Full Fur Russian Hats

Nothing says Russia quite like the iconic Ushanka hat design. With roots deep in Russian military traditions, this type of hat has been a staple of Russian culture for more than a century. Yet westerners are far from ignorant of this hat's charms. On the contrary, it's incredibly well-known and considered very fashionable indeed.

About our Full Fur Russian Hats

Some big names in the west have worn the Ushanka throughout the years. Like American President Gerald R. Ford, or Canadian comedian Dan Aykroyd, or videogame Russian "The Heavy" who is very popular with the younger crowd. So no matter what generation you hail from, you've got some familiar famous folks showing you the way to fashion greatness.

And the Ushanka is the real deal. Translated as "ear hat" this beauty of a design protects not only your crown, but also your ears, cheeks, and chin from the worst kind of weather. You can't get a piece of headgear anywhere that will give you more protection from the cold than one of our premium full fur hats. Even in the worst weather you'll encounter, with cold plunging deep into the negative degrees, your skin will be protected by this amazing hat.

So, since with the purchase of one of our premium full fur hats the ultimate in warmth can be yours, all you really need to do is figure out which of our luxurious options suits you the best. With a beautiful range of colors there's bound to be one which fits your wardrobe perfectly.

Our premium full fur hats are first offered in the entry range of raccoon and muskrat fur. Then you have the middle of the range coyote, beaver, and red fox fur models. Getting towards the upper end of the line we offer sheared beaver, black fox, mink, and blue fox. And of course, at the absolute top of the line, we have the stunning silver fox.

Recent Reviews About our Full Fur Russian Hats

Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat

Dave from Cincinnati, OH
June 27, 2017
"Purchased for my nephew who goes to school in Maine. He likes the hat, very full. Will see how it works-out for him to keep his ears and neck warm this winter. For now, looks good and should work well."
Raccoon Full Fur Russian Hat Raccoon Full Fur Russian Hat

George from Farnborough,Hampshire,United Kingdom.
April 22, 2017
"Size was right,Well made,Well pleased."
Red Fox Full Fur Russian Hat Red Fox Full Fur Russian Hat

Tim from Weare, NH
March 22, 2017
"This is my 3rd Hat From this company. The hats are beautifully made, lots of compliments when I ware in stores. sizes are good. Very warm in the harsh NH winters."
Gray Fox Full Fur Russian Hat Gray Fox Full Fur Russian Hat

Philip from Toronto, ON
February 28, 2017
"This was a replacement order - someone else must have really liked the first one as it was taken - a sad loss. This was a custom order and this one fits better, but I preferred the colour of the original - it had more reddish highlights. And this fur appears to be coarser. Overall, though, I'm extremely pleased with this product - thanks!"
Black Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat Black Beaver Full Fur Russian Hat

Richard from Thornhill Ontario Canada
February 17, 2017
"Best hat I ever bought beautifully made and fits great. Considering buying another next winter. Quick delivery and helpful customer service"
Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat Coyote Full Fur Russian Hat

Mikhail from Moscow. Russia
February 11, 2017
"Beautiful hat, very nicely made, high quality all over. Keep in mind that sizes run a little small, so check the size chart before ordering. I ordered large and it was just the right size, but normally I wear medium."

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