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Cable Knit Beanie with Black Fox Fur Pom Pom Cable Knit Beanie with Black Fox Fur Pom Pom

Liz from Denver, Co
November 21, 2015
"The quality was great but I have had to return it as it fit too tightly, for me, unfortunately!"
Gracie Bowler Hat with Rex Rabbit Fur Trim Gracie Bowler Hat with Rex Rabbit Fur Trim

Connie from Greenville, NC
October 26, 2015
"Loved my new hat. It fits nicely and looked just like the picture!!! Very warm and comfortable."
The Ashley Wool Blend With Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Fedora The Ashley Wool Blend With Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Fedora

Finn gal from Sequim, WA
October 7, 2015
"Wonderful styling!"
Shearling Sheepskin Toronto Hat - Brown Shearling Sheepskin Toronto Hat - Brown

Trine from Ekstrand
September 2, 2015
"I already have the black Toronto hat, and totally love it. But today I got disappointed when seeing my brown one. It was exactly as on the photo, so I should not complain. But I hoped it was just an unfortunate hat, not perfectly made, and a bad photo. The circumference of my head is about 58 cm, a size L for this hat, but still I ordered XL, like my black one. The brown one fits tight on my head, it is definitely tighter than the black. I could not have had a size L. Like on the photo the brown hat is sloppier looking than the more elegant black. The fur side of the hide is 100 % perfect, very beautiful sheepskin. That part is more beautiful than on the photo, and is also softer to touch than the fur on my black hat. The suede side does not look perfect. Still the hat could have been saved if it could be returned to the sewing machine to make the beautiful double seam that the black one has around the crown and down the two short seams towards the brim. I saw that the brown hat on the photo did not have double seams, but guessed it was just a mistake on that one hat. No, it was not. I plan to wear my black hat with one seam in front and the brim upwards in the front. To wear the brown one like that is more difficult as the brim do fall down more easily. The look of it then just becomes a sloppy bucket hat, like a summer beach hat, which is a totally different type of hat. I feel elegant wearing the black one, but not so much with the brown one on. For the first time I must seriously think about returning a product from Fur Hat World. But the hat was just like on the photo, so it was totally my fault. The smaller size of it, despite being a XL, I could not have foreseen, though. If Fur Hat World could make me a bigger one with double seams, I would love to have it. I will consider fixing the hat myself too. Keep it or return it? I will decide tomorrow what to do."
Rex Rabbit Fur Floppy Hat - Brown Frost Rex Rabbit Fur Floppy Hat - Brown Frost

Joan from NJ
June 30, 2015
"Ordered this hat as a gift - my first purchase from this site. I thought the hat was beautiful (looked just like picture,"
Isabelle Bucket hat with Rex Rabbit Accent in Brown Isabelle Bucket hat with Rex Rabbit Accent in Brown

Big Red from CT USA
March 26, 2015
"just what my better half needed after the dog shredded her last bucket hat. the quality was better than the destroyed one."
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