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Black Fox-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Black Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
Sale Price: $99.95 
(186 Bewertungen)
White Fox-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
White Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
(43 Bewertungen)
Dark Brown-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Dark Brown-Pelz-Stirnband
Sale Price: $99.95 
(37 Bewertungen)
Kristall-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Sale Price: $129.95 
(32 Bewertungen)
Silber Indigo-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
Silber Indigo-Pelz-Stirnband
(49 Bewertungen)
Charcoal Grey Fox-Pelz-StirnbandSpecialMade in Canada
Charcoal Grey Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
Sale Price: $99.95 
(5 Bewertungen)
Marine-Blau-Pelz-StirnbandMade in Canada
(6 Bewertungen)
Red Fox-Pelz-StirnbandMade in the USA
Red Fox-Pelz-Stirnband
(9 Bewertungen)

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Fur Headband Buying Guide

Types There are eight types of fur headbands. They come in fox fur, mink, and chinchilla, beaver, rabbit, and sheepskin, knit linen and faux. Fox is distinct for its unique texture and compositional quality, making it the most popular fur band, offering the greatest variety. Each animal fur is unique in shape and form due to hair composition, length, and thickness. Colors and Textures Headbands come in assorted colors, from light to dark, from bright colors and pastels to various shades...

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Black Fox Fur Headband
Sue from Qld Australia
Black Fox Fur Headband
July 14, 2015
"Arrived in 5 days. So soft and stylish. LOVE IT - Thanks!"
Black Fox Fur Headband
kim from uk
Black Fox Fur Headband
April 7, 2015
"fantastic great quick delivery will order again"
Dark Brown Fox Fur Headband
Caroline from UK
Dark Brown Fox Fur Headband
March 28, 2015
"Simply beautiful. Perfect for my purposes. Very nice"
Black Fox Fur Headband
mayhem from uk
Black Fox Fur Headband
March 20, 2015
"I was pleased with the headband, I recieved it only after 7 days, I will order more in the future"
Black Fox Fur Headband
MvsNY from New York
Black Fox Fur Headband
March 20, 2015
"Really cute ! Its a great size and nice and full,"
Crystal Fox Fur Headband
Rose from Middletown, CT
Crystal Fox Fur Headband
March 11, 2015
"Had a previous fox headband that I purchased in Quebec 20 years ago, wore every winter indoors and out before it finally broke down and wore out. This new purchase is the same quality, excellent fur, velcro closure, grosgrain lining. It looks great, am sure it will last me another 20 years. Very happy with the price and the purchase."
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