Gorros de Piloto

sombreros de aviador clásico fueron diseñados para el calor y la protección de los elementos a bordo de todo tipo de clima. Son las cosas de nuestra orgullosa historia, usado por los primeros exploradores nuestro aire, pioneros de la aviación y los pilotos de combate.

Sobre nuestros Gorros de Piloto

Esta moderna línea de sombreros de todos realmente parece que pertenecen a una vieja película en blanco y negro con los pilotos hazañas y desenfadado pitando hacia el azul salvaje allí a cumplir con su deber para la reina y el país. Usted puede tener ese pionero de la aviación clásica o película héroe de guerra parece demasiado si coges una de nuestras pieles y sombreros de piel de oveja piloto.

Ofrecemos dos niveles distintos de sombrero. El primero es el sherpa sombreros de cuero forrados rapadas. Son muy cómodas y cálidas. Se ven bien, y no son realmente tan costoso. El segundo nivel está formado por los hermosos sombreros de piel de oveja piel de oveja, que son aún más cálido y más suave. Son más caros que los sombreros de sherpa, pero ciertamente no rompa el banco.

Independientemente del nivel de estos sombreros que compre usted va a obtener una shell de cuero auténtico que se ve simplemente sorprendente. Con la capacidad de la correa de las orejeras hacia abajo a través de la barbilla se puede participar en todo el caos exterior que desea sin tener que preocuparse por perder su casco caliente. Esto hace que los sombreros perfectos para el trabajo activo y el juego. No importa si su día es todo acerca de la división de madera o si usted va a ser rasgado por el bosque en su moto de nieve, estos sombreros se mantendrá protegido del frío.

Cada uno de estos sombreros se presenta en un color de piel diferente, por lo que si usted está en busca de algo para que coincida con otra pieza de su conjunto hay una buena probabilidad de que estarás de enhorabuena. Pero, independientemente de su elección de color que sin duda puede estar orgulloso de llevar un sombrero con un diseño inspirado en una historia tan ilustre.

Reciente Sobre Nuestros Gorros de Piloto

Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat

Paul Hockin from England
January 16, 2017
"Excellent hat,very well made. Excellent quality,looks Good too !!! I use it out and about in the jeep and it's great for shooting ,walking and climbing. fits well and easy to carry in a pocket ready for that change of weather ! Great service provided from ordering to delivery"
Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat

Suza from Ankeny, IOWA
January 4, 2017
"* product is even prettier in person than on photos * great quality * leather is so soft, well made * fits amazingly * smells good (sometime leather products have that what I like to call "dead animal" smell but this hat does not at all) * great service out of you guys, shipped fast, well done, we will be purchasing again for sure"
Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat

Vikie from United Kingdom
January 1, 2017
"Bought as a Christmas gift and it arrived on time. It is superb quality, fits well and looks great! Awesome service throughout."
Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat

Dave from Toronto, ON
December 31, 2016
"I have to admit I was a little nervous about purchasing from Fur Hat World for the first time. All of the site feedback published on their website is positive, which likely reflects selective publishing of reviews. After all, you can't please everyone, right? Google had a more balanced representation of Fur Hat World, with generally positive reviews, and a bunch of very irate Canadian and (especially) American customers upset about the company's return policy. Notwithstanding, Fur Hat World is transparent about the exchange process: re-order immediately, and buyer pays for return shipping of the original. Although we have been spoiled by big online global companies, this is a reasonable policy for a smaller company. In the end of the day, a company should be assessed by how good their products are, and how they handle customer service. I was very fortunate that the hat I ordered fits perfectly according to their guidelines, and I am VERY happy with the quality of the vintage distressed leather pilot hat. It is well worth the price. The hat is as pictured, and the leather has a great look and feel to it. The synthetic lining is indeed warm. I have shearling gloves and a shearling jacket, and I would challenge anyone to try and tell the difference between real and synthetic. It is convincing in both warmth and look. Other than the "Lining: 100% Polyester" label on the tag, I would have been fooled if this hat was advertised as animal fur. After the purchase, I was surprised that the company put me on their email list, without my asking, and my junk mail folder also seemed to spike astronomically in unsolicited offers (a.k.a. spam). Also, fur hat world ads seemed to pop up in other website ad windows. Coincidence? Perhaps. But to their credit, unsubscribing from Fur Hat World emails did indeed stop them from coming. Overall, I might consider buying from Fur Hat World again. I love my new hat, and I am glad I took the chance. Part of my decision to purchase again will be dependent on how much of this review makes it on their website. Honesty and trust are important in any business relationship."
Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat Vintage Distressed Leather Pilot Hat

O from Bronx NY
December 28, 2016
"Love the hat fits snug very warm and looks great Shipped on time and I was kept in the loop at all times will definitely order from furhatworld again thank you guys"
Dark Brown Leather Pilot Hat Dark Brown Leather Pilot Hat

"Kodiak" from Brookfield, Wisconsin USA
December 27, 2016
"I ordered (4) hats from your company for Christmas presents. All but one were great. The beaver fur hat was underwhelming, and I will be returning it. Your product put a big smile on the face of three recipients of your fine hats."

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