movies. We have put together a list of some famous movies and their equally iconic leading ladies who wore fur.

  • Marilyn Monroe wore lots of fur in the famous 1953 movie called; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She wore a white mink coat and also wore a platina fox stole.
  • Jennifer Lawrence wore lots of fur in the 2013 movie called American Hustle. There was a beaver coat with silver mist fox trim. The movie also featured a feathered badger coat.
  • Keira Knighley wore lots of fur in the 2012 movie called; Anna Karenina. She wore fur hats and a beautiful crystal fox trimmed coat.
  • Kim Cattral and Sarah Jessica Parker wore lots of fur in their 2008 movie, Sex and The City. Kim Cattral wore a stunning white mink coat while Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing a beautiful Dyed Chinchilla Rex Rabbit wrap.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow starred in the 2001 movie called; The Royal Tenenbaums. She wore a luxurious Fendi Mink Golden fur coat designed by the famous fashion designers Fendi.
  • Barbra Streisand starred in the 1968 movie called; Funny Girl. She was wearing a stunning leopard coat and hat for this movie, in which she won an academy award for best actress.

For decades fur has been on display on the silver screen and giving actresses that beautiful and luxurious look.

Famous Fur Fashion Designers

Fur is appearing all over the world in the various fur fashion shows. More and more top fashion designers areCashmere Cape with Fox Fur Trim - Leopard Print using real fur in their collections, so we will provide some information about these designers.

  • One of the most famous fur fashion designers is Karl Lagerfeld. He is a Paris based fashion designer, artist and photographer. He is the creative director of Chanel and Fendi as well he has his own Karl Lagefeld collection.
  • Prabal Gurung is a Singaporean born fashion designer who is based in New York. He launched his own collection in February 2009 during New York fashion week. For his Fall 2015 collection he had lots of layers, long coats and knitwear with lots of fur.
  • Canadian fashion designer George Musi and his brothers founded Musi Furs, which creates dazzling and luxury furs that have earned recognition worldwide. Musi furs was founded in 1994 and has a vision for fur that is not only practical but also as a medium for artistic expression.
  • Rolando Santana is a Mexican born fashion designer who uses fur in his collections. He started his own collection in 2009, with his primary focus of making women feel beautiful.
  • Dennis Basso is an American fur fashion designer based in New York. He is known for using bold colors and patterns in his fur collections.

There are over 400 well known fashion designers using fur in their ready to wear collections. Also, fur is now being used more and more all year long, so enjoy the high fashion and practical function that can only come from fur.

Fur Fashion Trends

Fur fashion has been on the rise lately, with fur playing a large role in many fashion shows around theRed_Fox_Fur_Horn_Handbag_Purse_1137 world. Fashion designers are using fur extensively for their fall 2015 and winter 2016 collections. We will explore some of the fur fashion trends from around the world for 2015.

  • New York Fashion Show Week – There was fur everywhere as it was covering coats and hats. The designers were using colors such as chocolate, black, charcoal, and tan. Designers such as Zac Posen paired fur hats with evening wear. Fur was also on trimmed sleeves and hemlines of skirts and dresses. There were handbags trimmed in fur of all varieties.
  • Fashion designer Prabal Gurung’s New York fashion show – There was lots of fur in this show on a wide variety of items. He had lots of layers and long coats with more than a hint of fur. His heavy duffle coats were made with wool and cashmere and often came trimmed with bright white fur.
  • 2014 saw fur used in 60% of British fashion shows and at the New York fashion week a full 70% of garments featured fur. Newer designers are also increasingly using real fur in their collections.
  • Celebrities, such as; Rihana, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian are embracing fur more than ever.
  • Eastern Europe’s biggest fashion event, which is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Russia featured lots of fur. The big trend right now is colored fur. Colored fur is increasingly being used in many collections and this show saw fur coats with bright and colorful fur.

Fur is being used more and more around the world with various fashion designers, so go ahead and enjoy the trendy and sophisticated look that comes from fur.

