2012 Year of the Hat?

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Raccoon Fur & Suede Russian Ushanka Hat“Hat-wearing may be a minority sport, but Jones, 55, is one British millinery’s two undisputed heavyweights (the other being Philip Treacy). Liverpool-born and boarding-schooled, but Berkshire-bred and crisply accented, he left home and a temporary postman’s job (during which he inadvertently mis-delivered an IRA letter bomb to a Telegraph reader, who coolly removed it to the garden) for a particularly louche-sounding London squat in 1976. As a sideline to his fashion studies, he whipped up extravagant tricornes, veils and bonnets for his muse, Kim Bowen (now a Hollywood costume designer) and the regular Blitz nightclub revellers, who included New Romantic trend-setters Boy George and Princess Julia.

Soon Diana, Princess of Wales – via her original wardrobe mistress Anna Harvey of Vogue – was on the phone. Recalling Diana, Jones says: “The first hats I made for her were when she was just married. During fittings she was listening to Wham Rap! on her Walkman. A lot of the hats I made for her were for her non-official events – Balmoral, for instance. Berets and softer hats, as opposed to big Ascot-y jobs.””

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