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Nerz & Exotische Pelzstirnbänder

Finn Waschbär-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Finn Waschbär-Pelz-Stirnband
(26 Bewertungen)
Coyote Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Coyote Pelz-Stirnband
(20 Bewertungen)
Waschbär-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
(17 Bewertungen)
Exquisite Chinchilla Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Exquisite Chinchilla Pelz-Stirnband
(4 Bewertungen)
Natürliche Beaver Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Natürliche Beaver Pelz-Stirnband
(15 Bewertungen)
Brown Sheared Beaver Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Brown Sheared Beaver Pelz-Stirnband
Ausverkaufspreis: $59.95 
(8 Bewertungen)
Schwarzer Nerz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Schwarzer Nerz-Stirnband
(54 Bewertungen)
Mahagoni Nerz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Mahagoni Nerz-Stirnband
(15 Bewertungen)
Mahagoni Nerz Plissee StirnbandMade in Canada
Mahagoni Nerz Plissee Stirnband
(13 Bewertungen)

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Fur Headband Buying Guide

jüngsten Berichte über unsere Nerz & Exotische Pelzstirnbänder

Mahogany Mink Pleated Headband
looolooo from USA
Mahogany Mink Pleated Headband
January 29, 2016
Black Mink Headband
Cat from Connecticut, USA
Black Mink Headband
January 21, 2016
"Received my mink headband yesterday, love the quality, used it today for the first time and it made a big difference keeping my head warm. Although the fit is adjustable, it is a bit snug. Maybe extend the velcro a bit more to accommodate for hair."
Black Mink Headband
KMF from Dallas, Texas
Black Mink Headband
January 17, 2016
"The headband is gorgeous and the fur quite beautiful."
Priya Natural Finn Raccoon Knit Headband & Neck Warmer
Maggie from Ottawa Canada
Priya Natural Finn Raccoon Knit Headband & Neck Warmer
January 9, 2016
"I love this headband/neck warmer. It fits well. I usually don't wear bands but this one is so gorgeous."
Raccoon Fur Headband
Proud Canadian! from Canada
Raccoon Fur Headband
January 1, 2016
"Headband arrived in 2 days as promised. Beautiful headband to match my coat. Shading of fur excellent against my coat. And.....most of all.....MADE IN CANADA!!!"
Ella Sheared Beaver Fur Headband
Kitty from NJ
Ella Sheared Beaver Fur Headband
December 17, 2015
"Beautiful... Bettet than I expected. The fur is gorgeous and the Velcro helps to ensure a perfect fit. So happy with my prchase"
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