About Faux Fur

Though some may not think faux fur is as luxurious as genuine animal fur, with the advancement in synthetic developments, these days you will find similar benefits to those imparted by real fur.

Since the 50s this fur alternative has been taking the place of real fur in coats, vests, hats, and other accessories.

Apart from having quality materials and construction, our faux fur is soft and warm–many people won’t be able to tell the difference between this synthetic replacement and the genuine article.

The styles and colors we offer are diverse, providing a very affordable and fashionable fake fur with the same look and feel of real fur. The uses are endless for this faux fur fabric.


  • cheaper alternative to genuine animal fur
  • larger variety of colors and designs
  • easy maintenance and hand washable
  • resistant to moth attacks
  • stays soft and shiny for longer time
  • doesn’t require careful storing and transport methods
  • resistant to moisture


  • isn’t biodegradable like real fur
  • not resilient to frost or extreme weather conditions
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