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Scarlet Red Fox-Pelz-StirnbandNewMade in Canada
Scarlet Red Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
(1 Bewertungen)
Black Fox-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Black Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
Sale Price: $89.95 
(192 Bewertungen)
White Fox-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
White Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
(45 Bewertungen)
Dark Brown-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Dark Brown-Pelz-Stirnband
Sale Price: $99.95 
(40 Bewertungen)
Kristall-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Sale Price: $129.95 
(32 Bewertungen)
Silber Indigo-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Silber Indigo-Pelz-Stirnband
(49 Bewertungen)
Charcoal Grey Fox-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Charcoal Grey Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
(5 Bewertungen)
Marine-Blau-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
(8 Bewertungen)
Red Fox-Pelz-StirnbandMade in the USA
Red Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
(10 Bewertungen)

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Fur Headband Buying Guide

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Dark Brown Fox Fur Headband
Steve from Atlanta
Dark Brown Fox Fur Headband
November 25, 2015
"Great Find"
Black Fox Fur Headband
kayjay54 from Wilmslow UK
Black Fox Fur Headband
November 24, 2015
"Beautiful fur, warm, stylish and well made. I've worn it both as a headband and a scarf. I love this Company! This is my 3rd purchase and every item has been delivered quickly is of the highest standard. I have been highly delighted with all my purchases."
Dark Brown Fox Fur Headband
Shelley from Nottinghamshire , U.K.
Dark Brown Fox Fur Headband
November 23, 2015
"Prompt delivery, well packaged , fabulous quality. I love it- stylish, classy, chic and keeps my ears lovely and warm without my head overheating! Received many positive comments on its first outing."
Scarlet Red Fox Fur Headband
CB from Chicago, IL
Scarlet Red Fox Fur Headband
November 23, 2015
"I like the scarlet fur head very much, however, the picture shows that the head band is quite large which was not the case. The color is absolutely stunning so overall, I like the head band very much."
Black Fox Fur Headband
Toots from Dublin, Ireland
Black Fox Fur Headband
November 20, 2015
"Over the moon with my purchase mum and I couldn't be happier, we've even named them Cecile"
Black Fox Fur Headband
Nippy from UK
Black Fox Fur Headband
November 19, 2015
"Delighted this is so warm ideal good quality fur"
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