Fur Coat Storage Tips

Fur coats are delicate and expensive items to replace, so its important to store them correctly. TheseFox Fur Jacket - Purple coats are a large investment, so it makes sense to store them properly to protect your investment and have your coat lasting for many years. Here are some tips to help you prolong the life of your fur coat.

  • Keep your fur in a place that is cool, dry and dark. A closet with indirect heat would be best, but if it does have a heat vent, close it, as the heat will dry out the fur causing damage.
  • Let your fur coat breathe to prevent the fur from drying out and cracking. Do not store your coat in a garment bag as they do not let your coat breathe.
  • To avoid damaging your fur you may need to store your fur coat at a professional storage facility.
  • Be sure to keep your fur coat dry, but if its damp, just shake it out and hang to dry. However, if it gets soaked you will need to take it to a professional for treatment.
  • Its a good idea to insure your fur on your home owner’s policy to prevent heartache if your fur coat is stolen. Furriers often offer insurance coverage while your coat is with them and may offer further coverage for a fee.
  • Hang your fur coat on a broad shouldered or padded hanger and do not use a wire hanger. Also, you could ask your furrier for a professional hanger.

Fur coats are a precious investment, but if you care for them properly they will give you decades of enjoyable use and relief from the cold.

Fur Fashion Tips For The Warmer Months

Fur is famous for being worn in the colder months, but that trend is changing. Designers are creating furWide Fox Fur Collar with Gorgeous Gold Link Chain - Burgundy trims and other items for their spring and summer collections, so you can make a statement all year long. We have put together some tips to help you with your fashion choices all year long.

  1. Keep your layering fur pieces as the days will warm up but the nights are still cool. Some good pieces to keep in your spring collection would be; scarves, stoles and lightweight vests. You can even add a fur tail to your handbag for a touch of luxury.
  2. Shawls are the perfect fur accessory for spring, since they are used more for looking fashionable than keeping warm. When you need just a little something to keep you warm, wear your shawl as it looks beautiful and provides some warmth for a spring day.
  3. Fur stoles are a beautiful way to add an elegant look to your outfit when you are going to upscale events. Stoles are smaller than shawls and lightweight, so they are perfect for a spring evening.
  4. Fur vests are ideal for spring, as they are lightweight and leave your arms exposed, so you will not feel too warm. They are beautiful and comfortable, and can be worn with almost anything you wear during cool spring days.
  5. Fur collars can add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe and have you look amazing for those spring evening events. Fur collars are stylish and also add beauty, plus a touch of warmth for those cooler spring evenings.

Now you have some ideas on how you can enjoy the luxurious look and feel of fur throughout the entire year.

Real Fur Buying Tips

Real fur can be expensive but is a great investment, as it can last for many years. Since it is a goodMens Reversible Mink Sections Bomber Jacket investment, it makes sense to get some advice on how to purchase furs. A great place to get some initial buying advice is to speak with a professional furrier as they are experts on fur. Also, there are lots of other great buying tips that we will list here:

  • Feel the fur very carefully, as there should be dense, soft underfur that is evident to the touch, under the glossy guard hair. This glossy guard hair should be very soft, never bristly.
  • Make sure to try the garment on to ensure that the weight is comfortable for you. However, furs made these days are quite light.
  • Look for furs that are not dyed, not that the dye harms the fur, but rather it affects the texture of the fur.
  • When you are trying on your fur, ensure its balanced and falls evenly and comfortably from your shoulders.
  • Check the tag to see the origin of the fur. A quality fur coat will list where it originated from. The highest quality furs often come from Europe or North America, but you can also get some quality furs from China.
  • The seams should be sewn tightly and the hems should fall straight down.

So when buying your fur, feel free to ask questions and use some of the above tips to help you make your next purchase. Invest not just your money but also your time to help make your next fur purchase a great lasting investment.

Questions & Answers About The Fur Industry

There are many common questions people have about the fur industry. So in the interest of havingMen's Shearling Bomber Jacket with Zip Out Hood people know the correct information, here are some common questions & answers.

