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Luxury Fur Collars

Our selection of collars are primarily made of fox fur, though we also offer a few made from raccoon fur. The colors available are amazingly diverse, however. There are all the natural colors available that are very traditional. But we also bring you a line of colored fur collars that offer you the chance to really accessorize no matter what your wardrobe looks like.

About our Luxury Fur Collars

But the fabulous range of colors which includes hues like grape, crystal, silver indigo, olive, and pink is not the only thing that makes these collars special. As an added bonus the collars in this line up can be worn as a headband. This means that each of these collars will do double duty for you, and it also allows you to match your head wear perfectly to your collar if you choose.

Our cuffs can do a great deal to spice up a tired jacket or coat. With a lovely range of natural colors these cuffs can really help to liven up your look. They are available in fox fur and mink fur.

Our leg warmers and boot toppers add an accent to your footwear. We offer them in rabbit fur, Mongolian lamb fur, raccoon fur, opossum fur, and goat fur.

All of these garments are of course very durable and have been finely constructed. These accessories are affordable ways to pep up your look. And as an added bonus, for those looking to buy a little North American pride, the majority of the items in this line are made in Canada or the USA.

Recent Reviews About our Luxury Fur Collars

Finn Raccoon Large Detachable Fur Collar -Black
Lulu from London, England
Finn Raccoon Large Detachable Fur Collar -Black
5 out of 5 starsDecember 17, 2014
"This fur collar is absolutely lovely. Beautifully soft and shiny and looks great over a sweater or coat. Fastening is a bit fiddly and some of the fur at the back sticks up a bit too much but overall very satisfied. Delivery was prompt and considering it came from Canada, I was most impressed."
Silver Fox Large Detachable Fur Collar
Tau from Hilo, Hawaii
Silver Fox Large Detachable Fur Collar
5 out of 5 starsDecember 16, 2014
"Not that anyone needs any fur in Hawai?i, but I travel a lot to snowy country and need wear that is not just practical but practical and old-world beautiful too. I found it in the Silver Fox Large Detachable Fur Collar. It?s beautiful, travels with ease (doesn?t take much packing space), and it does it job beautifully: Nothing like real fur can keep off that chill! And shopping was easy, the chat was professional and impressively timely. I?ve ordered the beaver coat and can?t wait for it to arrive..."
Finn Raccoon Large Detachable Fur Collar - Light Finn
Diane from Memphis, TN
Finn Raccoon Large Detachable Fur Collar - Light Finn
5 out of 5 starsDecember 7, 2014
"Satisfied indeed. Collar is amazing."
Silver Indigo Fox Fur Collar with Pom Poms
WenCreative from Troy, NY, USA
Silver Indigo Fox Fur Collar with Pom Poms
5 out of 5 starsDecember 4, 2014
"Absolutely ***gorgeous*** Bought for my bestie and she loved it so much. So full and soft. Wish I could have kept it, lol. Returning this year to buy her matching cuffs."
Mongolian Sheep Collar Combination Vest with Back Belt
Joy from Montana
Mongolian Sheep Collar Combination Vest with Back Belt
5 out of 5 starsDecember 3, 2014
"Oh, I was so happy with this Sheep Skin Vest...I bought two more to give as Christmas Gifts because the price was so reasonable and it looked fabulous. I have a beautiful, ankle length black Suede coat that I put it with and it instantly turns the coat into a fashion statement, making it look more elegant. The fur is really full and I like the length as well as the changes in its color. The fur moves from black to a softer brown as it goes down to the waist... It adds warmth, beauty and protection around my neck in the front area from this cold winter we are having when I choose to wear my Suede coat. It is also great that it is long enough to go down the front of my coat, to my waist. The other thing that makes it such a great piece, is that I can use it with any of my coats, sweaters"

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