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Bufandas de Piel de Visón

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The Nadia Brown Knitted Mink Cowl
Pkp from Manchester, uk
The Nadia Brown Knitted Mink Cowl
January 9, 2016
Pamela Knit Mink Bell Bottom Pull Through Scarf in Black
Cassandra from Moreno Valley, CA
Pamela Knit Mink Bell Bottom Pull Through Scarf in B... December 20, 2015
"As of December 9, 2015, I am a newbie to Fur HatWorld. I discovered Fur HatWorld while searching the web for a scarf. This was an amazing discovery considering my taste for quality. Bloomingdale's a department store back east had this scarf years ago and I waited too long and miss the acquisition opportunity as they went out of stock and didn't come back. I was so excited to have found this scarf again at such a reasonable price. I decided to take a chance and place the order. Placed the order on December 9, 2015 and took receipt of my purchase on December 16. That was a seven day turnaround. I opened the box and just smiled as I pulled out a very soft and very, very beautiful scarf! I was given a second chance to get this beautiful scarf that I wanted long ago. The quality and workmanship is impeccable. It has a beautiful sheen and it serves it's purpose well. The scarf keeps you very warm and shields you from the cold and you can certainly tell the difference when you remove it. The size is just right to put on with a coat or a sweater. It can be worn casually or for dress-up affairs. Somebody was thinking because the design is perfect with the slot that you can pull one of the sides through to keep the scarf in place. The quality and price is right and I am very happy with my purchase. If you're looking for simple elegance in a scarf, I would highly recommend this one and I'm sure others who have purchased this same scarf would agree. As I am writing this review I have already made a selection for a second purchase but will have to hold off and save because my next purchase will be pricier. If you're interested and perhaps have questions or doubts, don't hesitate. For those of you who are already owners I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am enjoying mine. Have a happy "furry" day."
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