  • Why is a fur coat so expensive? Answer: The price is due to the many hours of skilled work that must be done to create a fur coat. The first step is the effort of the fur farmer or trapper. Then the fur goes to an auction, where the fur is sold. Then there is the fur processing, after this is the sewing and finishing stages.
  • Do fur farmers and trappers get a fair price for their products? Answer: The quick answer is yes they do.  The main auction companies are owned by the fur producers. The trappers and farmers receive the full value of their furs, with just a small commission taken off to cover the costs of running the auction.
  • How long does it take to make a fur coat? Answer: It takes anyway from 40 – 100 hours of detailed craftsmanship to create one fur coat.
  • Are fashion designers using real fur in their new collections? Answer: They are using fur more than ever as evidenced in recent fashion shows. There were over 500 top designers using fur in their collections, in fashion shows in New York, Paris, London and Milan.
  • What can I do with my old fur coat? Answer: If your old fur coat seems out of date, it can be re-styled to a new fashionable look. Old fur coats can even be transformed into other fur products such as; fur vests, pillows and other garments as well.

We hope some of these fur facts help you to know about the fur industry and how fur is becoming very trendy among top fashion designers.

Feel Good About Wearing Your Fur Coat

The fur industry has changed dramatically over the years, and there are now  many reasons to feel good about Cashmere Cape With Fox Fur Trimwearing your fur coat. The industry has setup standards governing the welfare and treatment of animals. This post will explore some reasons for feeling good about wearing your fur.

  • One of the biggest fur industry changes is the Origin Assured program. This program ensures your fur is ethically sourced and comes from a country where there are regulations governing fur production. The industry is committed to sustainable and responsible practices. Read more here: Origin Assured program
  • Vintage or re-purposed fur is an emerging trend, where old furs are being transformed into other garments. Vintage stores often have lots of the old fur coats that can be used to create modern new designs. A professional furrier can take an old mink coat and create a slimmer jacket or a vest, mittens, earmuffs or even a hat.
  • Roadkill fur is an emerging trend, where the road kill animal’s hide is being used to create garments. Every year millions of animals get killed by vehicles, so this is a way to make use of this resource.
  • Nutria are considered an invasive species that was harming the environment by eating up the wetlands in coastal Louisiana and contributing to land loss. In the 1990s, Louisiana created a incentive program to kill the nutria. The wetlands have since improved, but there are thousands of dead nutria carcasses every year. Hence, nutria fur was created and is an ethical choice as it makes use of the already dead nutria and this is actually helping the environment.

As the fall/winter 2015 fashion shows have shown, fur is becoming very popular and stylish. Real fur fashion is increasing, and now you have some good reasons to feel good about wearing your fur.

What is a furrier and how they protect your fur

A furrier is an occupation that is crucial to the fur trade. Many people have heard of the term, furrier, but may not know what it really means or what is involved in this occupation. We will provide some of the key aspects of what a furrier is and what they do.

  • A furrier is someone who designs, creates, maintains, and repairs fur garments. This term is closelyWomens Fox Fur Trapper Hat with Pom Poms - Silver related to the term clothier, which is used to describe people who work with textiles to create garments. Furriers are found in cities all over the world, especially in northern cities where the fur trade is very active.
  • Furriers can work in the design aspect of the fur industry. They will explore new construction techniques for fur garments and create custom fur designs for individual customers.
  • They also provide services like; altering new garments, such as a fur coat, to properly fit new owners, as well they can clean and repair existing garments.
  • Furs and in particular a fur coat, can be very expensive and can vary in quality, so it can be very wise to have an experienced furrier work with inexperienced customers to help them with their fur purchase.
  • Furriers can keep your fur coat looking good for many years due to their specialized cleaning. They not only clean your coat but help to restore the natural fur luster. This special cleaning process will add years of life to your fur as it keeps the fur soft, and conditions the leather. It also removes the dust particles from your fur that rob it of its sheen.

Furriers are a very valuable part of the fur industry and crucial to keeping your furs in top condition. So be sure to bring your fur to a furrier to protect your investment and keep your fur in top condition.

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