Nerz & Exotische Pelzstirnbänder

Finn Waschbär-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Finn Waschbär-Pelz-Stirnband
(26 Bewertungen)
Coyote Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Coyote Pelz-Stirnband
(20 Bewertungen)
Waschbär-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
(16 Bewertungen)
Exquisite Chinchilla Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Exquisite Chinchilla Pelz-Stirnband
(3 Bewertungen)
Natürliche Beaver Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Natürliche Beaver Pelz-Stirnband
(15 Bewertungen)
Brown Sheared Beaver Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Brown Sheared Beaver Pelz-Stirnband
(7 Bewertungen)
Schwarzer Nerz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Schwarzer Nerz-Stirnband
(52 Bewertungen)
Mahagoni Nerz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Mahagoni Nerz-Stirnband
(14 Bewertungen)
Mahagoni Nerz Plissee StirnbandMade in Canada
Mahagoni Nerz Plissee Stirnband
(12 Bewertungen)

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Fur Headband Buying Guide

jüngsten Berichte über unsere Nerz & Exotische Pelzstirnbänder

Priya Burgundy Finn Raccoon Knit Headband
Mayhem from UK
Priya Burgundy Finn Raccoon Knit Headband
November 23, 2015
"Beautiful headband,fab colour fits perfect,this is my 4th purchase and will continue buying more items,excellent service all round"
Exquisite Chinchilla Fur Headband
Ann from Vaughan
Exquisite Chinchilla Fur Headband
November 5, 2015
"Delighted with gorgeous chinchilla fur band. I was anxious about what I would receive. It came in a good size box avoiding the head band from being flattened. Excellent quality, fits beautifully. I LOVE IT. Shipping was fantastic, it arrived earlier than promised with tracking to ensure status of delivery. I love it, I will recommend highly and most likely I will order other fur products from this organization. Also I am thrilled that is Canadian made."
Black Mink Headband
furlover from GA
Black Mink Headband
October 24, 2015
"Beautiful!! Excellent products and service!"
Natural Beaver Fur Headband
Paula from Fords, NJ
Natural Beaver Fur Headband
October 15, 2015
"I have been searching for the perfect match to my coat and I've finally found it! The quality is excellent and the fit is perfect too! I ordered it and had it within 10 days, I highly recommend this website and will definitely order from here again!!!"
Black Mink Headband
E from Ny
Black Mink Headband
October 2, 2015
"Adjustable fit, beautiful, I love it! Looking forward to wearing it!"
Mahogany Mink Pleated Headband
jojo from Cornwall UK
Mahogany Mink Pleated Headband
June 29, 2015
"Delivery excellent. The headband is a very nice product."
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