Full Fur Russian Hats

Nothing says Russia quite like the iconic Ushanka hat design. With roots deep in Russian military traditions, this type of hat has been a staple of Russian culture for more than a century. Yet westerners are far from ignorant of this hat's charms. On the contrary, it's incredibly well-known and considered very fashionable indeed.

About our Full Fur Russian Hats

Some big names in the west have worn the Ushanka throughout the years. Like American President Gerald R. Ford, or Canadian comedian Dan Aykroyd, or videogame Russian "The Heavy" who is very popular with the younger crowd. So no matter what generation you hail from, you've got some familiar famous folks showing you the way to fashion greatness.

And the Ushanka is the real deal. Translated as "ear hat" this beauty of a design protects not only your crown, but also your ears, cheeks, and chin from the worst kind of weather. You can't get a piece of headgear anywhere that will give you more protection from the cold than one of our premium full fur hats. Even in the worst weather you'll encounter, with cold plunging deep into the negative degrees, your skin will be protected by this amazing hat.

So, since with the purchase of one of our premium full fur hats the ultimate in warmth can be yours, all you really need to do is figure out which of our luxurious options suits you the best. With a beautiful range of colors there's bound to be one which fits your wardrobe perfectly.

Our premium full fur hats are first offered in the entry range of raccoon and muskrat fur. Then you have the middle of the range coyote, beaver, and red fox fur models. Getting towards the upper end of the line we offer sheared beaver, black fox, mink, and blue fox. And of course, at the absolute top of the line, we have the stunning silver fox.

Recent Reviews About our Full Fur Russian Hats

Gray Fox Full Fur Russian Hat Gray Fox Full Fur Russian Hat

Chuck from Kansas City, MO
November 14, 2016
"The hat is beautiful. It is well constructed and fits perfectly. I look forward to wearing it this winter and many winters following. Great customer service."
Brown Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat Brown Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat

Konstantin from Massachusetts, USA
November 14, 2016
"Fast shipping. Great quality, the hat was well sewn together. The fur is of good quality, symmetrical consistency on both sides. Feels light while wearing. Can be worn 3 different ways. VERY warm. Worth every penny. And the size turned out to be exactly as advertised on the size chart."
Mink Full Fur Russian Hat Mink Full Fur Russian Hat

Jacks from Surrey UK
October 13, 2016
"Fantastic product, beautiful quality and first class service."
Silver Fox Full Fur Russian Hat Silver Fox Full Fur Russian Hat

Dawn from Enfield, CT
September 2, 2016
"After many many years of deliberation, I finally broke down and bought my husband his long desired fur hat...It seemed expensive but this hat does NOT disappoint. Simply stunning with quality craftsmanship ...WORTH EVERY PENNY!!"
Sheared Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat Sheared Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat

Rob from Lynchburg VA
July 8, 2016
"This is an excellent product! It fits well both with the ear flaps up and down. I ordered the brown in medium and the size chart was accurate for me. This is not my first experience with FurHatWorld, and their staff has always been very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Shipping has always been prompt."
Black Mouton Sheepskin Full Fur Russian Hat Black Mouton Sheepskin Full Fur Russian Hat

Martin from UK
March 30, 2016
"I've bought from FHW before, the Canadian made products are really well made."
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