Fashion Trapper Fur Hats

With deep roots in aviation and the fur trade, these hats almost seem confused as to what they are at times. But that's ok, because we've gathered them together and called them our fashion fur trapper hats. And what a lineup it is!

About our Fashion Trapper Fur Hats

They've all got the same basic lines, of course. Nice warm rabbit fur to protect you and keep your noggin warm, fluffy ear flaps to wear up or down as you might need, and sturdy hardware to make sure your hat stays on when no matter what you might be doing. Handy when you're careening down a ski slope screaming "whee" as your eyes threaten to pop out of your head from the sheer, blistering speed of your descent.

But ah, the details are where it's at in this fine collection. The different materials available and the color choices will leave you with quite a dilemma. Should you go with a classic plaid? Always stylish, that, and we have it available in three colors. But there's the allure of a charming snowflake motif that really can't be denied in the winter. With the choice of four hues in the lineup, we've given you a great deal of choice if that's more your speed.

Then there are the amazing metallic puffer hats which feature a look that matches some of the more modern choices in outerwear perfectly. Of course for subtle class we do have the unadorned grey knit hat which is sure to lend an air of dignity to your wardrobe.

So many choices, and such great materials and quality. We don't envy you having to choose between all of these hats. But we do envy how your friends and family are going to look at you when you strut around wearing the one you do go with!

Recent Reviews About our Fashion Trapper Fur Hats

Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Jondy from Yorkshire uk
March 14, 2016
"This hat is for my wife to wear whilst walking to work in the cold uk weather. Hat looks good and is well made. Cheaper alternatives may be available elsewhere, but the quality and finish of this hat is excellent, so more than worth the little extra. Would have preferred a buckle rather than the Velcro fastening on the ear flaps, but this is a personal preference. Would definitely purchase another of the same if we needed another. Arrived well within the estimated delivery, free/included postage as ordered with another hat. Delivered within 6 days including a weekend."
Black Rabbit Fur Metallic Puffer Hat Black Rabbit Fur Metallic Puffer Hat

Ms P from Harlem, New Uork
March 8, 2016
"I can't belv WHAT I WAS MISSING OUT ON!!! We Love "Our" Hats"
Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

bubba from alabama
February 10, 2016
"Very pleased with hat. I have a big head and these style hats are normally small. Ordered a 2xl and believe it or not it was a little big. I then noticed it has a adjustable slide buckle in the back! It fits perfectly now! Great hat! and it's adjustable!"
Reindeer Print Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Reindeer Print Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Sam from Brooklyn, NY
February 6, 2016
"Love it!"
Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Drew from Chicago, IL
February 4, 2016
"Quality product! Keeps my ears warm, and the ladies love it! Would recommend to everyone!"
Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat Buffalo Check Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat

Graham from USA
February 2, 2016
"I was very happy with the product i received. I am sure i will make another purchase as well. The price was great and so was the hat."
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